Gray curtains – an elegant solution for any interior

In the interior, curtains of gray shades look exquisitely, respectable and elegant. Their main advantage is versatility. Their ability to create a neutral background opens up endless possibilities for design and style solutions.

Gray color is, for almost any style of interior, an ideal backdrop against which you can create a luxurious visual picture. The interior in gray colors created with a sense of style is always the personification of harmony, good taste and moderate, noble luxury. Gray-blue, light gray, gray-brown and gray-green shades of curtains are very popular today.

They can be found in interiors of different stylistic content. Classic, alpine chalet, minimalism, retro, loft, shabby chic, Scandinavian, Provence …. Many styles will not give up the aristocratic and pacifying influence of this color. And black and gray curtains will fit perfectly, for example, in art deco, ethno, again, minimalism and neo-classics.

Gray curtains will add a touch of refined elegance and restrained, unobtrusive respectability to the interior of any room.

Features of use in the interior

Gray curtains add notes of calm and restraint to the general atmosphere. When designing windows in gray tones, they are guided by the following characteristics:

  • The color tone of the material.
  • The texture of the fabric.
  • The style of the room.
  • Light level.

Chrome parts: eyelets, curtain rods, the tips support the tonality of silver fabrics with a metallic sheen.

General rules for using gray curtains in the interior:

  • All shades of gray are in demand in large rooms, for: panoramic windows, windows located on the sunny side.
  • Dark shades of gray for curtains are used more carefully. They must be diluted with bright light tones. Do not use them in small rooms, against the walls of saturated tones, since they can visually make a room smaller and darker.
  • Dark gray color is used with well-designed lighting and correctly selected accessories.
  • For baroque style and classic will be required dense atlas, silk, tapestry.
  • Scandinavian style, country, Provence require decoration with gray shades from natural fabrics: linen, cambric, mesh.
  • It is highly discouraged to use cheap materials for curtains in gray shades.


The gray palette is represented very widely: its shades are very diverse, from cold lilac, warm beige to dark anthracite and graphite. Its most popular shades in the design of modern interiors:

  • Silver.
  • Steel (metallic).
  • Pearl.
  • Smoky.
  • Ashen.

The texture of the fabrics greatly affects the perception of gray curtains. Depending on it, the shade of gray can turn out deeper or more tender.


Gray color has wide combinatorial possibilities. There are general rules for combining curtains in gray shades:

  • Cold metallic shades of gray are diluted with traditional warm colors.
  • To give the gray color a sense of warmth, apply combinations with cold shades.
  • All shades of gray are optimally combined with neutral tones: white, black, and brown.
  • For combination with active colors – red, orange, raspberry, smoky gray shades are suitable.
  • The combination of ashen with cream and golden shades looks elegant. They are chosen for trendy modern interiors.
  • Acid shades of pink, lemon, orange are combined with pearl gray for youthful modern interiors.
  • Pearlescent gray tones are combined with all shades of green: from the color of young grass and bright emerald to dark khaki.
  • Ash gray shades in combination with white, cream, gold tones look modern and self-sufficient.
  • Light gray colors are in harmony with blue, light green, turquoise, rich raspberry, scarlet.
  • Smoky gray is selected for bright and neon shades of fabrics.

Roman, rolled, Austrian gray models very in demand in any room, whether in the children’s room, office or kitchen.

For a harmonious combination of gray curtains with the interior, several techniques are used:

  • Gray curtains should be 2-3 tones lighter than the main color of the walls or furniture.
  • Matching tonality and prints with furniture upholstery will combine the interior into a single ensemble.
  • A silver shade is best combined with other glossy accessories and objects.
  • In order to avoid congestion, bright accents on the background of gray curtains should not be more than 2-3.
  • For the high-tech style and techno often use slate and anthracite shades. In such interiors, a modest number of bright accessories are used, combining no more than 5 colors.

Gray curtains and furniture of terracotta, brick, cream shades give a good combination.

What color is gray combined with:

  • Burgundy.
  • Lilac.
  • Light green.
  • Purple.
  • Pink.

Interior applications

The lightened gray tones can be safely used in the house and apartment for rooms of any purpose with different shades of wallpaper. With thoughtful artificial lighting, curtains of any gray tone look good.

Today you will see how elegant gray curtains look in the interior of different-purpose rooms, using real photos as an example.

Universal color textile for living room

Gray curtains in the living room interior – this is an absolutely win-win for living room design. Such curtains will look very elegant against the background of gray wallpapers, a few tones lighter or darker than them. They are neutral, against their background very bright objects and various accessories look very beautiful.

When choosing gray curtains for the living room, consider such elegant fabrics as jacquard, satin, velvet, satin, which are enough to decorate with drapery. The same can be said about gray curtains with a pattern – they simply do not need to be complemented.

One of the ways to create picturesque folds of matter is curtains on grommets. The depth and width of the drapery depends on the distance between these mounting rings. What are the results – you can see in the photos. Also, various accessories are used for this, which you will learn about a little later.

