Curtains for the living room

Even the most thoughtful and stylish interior looks unfinished without a decent decoration of windows. In offices, everyone is accustomed to blinds, but beautiful textile curtains are an essential attribute of a home. It is especially important to choose suitable curtains in the living room. This room is designed for relaxation, comfort and friendly communication, which means that it is necessary to create a soft, informal atmosphere. In order to determine the design of the curtains for the living room, we offer to see examples in the photo gallery.

The choice of curtains for the color of the living room

When choosing the color of the curtains, it is necessary to proceed from the size of the room, the amount of light in it, the layout and the height of the ceiling.

Curtains in the gray living room

Curtains in the gray living room emphasize the beauty and style of a neutral steel shade. White color in milky and yellow shades will complement the image. Pink, yellow orange and peach will become a bright shade and add light, comfort and softness to the interior of the living room. The most successful solution for a sunny room would be the choice of blue and lilac curtains in gentle tones, this will refresh the room, and decorative pillows in the color of the curtains will complete the image. A win-win option is the choice of a neutral beige, sand and coffee color of any tone.

Curtains in the beige living room

The curtains in the interior of the beige living room should be milky and brown to complement the style of the room, or they can be turquoise, soft purple, fuchsia to create an expressive accent. Bright texture, satin and velvet will create a vintage style, and transparent and modern fabrics are suitable for modern style, minimalism and hi-tech style.

Curtains in the white living room

You can choose any curtains in the white living room, it depends on the style of the room. For classic design fit white blackout curtains, tapestry with white sheer curtains, brown and coffee curtains, beige and sand. This design will muffle white walls and create coziness. Bright colors (pink, light green, lilac, blue, orange) hold attention to the window opening and make it the main one in the interior.

The choice of curtains for different styles

The modern market offers an extensive catalog of fabrics that can be used in the interior of the living room. How not to get lost among such a variety? Indeed, in the store, many samples seem ideal, and it is difficult to imagine how they will look in a real living room. In this case, it is worth calling for help the sense of style, and the following descriptions will help to understand the characteristic features of fashionable design directions.

Curtains for the living room in classic style

The best way to emphasize the elegant luxury of a classic design are blackout curtains made of expensive fabrics: satin, velvet, brocade, jacquard. Gold or silver woven patterns (damask, Indian, royal lily, etc.) will decorate a plain vertical wall, and a plain glossy texture in the color of the drawings will suit wallpaper with an embossed print or silk-screen printing.

Curtains for the modern style living room

The laconic modern interior of the living room is successfully complemented by curtains of medium density and neutral shades: white, beige, sand, gray. The actual solution may be the color block curtains. Fans of minimalism should take a closer look at Japanese window panels – the absence of draperies gives them a neat compact look. Is better to choose translucent, flowing, without any lace and fringe sheer.

Curtains for the living room in Provence style

Any romantic motifs will ideally fit into the Provence style: openwork curtains, French curtains falling in soft waves, curly lambrequins, all kinds of ribbons and bows as accessories.

The color scheme should be sustained in pastel colors (lavender, mint green, light gray, cream). Natural, matte fabrics should be chosen. An unobtrusive floral print should be combined with the color of the walls or upholstery.

Curtains for the living room in country style

The rustic design is as close to nature as possible, so ethnic motifs, embroidery, calm floral patterns, and a Scottish cage would be appropriate in such a living room. In the country’s interior, the coarsest canvases most organically look: matting, burlap, jute, canvas, unbleached linen, thick cotton. Ruffles, lace and crocheted items are welcome.

Curtains for the chalet style living room

This style fully recreates the atmosphere of a hunting lodge. The central place in it is occupied by the fireplace, unvarnished wood and stone predominate, various trophies – skins, deer horns, stylized weapons act as decor. Velor curtains, the texture of which resembles suede, will suit this colorful interior of the living room. You can stay on plain fabrics of dark gray, brown, muted orange or beige.

Varieties of curtains for the living room

Since people began to build spacious houses with large windows, there was a need to protect the living space from the bright rays of the sun and prying eyes, to make it a little more closed. For this purpose, we began to use fabrics – translucent veils during the day and light proof curtains at night. The combination of sheer and sliding curtains fixed to the cornice remains the most popular design option for window openings. At the same time, the cultural and climatic features of some countries have given the world several new ways to curtain. They may be of interest to anyone who wants to bring an element of novelty to the interior of their living room.

