Stylish curtain ideas for wide windows: make the most of your window treatment

If you are the proud owner of wide windows, you are definitely lucky to have an insight into the outdoor world right from your house. Such windows are a sought-after element within contemporary interiors, and it would be a shame to spoil this source of light and inspiration with an inappropriate window treatment. 

Stay with us, and you will find out how a relevant approach to curtains can emphasize even more such a pearl within your interior, integrate it into your style, and go with any design direction. We compiled a list of the best curtain ideas for large windows to meet any standards and are happy to share them with you. Enjoy it and get inspired!

Thin, discreet, refined

To let the light fully penetrate the space and slightly preserve the outside view, although ensuring a bit of privacy, consider plain sheer curtains. Opt for light colors particularly, with white as a leading option. Due to the neutral design and color, such curtains would perfectly fit any style.

Full view during the day, full privacy at night

Consider blackout curtains with simple designs and any color that matches your style. This approach will ensure your privacy at night since such windows offer quite a view of your interior. At the same time, you can easily drag them on one side or both sides to let the daylight fully penetrate the space.

Multiple windows, multiple curtains

If there are a few wide windows in a row, don’t hesitate to hang curtains specifically in the space between them and conveniently use them to let the light in or ensure privacy. This way, your windows will acquire a balanced look, specifically if you opt for neutral colors and plain designs that integrate perfectly into any interior.

Double up the texture

If your space allows, go with two curtain layers. Consider a combination of sheer with thicker curtains for a collaborative play with texture and colors. The design still has to remain simple, while a neutral approach to color will be welcome. Opt for white sheer and a slightly bolder neutral accent for the other layer.

Go with a combo

For extra functionality not devoid of style, opt for a mix of curtains and blinds so that the former will serve their decorative role while the blinds will conveniently stop or let the light in as much as ensure privacy. Consider Roman blinds for their sleek design, going no other way but a light color to harmoniously pair with curtains that can be of any color you want.

Functionality in the first place

If you appreciate the window treatment functionally, you should consider blinds. Be it Japanese, Roman, or any other type that feels close to your taste. Designers suggest sticking to neutral colors for a full functional approach. By the way, this is one of the most contemporary solutions, and it will surely take your interior to a new level.

Stick to a monochromatic palette

Choose a color that fades into the background to preserve the monochromatic approach regardless of what type of curtains you go with. Let the window or windows be the stars of the interior. If you wonder why considering curtains at all, the answer is that the room would look incomplete without them, while the neutral design solution will adapt them to contemporary decor rules.

Extra volume, extra texture, extra luxury

If your space allows, it is a great opportunity to use wide windows for displaying voluminous, thick, elegant curtains. Although sticking to rather neutral colors is not mandatory, it would work better this way, considering an already rich design. Instead, opt for eye-catching patterns, such as graceful floral motifs.

Add a pop of color

This option is for courageous and creative minds that want to go beyond the limits. Consider bright colored curtains to draw as much attention to the window and add an accent that hits differently when integrated within minimalist interiors particularly. Still, a connection between the curtain colors and other textiles would not spoil the result.

A splash of natural inspiration

Since the latest trends suggest integrating as much nature as possible into interiors, why not give this approach a try for curtains? Large windows are a great reason to display large curtains, devoid of patterns and revealing rich linen texture. This material will bring a bit of natural roughness and instantly fill your space with comfort and harmony.

Stay original with Boho

Wide window curtains seem like the perfect decorative unit to add individuality to your interior. This is why going with Boho is a no-fail option. You will instantly draw attention to this space with the classic Boho design, while the timeless beige color peculiar to this style will keep it sleek and contemporary.

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