Geometric wall: 17 design ideas with photos for inspiration

Sooner or later, every seeker for design ideas comes to accent walls. The idea itself attracts attention with its simplicity and elegance: instead of the hard choice of the style of the room and the furniture that matches it, you stop on one wall. The accent clearly expresses the room, and you will just have to select the rest of the interior and decor from simple models.

But in fact, many modern accents look ridiculous or have already lost their sharpness. Here are 17 geometric accent wall ideas that will definitely not disappoint your expectations.

Perfect symmetry

A mathematician or a perfectionist could only create such wallpaper – and for people with a similar worldview. Even rows of repeating shapes line up from one end of the room to the other, creating a static, faceted design.

Oddly enough, symmetrical wallpapers don’t require neatness from their surroundings. On the contrary, a slightly messy room with scattered pillows and a blanket looks perfect with them. The main thing is to maintain the color palette and remember – the brighter the color of the pattern, the less wall area it should occupy.

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A slight deviation from the drawing

In contrast to the previous version, there is a design solution that drives perfectionists out of themselves. When a pattern, started by perfect symmetry, suddenly makes a mistake and gradually collapses before our eyes. A well-thought-out move not only does not turn away but also makes the gaze linger on the wall for a long time in an attempt to solve an unsolvable problem.

The interior of the rest of the room is made following the color palette of the accent wall. The main thing is not to cover the pattern with furniture in order to admire the “imperfection”.

Minimalist style geometric wall

It is a suitable option for those who know how to “read between the lines”: a subtle, barely noticeable pattern is lost on the wall, but it does its job correctly. Thanks to the play of light, the white wall takes on a volume in which a floral pattern is guessed. Or suddenly, a blue tint appears, which can be overlooked by inattention.

The minimalistic pattern suits any decor. You can choose a light theme: paint the ceiling white, trim the floors with light wood, choose furniture and decor to match. Or add color with simple ornaments and bright decorations.

Simple geometry

For those who are not ready for abstraction but want an attractive design, there is an option for simple geometry: circles, squares, triangles, and the frequently encountered honeycomb. The pattern does not look too tricky, mainly if you use a monochromatic scale. Here you just feel comfortable.

The palette of the room can be any: light or dark. If you love black wood furniture, then a dark gray pattern with occasional bright spots is the perfect solution. And choose the shape of the pattern to suit your tastes: circles work for quiet people, squares – strict, triangles – creative.

Abstract geometric accent wall

In contrast to simple geometry, there is one that was created without precisely verified calculations. As if descended from the brush of an inexperienced artist, the pattern has no plan, except for the similarity of colors: the lines randomly intersect each other and create triangles and rhombuses, large and small, blue and green – whatever.

There will be no problems with the interior because extensive details in the drawing will balance the design. But it is better to refrain from a lot of furniture.

Small print

This is wallpaper in a small geometric pattern. Although it resembles a small flower print set on edge back in the 90s, the design remains in vogue thanks to modern geometric shapes. Moreover, executed in pastel colors, it creates a cozy home atmosphere when you want to sit in an easy chair with a mug of tea and read your favorite book.

The interior should match the inspired atmosphere: get light furniture, soft carpets, pillows, and blankets. And as decorations – books, flowers, personal photos.

Volumetric pattern

In this design, the unusual effect is not achieved by color or even by the shape of the geometry. The individual panels are stacked or tilted to create a natural play of forms. The light shimmers on each panel differently: the upper blocks shine from the sun, the lower ones remain in the shade.

This accent wall will not tolerate competition: the interior should be as simple as possible and executed in the same color palette. If the wall is plain, you can add brightly colored accessories as a mini accent.

Melted gold print

If you want to create rich designs, you don’t have to use the most expensive materials. You can create an illusion with the help of a metal associated with wealth – gold or something gilding. It is interspersed into the drawing with a subtle geometric pattern; the rest of the place is given to a different color.

Not every color can coexist with gold – in particular, these are black or gray shades. Accordingly, gray or beige furniture is also used in the interior.

A piece of the night sky on the wall

This is an unusual geometric wallpaper, on top of which another pattern is applied: white dots-stars are connected by fine lines and create a similar design to the night constellations.

Wallpapers are simply perfect for a bedroom or a cozy living room, and they don’t even need the additional decor to indicate the room’s theme – everything is visible at a glance. In order not to silence the picture, it is better to choose furniture in white-gray-black colors. And there must be a lamp or a scented candle on the table.

Geometric mandala

Who does not know, a mandala is a geometric system that has a center and the same pattern on each side. Some people consider it a sacred scheme that carries divine blessings, while others paint such pictures to relieve stress and tension after work.

In any case, the positive influence of mandalas has been proven by psychology, and the unusual pattern looks great in a room with oriental motives. Therefore, feel free to use it in design, contemplate the walls, and be pacified.

Geometry with wood inserts

Wood is a natural material next to which a person feels better. So why limit yourself to furniture when you can use wood for the wall?

Some geometric patterns involve additional materials: in this case, wood is ideal for a bedroom or living room where you meet guests. The material looks attractive, pleasant to the touch, and creates a friendly atmosphere to relax.

Marble geometry

Marble can also be used for inserts and even solid walls. The material itself has an unusual pattern – different for each color, which together with the geometric base creates a unique design. You can confuse the pattern by rotating the panels and filling the openings with gilded paint for more effect.

The room’s atmosphere turns out to be more strict, but it is easily evened out with the help of furniture – for example, you can choose a rounded shape and soft upholstery for the sofa and armchairs, as well as add fluffy pillows.

Mirror geometry

Fans of unusual design will be interested in glass geometry when the pattern on the wall is made of mirror panels. On the one hand, small details look very static; on the other hand, they funnily show the interior. And together with it, they reflect light, which makes the room brighter and visually wider.

An interesting trick is obtained when using “broken” glass: they refract the image incorrectly, giving out a distorted picture. What you just don’t see in them )) – but you certainly won’t get bored.

Wall carpet

To bring the focus to the wall, you can use decor in a geometric shape. This is a suitable option for those who are afraid of significant changes. For example, a wall carpet doesn’t feel much different from an accent wallpaper. It takes up enough space to draw the eyes to the living room owner – the sofa, while it does not have clear frames like a painting, which makes the composition softer.

Of course, we are not talking about woolen carpets, long gone into existence. Forget about them and look for lightweight materials.

Geometric paintings on the wall

Another easy way to highlight a wall with a pattern is with geometric paintings. Several large canvases in the same artistic style are suitable for strict people who value order, and abstract paintings are ideal for creative people searching for inspiration.

The option with many small paintings may appeal to those who have little furniture in the apartment – they will not only transfer the emphasis to themselves but also visually fill the empty space.

Geometric bookshelves

The method is more complicated but more interesting – this is the installation of geometric bookshelves. Who does not dream after a working day to reach out and get the coveted book without even getting up from the couch? Geometric shelves are comfortable, blend well with a simple interior, and have many shapes and colors that make the room truly unique.

Shelves are also suitable for decor: here you can put useful things like books and documents, or something beautiful – flowers, figurines, scented candles.

Geometric stickers

It is ideal for creative people looking for a way to express themselves in their homes. Wall stickers are easy to use and have a wide range of products.

Some types already have a ready-made picture, and others offer to buy only a base for gluing in order to independently think over the picture’s composition, size, and artistic style. And the main advantage of this method is in the awareness that you personally made part of the interior, even if the design came out unsuccessfully.

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