  • Roman curtains – a kind of fabric blinds. In them, fabric strips are fixed with thin horizontal jumpers, and vertically arranged ropes allow you to lift the structure, carefully folding it with an accordion, and lower it down.
  • French curtains are distinguished by a cascade of wavy frills (festoons), sewn from a gentle flowing fabric along the entire length of the canvas. Refined and luxurious, they are often used in theaters, palaces, museums, creating a festive atmosphere. This is a great option for a spacious living room in a classic style.
  • Austrian curtains are a single piece of fabric, inside of which special ropes are sewn vertically, at the same distance. When the lifting mechanism is activated, the cords pull together the fabric and smooth semicircular scallops form below. This type of curtains is made of different fabrics – from velvet to chintz or even sheer, so they can be adapted to almost any interior.
  • English curtains are almost identical to Austrian. The difference between them lies only in the fact that for any width of the canvas they are attached only to two tapes placed on the sides (with a margin of 10-15 centimeters from the edges). Thus, in a raised form, a wide arc in the center appears at the bottom, and short “tails” remain on the right and left.
  • Japanese curtains, in fact, imitate the design of windows, but instead of glass, a stretched fabric is firmly attached to a rigid frame. Such panels move on the principle of sliding doors, and the special guides “rails” act as a cornice, which can be fastened either only from above, or from above and from below at the same time. The stability of the design and a wide variety of textures also allows the use of this type of folding screen to delimit the living room space, the separation of the work area or bed.

Materials of curtains for the living room

Fabrics in the interior of any room also play a big role. Before buying curtains, you can take a small sample from the catalog and bring it home, attach it to the window and imagine how the curtains will look in full size. Also, choosing curtains by fabric, do not forget that thin plastic fabrics are more suitable for light styles with soft folds and assemblies, and if you want rigid curtains and lambrequins, then they must be made only of dense high-quality fabrics. Also, if one particular curtain model includes several fabrics at once, think about how you will take care of them together.

Silk is very capricious in color, it is able to change at different angles of light and in different lighting conditions, in addition, such a fabric can look completely different in different design rooms. When choosing a material for curtains, many people ask whether this should be a natural material or if synthetics will be a good substitute for it. Keep in mind that any natural canvas looks more elegant and noble, but it is less practical.

Materials, which are a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers, are more resistant to external factors, they almost do not fade in the sun and have a beautiful appearance. In addition, they can be washed without problems.

Also, some prefer to buy curtains made of furniture fabric, they can perfectly complement the upholstery of upholstered furniture in the living room, but at the same time they will look quite heavy and will have really big weight. But such dense products have a number of advantages, for example, models made of chenille or jacquard are very durable and wear-resistant, they practically do not fade, because manufacturers impregnate them with special protective substances.

Also, choosing curtains, try to give preference to options that have a lining. This is especially true for those models that are made of natural materials, especially silk. Silk is very expensive and elegant, but it can very quickly fade in the sun, so such curtains will be acceptable only if they have a lining. Also, lined models must be purchased if they have a bright design with various patterns. At the same time, the lining can be durable and artificial or very thin and almost transparent.

This functional element of curtains is able to make the main fabric softer and more flexible, as well as prevent the negative effects of sunlight. Also, curtains that have a lining are more dense, so they have better insulating qualities: they do not allow cold air, as well as extraneous noise from the street.

Very light and stylish are nylon curtains. They are perfect for any living room, as they are able to fill it with light and lightness. Such curtains go well with a barely transparent sheer.

Colors of curtains for the living room

There are basic rules for choosing curtains in the living room by color:

  • choose the color and shade of the curtains depending on the color and texture of the wallpaper (if you choose curtains in the same palette with the wallpaper, they should be 2-4 tones lighter or darker than the walls);
  • the color can match the color of the furniture or the largest piece in the interior (sofa or carpet);
  • the design of curtains and pillows with one fabric will create a unity of style;
  • cold shades (blue, green) are suitable for a small living room and make it visually wider, and warm (orange, red) are more suitable for large rooms (like a large pattern);
  • cold colors are suitable for sunny rooms, while warm ones fill the interior of the living room with light.

Gray curtains in the living room

Gray curtains in the interior of the living room create a neutral and expensive look. For vintage style curtains with ornaments are suitable for minimalism ─ plain, and gray baggy fabric is suitable for eco-style.

Brown curtains in the living room

Brown curtains in the living room are suitable in any shade, will be combined with wooden furniture and flooring. This is a universal tone that does not attract attention, but warms the interior.

White curtains in the living room

White curtains in the living room create an airy atmosphere if made of transparent and translucent materials. They add light, raise the ceiling and are suitable for a small living room. Satin, linen and cotton are a good choice for curtains, and drapery and lambrequins will be superfluous.

Black and white curtains in the living room

Black and white curtains in the living room are best chosen from light fabrics with a floral pattern, stripes, with geometric lines, and then the room will look elegant. They should be combined with the color of furniture and walls, and catchy accents on the background of such curtains will become even brighter.

Black curtains in the living room

The interior of the living room with black curtains looks organically only with simple colors of the walls, without texture and pattern. They should be made of solid fabric and emphasize the existing interior style.

Green curtains in the living room

Green curtains in the living room with a soft olive shade will look elegant together with light pleated curtains. For light walls and creating a rustic style, green checkered curtains are suitable, and bright green curtains will become the main element of the interior.

Lilac curtains in the living room

Lilac curtains in the living room are suitable for creating a creative atmosphere. Combined with white and gray walls. Suitable for rooms of any size, and purple curtains in the living room interior can reduce the space, so this tone is better for a room with a bay window.

