Dining room paint colors 2022: best trends and ideas

Painted walls remain one of the most popular solutions for the dining room. Indeed, flat surfaces, not saturated with texture, serve as an optimal basis for implementing design ideas in any style – from neoclassicism and modern to art deco and minimalism. So if you prefer to go looking for paint instead of choosing wallpaper or wall panels – we fully support your decision. Moreover, we invite you to evaluate the color trends for 2022 so that painting the walls in the dining room creates a perfect backdrop for a cozy and contemporary interior.

Choosing a paint shade for dining room walls in 2022: main features

Most of the trendsetters have already submitted their color predictions for 2022. So, the palettes were updated at WGSN & Coloro and Pantone. They presented the sets of trendy paints Behr, Sherwin-Williams, and Dulux (about them below), and in mid-October, the forecast from Benjamin Moore will arrive. Each of them has its own shade of the year and its own color schemes. However, one cannot fail to note some common features:

  • A minimum of pure colors. As in the previous season, ambiguous and complex shades are again in trend. Want to keep your dining room up to date? Forget about just yellow, just blue, and even just white and just beige – each of them in the palettes for 2022 acquires many nuances.
  • Charming dustiness. The muted tones of gray, blue, green, and even white and pink remain the favorites of colorists and designers – this may be because vintage motifs are gaining popularity again.
  • Many natural tones. The colors of stone, concrete, straw, sky, sea, foliage, grasses, flax, and whitewash are still the leaders. Well, today, in the era of eco-trends and calls for smart consumption, this is quite natural.
  • Warming flashes and bright bursts. In contrast to the previous two trends, designers could not resist adding juicy tones that could provide you with a real boost of energy. It is worth looking at different variations of orange, exciting the imagination of the gradation of purple and surprisingly sunny nuances of yellow – and understand that it is impossible not to add this paint to the interior, at least in the form of an accent.

Already now, you can safely use all the palettes of famous brands when choosing paints. You can paint the entire dining room walls or make one of them as an accent – it all depends on your ideas in terms of style, furniture, and decor. However, we do not doubt that the shade that will cause you a surge of the most positive emotions is sure to be among them.

Dulux palettes: colors for the walls in the dining room-2022

There is hardly a person who has dealt with renovations at least once and at the same time has never heard of Dulux. This international brand has been producing premium paints for almost 90 years, and its products are in demand almost all over the world. This is why Dulux color predictions for paint shades carry the same weight as analytics from Pantone, WGSN & Coloro, Behr, and Sherwin-Williams.

The color of 2022, according to Dulux experts, is a shade called Bright Skies – a surprisingly light, airy, and light shade of blue that creates a feeling of freshness and carries a tangible positive message. This color allows you to breathe new life into any living space without the slightest hint of unnaturalness and excessiveness – which means that in a dining room with walls of this color, you will be especially comfortable.

In addition to this amazing color, the company has also prepared several palettes in which you will undoubtedly find shades of wall paint that can become your favorites.


If you want to create an eternal little party in the dining room, this palette is just what you need. Colors from the Wonder palette can bring more optimism and joyful inspiration to your home interior. In addition, they perfectly combine with various patterns and textures, allowing you to create a base for both modern interiors and eclectic environments. Try any of them:

  • Vivid White – a shade for purity and visual expansion of space;
  • Pinkham – sophisticated, muted, and at the same time light and pleasing to the eye;
  • Pink Papaya – A cheerful pink for modern glamor;
  • Ice Lemon – invigorating light yellow shade;
  • Celery Green – one of the few yellow-green tones in modern palettes;
  • Equatorial Forest – deep, rich yet natural green;
  • Harmonious – serene and calm blue;
  • Edward – aristocratic gray-green with a gray undertone;
  • Plunder – blue with cool steel notes;
  • Pax – balancing and light gray-blue.


Many designers and colorists are confident that 2022 is a time for reflection on past events, recovery, and closeness to nature. It was for these aspirations that the Restore palette from Dulux was developed, which included the following shades:

  • Stowe White – natural and trendy shade of whitewash;
  • Hog Bristle – calm white tone with beige undertones;
  • Winter Terrace – cool white with a smoky tint;
  • Tranquil Retreat – unusual textured blue-gray;
  • Rice Crop – white with a slightly iridescent tint;
  • Opononi Double – very light gray with pearl undertone;
  • New Penny – smooth and quite rich brown;
  • Oboe d’Amore – deep earthy brown;
  • Natural Flora – a shade of green with dark khaki notes;
  • Finnegan – sophisticated and mesmerizing dark green;
  • Black Caviar – black with silvery reflections;
  • Ferry – cool and dark wrought iron tone.

By choosing paint in any of these shades for your dining room walls, create an environment of natural layered textiles and raw natural textures – this is how you can decorate a real place of power and space for meditation.


With this palette, fans of art deco, vintage, and ethnic styles will be able to create a base for their dream dining room – with rich and sophisticated details. Paint your walls any of these delightful sensual hues and enjoy their depth, warmth, and an inimitable atmosphere of intimacy.

  • White Dune Quarter – intriguing white sand color;
  • Clay Pipe Half – very pale and unusual brown;
  • Bongo Drum – pale pink with a refreshing gray undertone;
  • Basic Coral – soft and light pink;
  • Discretion – deep brown-pink;
  • Red Terra – the color of fertile, iron-rich soil;
  • Murray Red – luxurious muted burgundy;
  • Deep Leather – finding a balance between brown and black;
  • Kenepuru – complex and deep shade of blue;
  • Benang – dark blue with dusty undertone;
  • Dark Door – new steel gray.

Gold Vintage is also included in the Flourish palette, which could well be used to paint an accent wall.

The trendy interiors of dining rooms in 2022 are again focused on the fundamental values – family warmth, comfort, reflection, peace of mind, and joy of being. That is why modern color palettes are so diverse. You just have to understand which of them is closest to your ideas about the balance between the actual – and the individual.

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