Eco interior trends that are worth following in 2020

Every year, the ranks of vegetarians are replenished with new supporters, garbage sorting is becoming a habit, calls from all sources to process, repair, give and reasonably consume goods.

An eco-friendly outlook on life also touched on interiors. Now, before you buy a new decor item, we think it over, decide whether it really is needed or not. A conscious choice of environmentally friendly finishing materials has become the key to free breathing in your own home. And our health and safety of loved ones – this is the key to creating a harmonious home atmosphere, which we all strive for so much.

Since the house is a place of strength and relaxation, it should look appropriate, reflect our tastes and “protect” from the outside world. The house gives a sense of security, which is so sometimes lacking in the modern rhythm of life. The closest to nature and harmony is the eco-style, which has remained popular since the end of the twentieth century. In contrast to other areas, eco-design, in addition to decorative aspects, implies qualitative differences in the materials of decoration and the philosophy of the owners of the house.

What is eco style?

The space with an emphasis on natural materials is comfortable and organic. It has a lot of plants, less furniture and light. The design uses wood, stone, leather, clay, linen, cotton, wool, etc. The look relaxes due to the natural tones of green, beige, brown, blue, yellow, terracotta, as well as pastel shades.

This style is suitable for conscious people who monitor their health, think about the future of the planet and are ready to contribute to its protection. We tell you what green trends are now held in high esteem.

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It is possible you do not even think about it, but minimalism and love for a “clean” interior without unnecessary details is a real eco-friendly choice. If your apartment is not littered with unnecessary things, and impulsive purchases of cute interior items are not about you, congratulations, you have opted for conscious consumption.

But this does not mean at all that following an environmentally friendly lifestyle should make you live in an apartment with bare walls and only one bed. First of all, you should think about the purpose of the things that you buy, and where they will go after they serve you.

Investment in quality

At sales and flea markets, you can find many quality things that will last for more than one year, but most often we encounter a loss of mind when we see a yellow price tag and a small amount. Even if we don’t really need this or that thing, we will take it anyway, because it’s profitable.

The benefit in this case is dubious, because most often things from old collections get discounts. By investing in quality, we fight excess consumption.


Another trend emerges from minimalism and investment in quality – multifunctionality. For example, a pouf and a large bed can be places for storing clothes. This works both for small spaces and for people who do not want to mindlessly buy a lot of interior items and do the most necessary.

1. Stone coating

In 2020, natural stone has become a real trend (especially marble and granite texture). Stone surfaces can adorn the floor, walls, countertops. Depending on the interior, the natural and decorative stone gives a different sound: it will help to create comfort, as in a French house, or it will bring a subtle coolness if the interior is made in the Scandinavian style. The stone coating is durable and is extremely harmonious in combination with other materials, especially wood and glass.

2. Emerald color

This color in the interior is most often used for upholstery and wall decoration. Such a color, like a breath of fresh air in a metropolis. Emerald relaxes the eyes, refreshes the interior and gives the room a note of sophisticated aristocracy. This color goes well with lighter shades of green and deep blue.

3. Green walls

Decorating a house with plants is not only beautiful, but also useful. It is no secret that in addition to oxygen, many plants secrete useful elements. But caring for plants is quite burdensome in the current pace of life, therefore, automatic watering systems are gaining more and more popularity. Such systems are quite expensive, but the effect and convenience that they give are incommensurable.

In addition, a wall of plants or moss is no less popular. It is used often inScandinavian countries. After it is treated with glycerin. Now moss needs neither soil, nor watering, nor light.

4. Cardboard furniture

The recycling trend is gaining momentum, and the most popular direction is cardboard furniture. Corrugated cardboard, which is obtained as a result of paper recycling, is made using special technology in several layers. Such cardboard is able to withstand very large loads. Therefore, such furniture seems fragile only at first glance. In addition to environmental friendliness, cardboard furniture is convenient for its mobility – a small child can easily move his table or chair to any part of the room. In addition, such furniture is not a pity to paint, and the prices for it are quite affordable in comparison with traditional kitchen set.

5. Modern technology

And finally, I want to talk about a trend that is very popular now. This is a combination of modern technologies and traditional materials.

For example, some elements of a stool or floor lamp can be made on a 3D printer, while others are made of wood. And the contrast of the combination of plastic with natural materials looks very creative.

6. Floor, wall and ceiling finishes in eco-style

To decorate the walls, it is best to choose:

  • painting with wooden frame;
  • bamboo stalks;
  • cork or paper wallpaper;
  • tiles made of ceramics or artificial stone, the decor of which is made under natural.

The ceiling can be decorated in a modern style, but in this case it is better to use matte material. The ceiling with wooden panels and a multi-level ceiling will look original, and high ceilings can be decorated with wooden beams, adding a twist to the interior design.

Wood or stone floors will be a great addition to the interior, you can also use parquet boards, cork floors or ceramic tiles.

Ecostyle will fit perfectly into the design of any room, you can design as a separate room or the entire house. 

1. Bedroom

You can create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort by creating a bedroom in a natural style. This design involves the use of natural materials for decoration and a natural color palette. For nature lovers, the eco-style is a real outlet.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen in eco-style looks simple and harmonious. Natural design can be combined with technology, the main thing is to focus on natural materials and natural fabrics, to opt for environmentally friendly dishes.

Kitchen furniture is best used from natural oak or birch, the main thing is that they are not covered with paints and varnishes.

3. Living room

The interior of the living room should be perfect and requires great responsibility for the approach of the house project. The room should remain spacious, but at the same time look cozy. It is best to use low upholstered furniture, decorative pillows and carpets in natural colors.

You can add color to the interior using indoor plants and wallpapers, it will be interesting to look at a bio fireplace, which is ideal for zoning a studio apartment. Originality in the design will be made by fixtures made of natural materials, wicker baskets that can be used as functional or decorative parts of the interior. A stylish solution would be sliding doors and arches.

4. Children’s room

Ecostyle is suitable for a child of any gender and age, and most importantly – it will be in safety. In the design of the room, the main thing is to leave as much space as possible for games and study. It is worth using pleasant natural shades, prints with animals or floral motifs, or using light colors in the decoration of the room – the design should be light and unobtrusive.

5. Bathroom

The design of the bathroom in an eco-style does not imply a riot of colors and pronounced color contrasts, the visual picture should rather be calming, pacifying, but the owners of eco-bathrooms, of course, have the right to color spots! Firstly, the natural exception is the color of greenery (not green, but the color of greenery!), Which can be arbitrarily saturated and bright. Secondly, it is white. Perhaps, eco-style is one of the few in which white plays the role of not a context, not a background, but a color spot. The question – whether white is needed in an eco-bathroom – is still debatable.

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