What curtains go well with blue walls? (Rules and ideas)

Blue is one of the most seductive, soothing, and mysterious colors in the spectrum. From the vibrant, refreshing color of the Caribbean wave to the mesmerizing velvet depth of winter twilight, the range of blue shades inspires a variety that few other colors can boast. It is not surprising that we choose it so often when we think over the room’s palette – and especially for the walls.

Indeed, blue walls are a contemporary and classic solution at the same time. You don’t have to worry about how long it stays in vogue because it is timeless, like white and beige. It is much more important to take care of the combination of textile elements of the interior with them, and first of all, curtains.

The fact is that the blue color itself is very self-sufficient and has vital energy; therefore, it can literally “kill” shades that are incongruent with it, making them more faded or unnecessarily harsh. If you dream of a room with blue walls and don’t want to make a single mistake, it’s worth learning more about which curtains go with blue walls.

Curtains for blue walls: basic rules

It doesn’t matter for which room with blue walls you decide to buy curtains – get ready for the fact that you won’t be able to get the best ones right away. Blue is one of the most difficult and “capricious”, and therefore absolutely everything will have to be taken into account. At the same time, do not be afraid to be alone with a similar problem. Designers have long worked out the rules for selecting curtains for blue walls, and we are more than sure that these rules will be helpful to you.

  • Don’t be afraid of monochrome. Blue curtains, matched precisely to the walls’ tone, are not boring and not too much. And there is quite a logical justification for this: excessively bright and heavy shades of this color are usually not used as background, so the feeling of overkill will not arise. If you are sincerely in love with the tone of paint or wallpaper you have chosen and dream of the same curtains, do not deny yourself the pleasure: such “la vie en bleu” is quite trendy today.
  • Lighter or darker – the choice is yours. In this case, we are talking about blue curtains against blue walls. You can make them a couple of shades lighter or more saturated, and it will look equally harmonious.
  • Focus on light or neutral colors. An undeniably good solution for a blue room can be such colors as white and cream, gray and beige, sand and ivory, a wide range of brown shades, silver and gold, mustard and terracotta, turquoise and mint. Please note: it is unnecessary to choose only cold colors – blue is very friendly towards warm tones.
  • The closer the background, the better. If you already have some experience in terms of renovation and design, it will not be an opening for you to choose curtains, as designers say, with a base in hand. It’s easy to take a piece of wallpaper with you to attach to the curtain fabric in the store – but it will save you time and prevent mistakes. You may well act on the opposite, asking for a small piece of fabric and assessing its compatibility with the house walls.
  • Pay attention to the texture. Designers say: the softer and lighter the walls’ tone, the more delicate and softer the textiles for windows should be. Excessively dark and bright curtains made of heavy fabrics, even of the same color spectrum, bring a noticeable dissonance, and it becomes uncomfortable in a room with light walls. Simultaneously, pale blue curtains against the background of dark blue vertical surfaces will look faded. Try to avoid such combinations – with today’s variety of shades, it’s not that difficult.

And another important question that worries many is that it is possible to use patterned curtains combined with blue walls. Designers do not see any obstacles to this; however, they advise choosing panels with colors of no more than two or three tones. An interesting point: if there are still three shades, one should coincide with the color of the walls – this solution is not only harmonious but also significantly refined.

Curtains to match with blue walls: experimenting with shades

Of course, general criteria for choosing curtains for blue walls will not work always. Due to the vast palette, it is worth talking about each case in more detail. Let’s try to imagine which curtains will be most successfully combined with blue today’s most relevant shades.

Dark blue

Walls painted in a dark blue palette look both laconic and luxurious. A combination with dark blue velvet curtains will look especially impressive in this case. However, it is advisable not to forget about more cheerful accents – a light floor and a carpet, and metal accessories will come in handy.


A complex lilac-blue shade, pleasing with a barely noticeable pink overflow and named after a charming and delicate flower, is at the peak of popularity today. The best “partner” in terms of the curtains’ color for periwinkle walls will be dim and soft white, pale yellow, and pale gray tones, including a delightful linen color. The latter will allow you to create a cozy interior in the Scandinavian or vintage style.

Electric blue

The walls of a rich blue-light blue hue are the choice of daring and creative natures that are not afraid of expressive and spectacular solutions. And yet, this color needs to be slightly alleviated. Pure whites, natural and woody browns, and navy blue curtains will do the job just fine.

Rich turquoise

Refreshing blue with a distinct greenish note, reminiscent of the sea breeze. A light snow-white veil openly suggests itself to a room with such walls, but we propose to conduct an original experiment – and add a little luxury to the blue serenity due to a smooth golden curtain. If you want subtle sophistication, try smoky, pearl, ecru, cappuccino, or muted coral.


