Curtains for girls room: best colors, materials, and designs

Designers and homeowners have been rejecting the integration of curtains in interiors lately, and not without reason. The contemporary approaches simply do not allow any splash of extravagance or unnecessary details, while curtains can be quite a flamboyant element. It doesn’t mean that one should avoid this functional and decorative unit at all, particularly when there are various modern solutions as regards the window treatment. Furthermore, they can be really practical by ensuring privacy or stopping a particular amount of light from penetrating the space. It is all about choosing appropriate curtains. Even the most minimalist settings will acquire a new look with curtains that suit the style. 

One thing is clear; we are not yet ready to give up on curtains when an appropriate choice can even serve as the last piece of the puzzle you didn’t even know your interior required. Let’s get more specific and tackle the curtain solutions for a girl’s room particularly. Such a decorative piece proves to be more functional in such spaces since there is a constant need to play with the lighting, particularly if it is a nursery. The question is what curtains fit this space best. This is what we are going to answer through an array of ideas for timeless window treatment solutions within a girl’s room. For a start, it is worth mentioning that the outdated approach of applying pink to the room meant for a girl is surely not part of our list. We tend to look for the latest tendencies that imply a rather neutral approach, although bolder accents are not to be avoided. Let’s tackle it in more detail!

Curtain ideas for a nursery

Particularly at this age, children should be surrounded by soft and calm shades that replicate peace, connection with nature, and harmony. Even if it is a girl, you can opt for curtains of any neutral color that radiate a sense of safety, add a soothing variation of brighter shades, gravitate towards different types of materials by means of thickness and naturalness, and choose a design that complements the style as a whole.

Peaceful neutrality

There is no need to opt for bright shades and eye-catching patterns. The best way to complement a nursery in this sense is by opting for neutral curtains, particularly white or beige. Consider thin materials that allow the daylight to fully penetrate the space and brighten it up at the necessary level. In this case, curtains serve as a decorative unit and not a practical one, but, believe us, they make the picture look complete, and if you care about the overall look of your interior, even when it comes to the nursery, you better not skip this part.

A bit of accent

To dilute the monochromatic palette, you can opt for a brighter shade, although a soothing variation of the kind. You can literally consider any color you want as long as it keeps pace with other contrasts within the space. We suggest you opt for nature-inspired hues for a strong connection with the outside world even from an early age, such as blue for the clear sky, green for the forest freshness, various delightful shades for the juicy richness of fruit and vegetables. If you still want to emphasize the feminine energy within the space, you can choose a pale shade of peach or dusty pink.

Natural and thick

Light isolation or privacy during the night for safe and sound sleep is of major importance within such spaces. Stay on the safe side with thick curtains that cannot be penetrated by light. Additionally, consider natural materials for full comfort, such as long-lasting cotton, a bit lighter muslin, or quite heavy velvet, depending on the style. Furthermore, you can work with a bright color as well for a splash of energy, although it should not overwhelm the environment. Go beyond the stereotypes, and opt for a bold yellow, green, or brown for a girl’s room. 

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Curtain ideas for a little girl’s room

Once your child grows up, you probably want to update their room as well. Here is the trick: the contemporary neutral approach makes it possible to go with the same curtains from a nursery to a teen’s room. Still, as children grow up, they are interested in discovering the world, and it would be great to bring a bit of diversity to their room, even to the curtains. We suggest going with a particular theme or considering a design that feels closer to your child’s personality that is still in development.

Little Princess

It is probably the most common approach, but a contemporary solution can make the most of this theme. Consider rather flamboyant curtains with bows and rich waves that add elegance and finesse. The essential part is the color shade. Regardless of the color, opt for a soothing variation, and the royal abode of your little one will be filled with notes of softness that is so much required within such spaces. 

Curious explorer

Bring as much outdoors indoors as possible, even when it comes to curtains, by opting for a design that replicates the wild world. The interior will acquire a playful appearance, and your little one will be surrounded by things of interest to them. For instance, you could opt for patterns with animals or plants to add visual interest to the interior as a whole and make the curtains a point of interest.

A splash of positivity

We do not doubt the relevance of neutral tones within contemporary interiors, but you have to agree that interior designs have become lately quite overly simplified, and sometimes it seems that a splash of color would change the entire perspective. This feature is extremely important in the kids’ room since they need to be surrounded with positive energy only. Therefore we suggest opting for bright yellow curtains to enliven the common monochromatic settings. Besides adding visual interest, you will surely stay in trend since yellow has made a comeback lately. 

Blooming finesse

The floral patterns are exceptionally trendy now, and their integration into a girl’s room is more than welcome. Besides ensuring an up-to-date result, the blooming curtains will fill the space with this irreplaceable and soft feminine energy. From soothing pastel flowers to accent ones, add as much color to this space as you want.

Out of a fairytale

The beloved patterns with unicorns have not left the stage and come with new variations to decorate a girl’s room in a fantastic way. Avoid large images with unicorns, sparkles, and bold colors. Instead, opt for pastel shades with repetitive patterns that run in a playful way all over the surface of the curtains. It is surely a win-win option for little girls and a perfect alternative to the princess approach. 

Two-layer curtains

A unique approach for a girl’s room: consider thick curtains in a positive color covered with a second sheer curtain penetrated by sparkling notes. This solution is rather formal but a great decor for such a space. You are free to opt for any colors you want as long as they do not suppress the other room elements. 

Curtain ideas for a teen girl’s room

It fully depends on your child’s preferences. The more unique they are, the more individuality this space will acquire. Still, there are a few trends you can consider for an indeed stylish result. Take a look at the following interior design solutions:

  • Minimalist functionality;
  • A bit of princess;
  • Boho vibes;
  • Monochromatic approach.

Alternative to curtains

Of course, nothing compares with the impact the curtains can have on the interior. Still, if you prioritize functionality, you can always switch to blinds or at least consider them as an alternative. The leading role is held by neutrality, although an appropriate color matching can ensure quite a harmony within the space that you will not even notice the lack of curtains.

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