Turquoise curtains in the living room

Turquoise curtains in the interior of the living room are best combined with furniture or walls of the same shade, white furniture and light carpet. Flying curtains and turquoise lights will create a unique airy interior.

Red curtains in the living room

Red curtains in the interior of the living room create the effect of additional energy. In cherry and wine shades, they are suitable for a large living room, and complement the small living room combined with light-colored fabrics.

Burgundy curtains in the living room

Burgundy curtains in the living room are combined with white and beige walls, but are prohibited for combination with blue and violet colors in different shades. Suitable for spacious rooms with large windows.

Blue curtains in the living room

The blue curtains in the interior of the living room are suitable in a light shade or in combination with white and blue for a small room, and in the spacious living room you can combine velvet blue curtains with a gold garter cord.

Length of curtains for the living room

The length of the curtains is also of great importance, since it is able to radically change the appearance of the room. It depends on the style of your living room. Short curtains to the windowsill most often hang on the windows, which are located in niches. In the classic version, such curtains should barely touch the window sill. They are suitable for more modern interior designs.

There are also curtains with a length slightly lower than the windowsill. They look a little untidy when parted, so decorative holders or ties will be needed to decorate them. Such models are perfect for living rooms in which a sofa or armchairs are located under the window.

Floor-length curtains are considered to be classical; they look great on wide and large windows, as well as on arch-shaped window openings.

Typically, such models are acquired if a beautiful landscape opens from the window. Long curtains can slightly fall to the floor, and can be located a few centimeters higher, it all depends on how you use the space under the window. There are also very unusual lengths of curtains in the style of a “cafe” – their feature is that they are able to close the bottom of the window, leaving the top open.

What should be combined with?

There are some rules regarding what curtains should be combined with. But some do not take them into account, acquiring such products so that they only fit into the overall picture of the interior. Very often they are picked up a few tones darker than the wallpaper, but in the same color scheme. Also, some prefer to choose curtains to match the color of the flooring. This is also very interesting, since in the room in this way you can create an unusual contrast of the walls with the floor and curtains.

Another common belief is that curtains should match the color of the upholstery. As a rule, furniture and curtains are the most durable pieces of furniture in any room. But some re-wallpaper more often than change high-quality furniture, so this way you can even save money by changing the interior design of the room.

Some experts recommend choosing curtains that are universal in design, which will suit any style and interior design, you can hang them from room to room or change their design by making repairs.

Curtains may have a different color than the rest of the interior, but their decor, for example, frill, drapery, holders can be selected for other interior items: furniture, rugs, pillows and even carpets. In order to highlight the window system, you can diversify it with bright curtains that will not fit under any element in the interior of the room. This is a very stylish and bold decision that will allow you to focus on this piece of furniture.

Choosing curtains for a small living room

Small rooms require special care in window decoration. Occupying a fairly noticeable area, the curtains have a strong influence on the situation as a whole. Especially for small living rooms, designers have developed several recommendations that will visually increase the space.

Tip number 1. Avoid large drawings

Large bright flowers, a 10×10 cm cage, wide horizontal stripes, firebirds and the like, look great in spacious living rooms, filling in an excessive void. But in the cramped living room, even if everything else there is solid gray, screaming curtains are completely inappropriate. The only exception are flat Japanese panels or rolled curtains with realistic prints. A deep perspective should be depicted on photo curtains – glare of the sun, a view of the city, a forest path that goes into the distance, an alley, an arch, etc.

Tip number 2. Holistic picture

In a small living room, curtains should not “cut” the wall where they are located. It is better to cover it with textile completely, along with the window. If such a width of the curtains is unacceptable, then they should coincide with the shade of wallpaper, and not contrast with them.

Tip number 3. Ceiling height

To make the room seem higher, it is better to attach the cornice to the ceiling. You can hide it in a niche (specially left when installing a suspended ceiling), decorate it with gypsum stucco, LED strip, lambrequin, choose a shade to match the color of the ceiling and / or borders.

Tip number 4. Drapery

Volumetric curtain festoons in a small living room will look unnatural. This is especially true for the pompous waves characteristic of the French, Austrian and English curtains. At the same time, straight curtains made of medium density fabrics, with barely noticeable vertical folds from floor to ceiling, will visually raise the height of the room.

Tip number 5. Colors

Harmoniously to fit curtains into the interior of a small living room will allow a well-chosen shade. It’s good if he repeats, for example, the color of the patterns on the wallpaper or upholstery of the sofa – this technique will combine different details of the interior, and the room will look stylish. If the walls and furniture are plain, you can choose curtains with an unobtrusive small pattern, and sew pillowcases for decorative pillows or tablecloth from the remains of the fabric.

If you have not yet made a final decision, which curtains for the living room are suitable for your house or apartment, look at the examples in the photos below. In the gallery we have collected many unusual ideas for the design of window openings, both in spacious halls and in small cozy rooms. Pay attention to the details – what the cornice looks like, what mounts are used, whether there are additional decorations (fringe, lace, beads), what area of the window the fabric covers, how much it transmits light. All this will help to better understand the topic and make the right choice, which will delight you for many years!

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