  • Ash-gray curtains create a sense of harmony and calm relaxation in the living room.
  • The combination of light gray with brighter colors gives the interior an exquisitely luxurious look.
  • The noble classic “timeless”.

Velvet curtains harmoniously complement the upholstery that matches the material and color. This is a very trendy decision today. If you don’t know how to combine the curtains you like, add a few details to the living room. Napkins, tablecloths, rug, painting, statuette, vase, lampshade or shades, etc. – and harmony is ensured.

Elegant kitchen with gray curtains

A one-color kitchen, even if it is made in a combination of different shades of the same color scheme, almost always looks dull and somewhat “state-owned”. If you want to make this room stylish, beautiful and to look expensive, use the right color combinations.

For example, if the kitchen is located on the sunny (eastern, southern or southeastern side), then the ideal option would be a “cool” combination of white-gray-blue, blue or green. Gray-violet, gray-blue or dark gray will be appropriate – it depends on the general color scheme and style of design. If you are not against bright sunlight, but want to scatter them a bit, pay attention to gray sheer or muslin.

If the windows of your kitchen face north or north-west, then all the same white, gray and, for example, red, orange, lemon or berry pink will help to make it more “warm and light”.

The only thing you should not forget is that bright colors subconsciously stimulate appetite. If you are brutally struggling with excess weight, then you should not do bright accents and mouth-watering color spots in your kitchen.

Perhaps gray curtains in the kitchen are still better to complement with calmer colors. If you don’t like the classic gray-white or gray-beige color scheme, think about a fashionable combination of gray and yellow.

Gray curtains with ornament or pattern are another way to dilute the monotony and create a single color ensemble. One caveat – if the kitchen is small, the pictures or images on the curtains should be as small as possible. Large objects – even on curtains – can eat up space. However, it is easy to compensate with the white furniture and simple design.

Silver curtains will look great with tall kitchen modules of the same color – a refrigerator or sideboard. Other household appliances in metallic colors will complement them.

Well, our selection of photos will show you that gray curtains for the kitchen are not only practical and not “marco”, but also “trendy”, that is, fashionable, stylish and beautiful.

Soothing and comfortable bedroom with gray curtains

The bedroom interior, created in soft light gray shades (pearl, ash, nacre, etc.), creates the effect of maximum physical relaxation and almost universal harmony.

If you are sad in a completely gray interior, then it can be slightly diluted with bright soft pillows, calm shades of brown (brick or terracotta will fit perfectly), pale blue bedding or real fresh flowers in a vase.

The gray curtains in your bedroom will provide complete darkness if they are made from blackout fabric. It seems to be specially created for those who are able to wake a couple of sun rays. If this does not threaten you, you can hang a gray veil or organza. Lightweight, translucent curtains are ideal for rooms of any size.

Well, if you are absolutely and categorically against the monotonous gray color of the walls and furniture, then the gray curtain in your bedroom, complemented by companions of other colors, will add the necessary touch of calm and relaxation.

Combined curtains

One of the most popular modern trends – eclecticism – couldn’t do without curtains. This is a mixture of styles and trends, which gives the most extraordinary results. In addition, combination curtains are very functional, and practicality is another fashion trend. For example, two or three long canvases on each side of the window, differing in color.

For example, use gray, gray-turquoise and turquoise colors, and for harmony, add several pillows of the same color on the sofa. Or this option – two types of sheer – the main one in the form of curtains with a pattern and background. Also, you see, it looks original.

Roman curtains in combination with sheer curtains is a very popular combination, justified from both an aesthetic and practical point of view. They decorate rooms with a balcony, a bay window, small windows to which it is simply impossible to attach an ordinary cornice.

Plus, you can enjoy the folds of fabric, not just vertical, but horizontal. Roller blinds also go well with almost all types of curtains – translucent sheer, muslin, curtains, etc. They can be used as a background or, conversely, a bright accent that can always be hidden by companion curtains.

Considering that according to the forecasts of designers next year, fashionable interiors will decorate all shades of yellow, yellow-gray compositions will be relevant. They can be present simultaneously on the same canvas or on different types of curtains.

No less sophisticated against the background of translucent fabrics, curtains-threads look, filling any room with romance and tenderness. Gray-red or gray-lilac compositions look especially impressive, although this is rather a matter of taste.


Fans of artistic drapery and pleasant decorative trifles will be pleased with the fact that the curtains also have their own accessories. Ribbon, frill, edging beyond recognition will transform the most ordinary fabric.

Grips, magnets, towels, hairpins, buttonholes, bows, brushes, shuttlecocks and other beautiful details will help create masterpieces of window decor.

In addition, all these elements will complement the color scheme of the room and provide a unique design. And originality, too, as you know, is in trend. To achieve this fashionable goal, some of you will be engaged in hand-made, and will make the design of curtains even more relevant. Why – you probably already guessed for yourself.

Do you like the color gray? Use it without a doubt: try, select, combine and don’t listen to conversations that gray is boring. Gray is a harmonious middle between white and black, between light and dark, it is a symbolic balance and restrained expression. And gray curtains in the apartment only confirm your inner harmony.

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