French door curtains: selection tips and stylish ideas for inspiration

French door curtains: selection tips and stylish ideas for inspiration

The French door is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy the outside view of a garden, forest, city, or the sea. Furthermore, it enriches your room with daylight, which offers the interior design a sparkling feature and substantially enlarges the size of the room by adding a new perspective towards the outside picture.

Today, people tend to reduce the number of decorative elements in their houses. They opt for minimalist designs and like to keep it simple. It can be referred to curtains as well. Although, an appropriate choice in this respect would not spoil the general picture of a room if curtains would be added. In this case, we have to make reference to French door curtains. Therefore, we would like to give you an insight into what French curtains are, to provide you with useful hints regarding the perfect choice, and suggest to you practical ideas of window treatment for your French door.

How to choose appropriately French door curtains: 4 starting points

Before deciding upon the right choice of curtains, you have to pay attention to several rules in order to integrate the curtains into the style of both the door and the room as a whole. We suggest you consider beforehand the next points:

  • Consider the French door design. There are plenty of designs in this sense. It depends on the number of glass windows, separation lines, the position of the doorknob, color and size of the constituent elements. We suggest you choose a matching design for your curtains that would either complete the style of the door, add a new sparkle, but not spoil its picture.
  • The interior design of the room. Based on the color combination of your room, its style, which could be directed toward modernism, or traditionalism, and the other decorative elements, we suggest you consider curtains that would express the same features as regards the factors mentioned earlier. An exception is the color combination, as you can opt for different shades, but the idea is that you have to partner them perfectly with the background color.
  • The perfect lighting. You can consider this factor from two perspectives. The first one depends on you personally, and it depends on whether you would like to see your room sunbathed or add a row of shadows. The second one refers to the necessity of daylight that this particular room requires.
  • The outside view. Whether you like it or not, but you have to consider the exterior view when choosing the curtains. This is when things get a little bit complicated as you have to analyze them from different points of view. You should pick the right curtains that will be in harmony both with the inside style and the outside view.

Types of French door curtains

French door curtains can influence the size of the door, how it looks from inside and outside, its style, and color. At the same time, it changes the general picture of the room. All these things depend on the type of French door curtains. This is why it is essential to know which types of these curtains there are in order to choose the appropriate one.

Floor-length curtains

If you would like door curtains that would be easy to open and close, consider this type. They can be hung above the doorframe on a rod that should be long enough in order not to create any obstacles for those who want to enter or exit the room. This type of curtains looks much better if they are in pairs. Furthermore, we suggest you consider white or ivory for curtains if your door opens to the outside. On the other hand, if you have to open it from the inside, we suggest you opt for curtains made of a special fabric used for decoration.

You can opt for other colors as well if they match the interior style perfectly. If you consider a minimalist style, we suggest you choose neutral colors or soothing shades. On the other hand, if you want to emphasize this area of your room, consider bolder colors, but don’t forget that they should match the color combination of your room.

Door-length curtains

This is another possibility to emphasize the presence in your room of a French door. We suggest you use one piece of curtains for each door and hang them above the doorframe on portiere rods as it makes it possible to open the door and the curtains at the same time. Furthermore, you should consider namely those portiere rods that come with a lifting mechanism. Either way, the curtain is installed by hanging it on the rings of the rod. If we were to refer to the appropriate color of the curtains, the same rule as in the previous category applies here.

French door curtains

The French door curtains type that holds the same name is different from the two mentioned earlier due to the fact that these curtains are hung in rods both at the bottom and top of the door. If you opt for this type of curtains, you can leave them open, or you can transform them into an hourglass using a tie. Furthermore, if you would not like to be seen at night by your neighbors, consider lined curtains. At the same time, if your purpose is to blur a little bit the outside view, consider unlined curtains.

French door curtains: conclusions and photos with style matching ideas

French door curtains can be integrated perfectly into the room style if chosen appropriately and considering the factors mentioned earlier. If we were to refer to the latest trends in this sense, we would like to assure you that there are many ideas of window treatment for French doors that keep pace with the development of new trends as regards interior design. It should be noted that people tend to adapt them to a minimalist style, but this does not mean extravagance is out of place. The only thing you should take into consideration is that your French door curtains have to match the style of your room from all perspectives, but whether it is a traditional or modern one is already a personal decision. Enough with the words, we would like to draw your attention to the following photos that will draw your attention to the latest trends on this subject and provide you with style matching ideas.

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