The neoclassical style especially loves the cool and noble shade of blue. With walls of this color, dark blue curtains look incredibly expressive – gray ones will seem unimpressive to you. Designers also suggest trying a color block – using two shades of curtains combined with white tulle. Dark blue and soft pink is one of the most suitable combinations. No less popular are the classic solutions for curtains – in a pale brown color or an exquisite sage shade.


Wedgwood is a color known as dark blue-gray. However, contrary to the name, it is not saturated or gloomy at all – on the contrary, it creates a mysterious and pacifying early morning atmosphere in the room. This wall color requires something exceptionally airy and natural – taupe and smoky linen curtains, a delicate white veil, or casual walnut curtains.

Navy blue

Possessing undeniable magnetism, the sea surface’s color can be used in an extremely original way with curtains’ help. To do this, designers recommend trying monochrome panels with a relief geometric texture in a cool white shade. Want something a little more traditional or warm? Take a closer look at curtains in shades such as gold, brown, mint, silver, gray, or pale pink.

Light turquoise

A delicate watercolor shade, suitable for a nursery, a living room, and even a kitchen, will sparkle in an entirely new way if you add mustard or ocher curtains. This option is more suitable for the classical style, but harmony will be ensured for modern interiors due to the cream, yellow, and smoky palette.


A delightful and pure blue is ideal for both family gatherings and a more secluded bedroom. Possessing exceptional softness creates a feeling of positiveness, harmony of life, and summer warmth. If your room faces the sunny side, light white linen on the windows will be enough for you, but if the windows face north, and you want to play with color, try linen light brown curtains with some medium-sized print – paisley, by the way, is quite suitable.

Blue with gold

And now – a few words about the walls covered with blue wallpaper with a pattern. This solution is prevalent in classic and art deco interiors, where a gold damask ornament on a blue background creates a luxurious atmosphere. The choice of curtains, in this case, is obvious: only metallic! The golden shade of the curtains, complemented by tulle or a veil of a soft white shade, is, of course, something traditional. But the interior will only benefit from this – both in terms of elegance and a balanced palette.

Pale blue

The shade of a faded summer sky has a surprisingly warming effect even though it belongs to the cool spectrum. That is why curtains of light and warm shades look incredibly harmonious with such surfaces – soft orange, dark beige, peach, sunny yellow, and terracotta. If you are not against a pattern, we remind you: it should match the walls’ color, as a maximum – be one tone lighter or darker.

Pale cornflower blue

Delightful, feminine color creates a serene and romantic mood – and asks for an appropriate complement. There is nothing bright or excessive in a room with such walls; therefore, curtains in cream and beige shades remain the most popular options. If you want a more dramatic accent, try peach and soft pink, with soft textured textiles in preference.

Pastel blue

By choosing this wonderful shade for the walls, you will significantly facilitate your task since the choice of the color of the curtains, in this case, is obvious. We are talking, you guessed it, about a neutral white color that demonstrates stylish versatility in any design – from minimalism to retro and Scandinavian. However, it is not necessary to limit yourself to white: rich beige tones, pearl, and fashionable linen shades remain undisputed favorites for creating stylish combinations with light blue shades.

Curtains to blue walls: choice by style

Each design direction has its range of blue shades. So, for example, you hardly find ultramarine walls in a Provence kitchen, and no one chooses pale blue for an industrial-style living room. When selecting curtains, it is also essential to consider the focus of your design project.


The traditional interior suggests deep and rich shades – including blue. It is quite logical that the classic design is characterized mainly by dark blue tones. The curtains are selected appropriately – precisely in color and brown or golden shades. The best solution would be dense and heavy fabrics, and if you would like to pick up patterned curtains, take a look at the baroque ornaments.


One of the most laconic trends is characterized by calm blue tones of the walls – from light to dark. You can’t go wrong if you choose curtains of the same color, find something beige or cream, or just stick to a white veil. Another option is to create stylish contrast with mustard or gray-green panels.


Light blue walls in a Scandinavian-style room will remind you of the winter sky and the play of shadows and light on sparkling snowdrifts. You can soften their coolness slightly with curtains in light gray or brown tones.

Nautical and coastal

Interior design styles, one way or another, are related to the coast’s theme, and it is impossible to imagine these directions without the sea surface’s colors. Therefore blue walls for them are almost a must-have. Linen and cotton fabrics in a soft white or light blue shade or ecru color will create a feeling of harmony and calm life enjoyment.

Blue walls are a choice of creative people who try to find something new in the familiar. The beauty of each shade from its multifaceted palette can be favorably emphasized with the help of well-chosen curtains, adding aristocracy to the interior, achieving the ideal balance, or acting as a bright and daring accent.

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