Top 11 Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces

A daybed is neither a sofa nor a bench and not even a loveseat, although it could serve as all of them. This versatile furniture piece is a combo between a bed and a sofa, perfect for smaller spaces, such as a studio apartment. You can use it primarily as a seat, then a mini-bed for a quick nap during the day. Among the advantages of a daybed, you’ll find the following:

  • Multi-purpose;
  • Works for any room;
  • Suitable for outside and inside;
  • Availability of designs;
  • Comfort.

Regardless of what room you plan to decorate with a daybed, what design style you have in mind, the purpose of your future daybed, and many other related aspects, the following range of designer-selected daybed ideas, especially for small spaces, is a perfect source of inspiration.

Daybed with Storage

If you are looking for a daybed in a small space, you most probably wouldn’t mind practical storage. Purchasing a piece of furniture, which you can use as a seat or bed and also store things underneath, is a great solution for small apartments or houses. These are usually drawers placed under the mattress where you can keep anything, from cushions and blankets to personal belongings.

Window Daybed: Cozy Nook

If you have a small living room or any other space, you better make the most of every inch. Suppose you have a large window. Why leave this space free and put the daybed against another wall? Consider a traditional or built-in daybed in the window area and enjoy the view every time you decide to relax here.

Multi-Purpose Guest Room with a Daybed

To functionally use every room in your small house or apartment, try a multi-purpose guest room. Normally, it would be a home office. Occasionally, it could be a guest bedroom for when you have guests over. A compact and comfortable daybed is a perfect multi-functional furniture unit that suits such rooms. You can take a one-hour nap or relax on the daybed when taking a pause from work.

New Daybeds: Low-Profile and No-Frame

The new and trendy daybeds seem to be created for small spaces. They are low-profile pieces with one, two, or no side frames at all, contrasted to traditional daybeds with three frames. These are usually minimalist structures with extra-comfy and visually appealing mattresses. 

Velvety Daybeds: Make a Statement

By opting for a bright-colored velvet daybed, you can add a functional seat and reinvent your design. A small space does mind additional accessories, yet a daybed that serves you practically and beautifies the room simultaneously is a suitable solution. Moreover, tufted daybeds with curved frames will add elegance to your lounge area, bedroom, or study.

Small Kids Room Daybed

You should try a daybed if you plan to redecorate a nursery into a grown-up kid’s room. Your child can use it as a lounge during the day, a convenient bed for daily naps, and a true bed at night. For the first period, you can consider additional side frames and mandatorily an original headboard.

Best for Small Rooms: Daybed Cushions

Instead of traditional daybeds with frames, sideboards, thick mattresses, and additional throw pillows, consider the hit of the season – daybed cushions. They are nothing else but thick mattresses with original prints, personalized colors, and versatile designs. This is the best small-room daybed idea. 

DIY project: pick any small-size yet thick mattress, choose any cover you like, add a few throw pillows and a throw blanket, and your DIY daybed is ready.

Corner Daybed

They say every corner counts in a small room. If you can allow yourself the liberty to leave corners free in a spacious room, you cannot do the same in a small studio apartment living room, for instance. In this case, daybeds designed especially for corners, with one-side boards, seem like the most suitable option.

Add a Bit of Taste: Mid-Century Modern

A new daybed for a small room doesn’t mean it should be devoid of style. In this respect, we would like to recommend Mid-Century Modern, an emerging and awe-inspiring style. Just imagine a relaxing daybed of wood or leather with a simple yet smooth design, and the room instantly gets cozier and more appealing.

Platform Daybed

If you cannot decide between a storage system and a daybed, choose in favor of both with a functional platform daybed with attached space for storage, be it closed or open. The important part is that all components are part of a single built-in composition to save space.

Outdoor Daybed

Consider compact daybeds of waterproof and resistant materials for the outdoor space. These are freestanding furniture items, from classical seats to swing beds, for full relaxation when spending time outside. The main thing is to keep them as compact and practical as possible, supposing you have a small outdoor space for recreation.


Is a daybed a good option for a kid’s room?

If you plan to transform a nursery into a kid’s room, a daybed is one of the best solutions. It provides the same comfort and quality of a traditional bed yet doesn’t take up as much space, especially if this is a small bedroom, by offering space for sleeping at night and relaxing during the day.

Are daybeds and sofa beds the same?

Interestingly, they both can serve as a lounge and sleep space, yet they differ in design. While a daybed stays the same, regardless of how you use it, a sofa bed transforms from a sofa into a bed by unfolding an additional frame. 

What is the best daybed for a guest bedroom?

A daybed with a trundle is the best option for a guest bedroom, especially for more than one guest. This attachable trundle is an additional wheeled bed you can pull out from under the daybed main frame. Therefore, you have more than one sleeping space without stealing too many inches from the room.

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