Trendy Forest Wallpaper: Best Products and Design Ideas

Creating a natural retreat in the middle of the city bustle sounds dreamy and unattainable in the contemporary world. What if we said it is possible and even at an affordable price? You’ll be impressed by the new-age design products that replicate the natural world up to the tiniest detail. Surround your living space with the healing properties of nature-inspired wall decoration. Choose one or more favorites from this list of gorgeous forest wallpaper products that impress with their beauty and originality. Expect options for any taste and exclusive prices.

Expert-Choice Forest Wallpapers

WFBHUA Foggy Forest Landscape Mural

Not peel-and-stick. This appealing mural wallpaper illustrates the awe-inspiring forest with a realistic fog cover. You’ll like such an accent wall in your bedroom or living room. The additional fabric finish will make for the best experience.

MFWFM Watercolor Mountain Forest Wallpaper

Enjoy the exclusiveness of this hand-painted watercolor mural depicting the gorgeous mountain landscape in the company of pines. This non-removable silk wallpaper is a perfect background for your living room, bedroom, and kids’ room, in particular. 

Wall26 Peel-and-Stick Pine Forest Mural

Self-adhesive mural replicating the mysterious forest depth. It looks so realistic that it will easily add a few more inches of visual space. Add this dramatic accent to the lounge zone, bedroom, or dining room.

MFWFM Sepia Forest Mural Wallpaper

Silk wall cover showing a vintage perspective on the forest with a beautiful white and taupe combination. Note that this is not peel-and-stick wallpaper. This mural will become a great accent for your bedroom or living room.

SINGFORD Realistic Forest Sticker

This real-like self-adhesive mural renders the green forest so realistically – one more step, and you’ll be part of the landscape. Like a window facing this forest fairytale, this quality sticker can be applied to walls and furniture.

ZFBIZHI Natural Morning Forest Wallpaper

Like a mountain pine forest covered in the morning fog, this silk wall cover (not peel-and-stick) translates the same frosty freshness and depth into wall decor that you can safely apply to bedrooms and living rooms.

MFWFM Forest Fairytale Wallpaper

Hand-painted forest fantasy in bright colors depicting a fairytale tree in blossom accompanied by birds. You’ll like this silk piece of art as an accent in the bedroom, lounge zone, or kids’ room (not peel-and-stick).

Wall26 Summertime Forest Sticker

This not peel-and-stick mural replicates the bright green forest bathed in sun rays in the middle of summer. The real-life picture of the natural beauty radiated by this expanding wall cover is a perfect addition to your living space, home office, or any room that needs visual appeal.

MFWFM Forest Waterfall Silk Mural

Not peel-and-stick. This picture-perfect wallpaper renders a beautiful natural corner in the middle of the forest. With an enhanced realistic effect, this accent wall decor will add interest to a living room or bedroom.

Toolhom Pastel Forest Mural

Non-removable forest mural wallpaper for an accent wall. This silk wallpaper reveals a delightful hazy forest landscape. You’ll love the calming effect of this wall decoration in the sleeping space or the lounge area.

CHDITB Forest Wildlife Mural

Non-self-adhesive mural wallpaper revealing the inhabitants of the forest. The hand-painted mural in soft colors will enhance the kids’ room design. It is so realistic and, at the same time, fairytale-like; this gorgeous wall art will win your heart.

Reyhui Evening Forest Mural

A beautiful picture of a late summer evening in the forest inspired this charming mural wallpaper of silk. Note: not self-adhesive. This durable and waterproof forest scenery wallpaper will flawlessly decorate a living room, bedroom, dining room, or kids’ room.

Bormia Forest Walk Silk Mural

This non-removable silk wall cover unveils the scenery you can witness during a casual walk through the forest. The huge trees infuse an imposing vibe and share their glorious beauty with the interior. This waterproof, eco-friendly, and easy-to-clean wallpaper is a real find due to its decorative and practical features.

AM AMONM Cartoon Watercolor Forest Decal

Removable mural depicting the pine forest in the company of wild animals and birds. This fairytale art perfectly suits kids’ rooms or playrooms. Even more, the waterproof features add practicality to this beautiful wall decor.

Lativo Beige and Black Tree Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper decorated with minimalist trees. This easy-to-install wall art will add texture to your modern home. Use it on walls or furniture in the company of naturally textured furniture for best results. Additionally, this original wallpaper shows incredible durability.

Floralplus White and Green Forest Wallpaper

Watercolor green trees with a repetitive pattern on white – the design idea behind this gorgeous self-adhesive wallpaper. The watercolor effect is an unmatchable option for contemporary interiors, from living rooms to bathrooms.

YIHWM Large Watercolor Pine Mural

Non-removable wallpaper of fabric displaying a beautiful forest landscape borrowed from cartoons in watercolor. The impressively calm play of colors and the magnificent combination of pines and mountains make for original wall art for your home. 

HAOKHOME Birch Tree 3D Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick mural with a catchy realistic effect, as if you’re surrounded by a birch tree forest. This vinyl wallpaper has a solid rustic effect, which is currently trending. Add a drop of natural texture to your home with this realistic wallpaper.

Gray Woods Fabric Mural

Not peel-and-stick. This Vintage-featured mural depicts time-tested wall art where forest trees are the main characters. This relatively neutral mural will add flair to a modern or traditional interior.

Forest Wallpaper Design Ideas

Get the best experience with forest wallpaper in your home by following these expert recommendations:

  • If you opt for a realistic mural as an accent wall in any room, avoid additional decor, especially wall art.
  • Don’t hesitate to use watercolor, cartoon-like forest murals in the nursery or kids’ room – this option is meant for these spaces.
  • Avoid photo-like forest murals; opt for real-like wallpapers that will add more space to the room.
  • Add dimension to your bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, or kitchen with repetitive forest prints.
  • Use forest murals for accent walls only.
  • Don’t overwhelm the ambiance with bright forest colors; consider pastel or neutral forest sceneries or patterns on wallpaper.

What to Consider When Buying Forest Wallpaper


Forest murals work for accent walls only. If you decide to apply forest wallpaper to furniture, you should opt for repetitive prints. Additionally, decorating furniture with wallpaper means opting for self-adhesive, waterproof vinyl alternatives.


Some wallpaper products may be too transparent and show off the surface you’re sticking them to. Others may even have toxic materials. Look for eco-friendly, thick, non-toxic wallpapers. You’re on the safe side in this respect if you opt for one of the products mentioned above. 


If you need forest wallpaper to decorate the kids’ room, consider watercolor designs inspired by cartoons with colorful sceneries and wildlife. On the other hand, a living room, master bedroom, or dining room should be decorated with modern repetitive forest prints or quality forest replication for accent murals. The choice of color and shape is essential.


Is forest wallpaper in style?

Everything related to nature is trending during this and the following design seasons. Besides, designers encourage us to be more self-expressive. Decorate your home the way you feel it. Remember that the colors and shapes you use directly affect your mood. Natural design ideas are a great option.

Is mural wallpaper still in trend?

It might have lost some of its popularity at the end of the last decade, but now, murals are among the trendiest wallpaper options. It all depends on what murals you choose. Photo-like wallpapers are definitely a “no”, yet original and realistic murals are a go-to solution.

Can you decorate furniture with forest wallpaper?

Yes, if it’s self-adhesive, waterproof vinyl wallpaper, preferably with repetitive forest-themed prints. Try to avoid large murals on furniture; they are meant for accent walls.

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