Trendy Design Ideas with Floral Curtains for Every Room

Floral curtains are the mainstream of the season. Floral here, floral there; interior designers give greater importance to this blooming print, and we are all in for the trend. If you think flowering patterns seem feminine only, you may be wrong. Swap tiny flowers for large abstract ones in neutral colors, and you’ll notice how the feminine side fades into a neutral design. Or, switch from repetitive floral motifs, which give off a vintage appeal, to sizable watercolor floral prints that read modern. There are so many ways you can play with floral patterns. Thus, we prepared a dreamy list of the best floral curtain ideas. Prepare yourself to get flowerful this season.

Floral Velvet Curtains

If you don’t mind the heavy look of velvet curtains on your interior design, go for floral velvet. It looks incredibly well in traditional interiors, while the floral print is valuable for those who crave modern self-expression.

Outdoor Landscape through Floral Lenses

In contrast with the previous option, this floral curtain idea is much easier on the eyes. Decorate your windows with sheer curtains with embroidered or printed floral patterns. Keep it all white, or play with color.

Floral Blackout Curtains

Use blackout curtains to ensure full privacy at night or at particular times of the day. Moreover, allow the floral prints to compensate for the lack of outdoor view limited by the thick curtain fabric.

Minimalist Version

Celebrate the eco-trend and the love for simple and delicate shapes by choosing minimalist floral curtains. Those are white panels of sustainable materials, such as cotton or linen, decorated with simple yet elegant black, gray, or dark blue floral patterns.

Blue Floral Curtains

Blue is one of our favorite curtain design trends. Try it in every room of your house and allow the delicate blue florals to fill your interior design with airiness. Even more, let your color palette breathe through the tiniest flowerful print.

Green Floral Drapery

What color is as trendy as blue? Undoubtedly, we speak about green. You should try this stylish and natural color next time you purchase new curtains, especially with floral prints.

Moody Floral Window Treatment

The moody floral vibe spreads over the curtain trends this season. You can now enjoy a dramatic ambiance right in your home with dark-colored drapes decorated with vibrant florals.

Vintage Floral Love

Pair floral with vintage, and you’ll achieve the best-ever floral curtain design. Moreover, it works with modern and traditional interior styles. The main rule is to choose tiny, repetitive flowers and muted colors.

Floral Shower Curtains

We are used to neutral bathrooms that don’t allow the tiniest splash of vivid colors or prints. This season is different. Add more visual interest to the room and boost your mood with a bold shower curtain with vibrant floral patterns.

Wild Flowers

Decorate your bedroom or living room with wildflowers. Let your imagination free when you pick the colors. The more vivid, the better for your interior design. By the way, you can always change the curtains. So, allow yourself the liberty to go wild for at least a few months.

Watercolor Florals

We are in love with the new floral curtain design idea – watercolor print. Instead of vividly decorated drapes with eye-catching flowers, opt for the same vibrant colors accompanied by blurred blooming patterns for a softer effect.

Rustic Charm: Faded-Color Florals

If you opt for the emerging Modern Rustic design style in your interior, you cannot overlook these unique rustic floral curtains. The organic fabric, pastel colors, and fading-out roses will add an irreplaceable accent to your bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

All-White Floral Curtains

Last but not least, and definitely one of our favorites, soft and almost floating in the air, all-white curtains with embroidered florals. This curtain design works for any space, design style, and color scheme. Thus, it is the go-to option if you cannot decide which of the earlier-mentioned ideas works best for you.

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