Curtain trends 2022: stylish ideas for every room of your house

Curtains are a part of the interior design and, although there are various opinions regarding their belonging to contemporary styles, they do not plan on leaving the stage. You will be amazed to find out how a simple curtain can change the room’s appearance and affect its environment. If you are not sure in this sense, we would like to encourage you to opt for window treatment, and we are ready to back our suggestion by providing you with stylish ideas in this sense.

Stay with us, and we will reveal the latest curtain trends for 2022, considering various styles for every room of your house. We will convince you that an appropriate choice of curtains, particularly the trendy ones, can shape the picture of the room and add a new sparkle to the atmosphere. Let’s dive into this adventure and discover these trends together!

As with other 2022 trends, the curtain ones imply the use of simple designs and neutral colors that lead to a stylish and functional window treatment. Therefore, the trends that emerged for this season are traced to such concepts as simplicity, practicality, and naturalness. Let’s look at these trends and get inspired for something new. 

Minimalist window treatment

It is not a secret that minimalism has spread its influence on the upcoming trends, and the year 2022 is not an exception. Whether you like it or not, the minimalist style can be approached to any element of the interior design, even to curtains. 

Furthermore, such a window treatment will fit perfectly any style due to its simplicity in shape and color. If such an idea suits you, we suggest you consider the following aspects for reaching a minimalist result:

  • Simplicity. Reject complex structures and opt for laconic designs that complete the picture and do not spoil it with an abundance of colors and shapes;
  • Functionality. Opt for curtains that will serve their purpose first of all, depending on the effect you want to achieve, be it to enlighten the room or the contrary;
  • Neutrality. Consider neutral colors, such as gray, beige, or classic white. You can also opt for bolder shades, such as soothing blue or soft green.

Nature-inspired curtains

Emphasizing the beauty of nature and preserving it are some of the main concepts behind the 2022 trends. This trend implies the use of nature-inspired designs, popular being the one that resembles the beehive. 

Furthermore, it implies the use of sustainable fabrics, such as organic linen. Take a look at the second photo for a better understanding. You can also opt for handwoven curtains that reduce waste and enhance the quality. The third photo serves as an example in this sense.

Provence style

Fill your room with a fairy-tale atmosphere and offer it a look of Provence. All this is possible by opting for appropriate window treatment. In this sense, we suggest you consider French or Austrian curtains for a romantic environment. 

This trend is popular this year due to its bold intention of combining old and modern values. It should be noted that such eclectic mixtures are a must if you want to stay up-to-date and make a statement.

Bring in new cultural elements

Another 2022 trend is to apply to curtain designs elements from various cultures. It will complete the picture of your room and serve as a point of interest by adding originality. In this sense, consider the roman blinds that will ensure the practical and stylish use of space. 

Furthermore, you can opt for the well-known Scandinavian style that implies the white color and a simple design that perfectly fits other elements of the room. It should be noted that such a design is used if you want to apply a window treatment but make it in a nearly visible way. 

Another idea in this respect would be the Japanese style. Inspired by Japanese culture, this design will fit a large window like the last piece of the puzzle.

The bedroom is a personal space where you want to relax and feel comfortable. Whether you like it or not, a curtain can play quite a role in this sense. We would like to draw your attention to some basic aspects to consider for a cozy yet up-to-date window treatment for your bedroom by referring to the 2022 trends.

  • Stick to the classic regarding the color and shape of the curtains as everything that is familiar tends to add comfort;
  • Add a new sparkle to your neutral-colored curtain by enriching it with tulle, the latter reflecting light colors;
  • Opt for heavy and darker curtains if you look for privacy or want to stop the daylight from penetrating the room, and remember: comfort is part of the 2022 trends;
  • Consider neutral colors for a calm atmosphere or warmer ones to soften the environment.

The living room is like the face of your house. Here, you spend most of the time, gather with your family, and receive your guests. There is no doubt that you would like the face of your house to look beautiful, and we are ready to assist you in this sense by revealing the latest trends for window treatment as curtains play an essential role in the overall picture. We suggest you consider the following ideas that reflect the 2022 trends in this sense.

  • Combine elegance and originality for a unique result by pairing the classics with modern elements;
  • Opt for nature-inspired materials, such as cotton or linen for freshness and comfort, which are both welcome in a living room;
  • Consider the boho style for an eclectic combination of shapes and colors that would add a new sparkle to your living room;
  • Opt for Roman blinds for a simple yet stylish result that will fit perfectly any style.

As with any other room, kitchen curtains should match your style and be as functional as possible. We suggest you look at shorter sizes for your convenience unless longer curtains will better match the room’s aesthetics. Nevertheless, the best option in this sense is the blinds, and the Roman ones are more than welcome.

Furthermore, you have to consider that it is a cooking place and there is a high possibility that your curtains may get stained. We suggest you opt for fabrics that are easy to take care of or at least make sure that the curtains find themselves at an acceptable distance so that they cannot get dirty. 

Thus, the kitchen curtain trends 2022 include a combination of practicality, aesthetics, and naturalness, the latter referring to natural fabrics such as linen or cotton.

There is no doubt that a modern setting requires modern solutions. Therefore, shower curtains have been replaced by such material as glass for functional use of space. Nevertheless, shower curtains are still in demand. We suggest you look at the following ideas that reflect the 2022 trends.

  • Transparent curtains for not spoiling the picture and preserving the style;
  • Geometric designs for a new sparkle in a neutral-colored bathroom;
  • Neutral-colored curtain to balance the contrasts and fit any style.

As one of the main concepts behind the 2022 trends is simplicity with minimalism at the top, experts suggest a hidden system of hanging curtains as the perfect option. Nevertheless, you can also opt for visible systems in this sense. This way, the curtain rods will serve as a decorative element and complete the picture. 

We suggest you opt for brass for a modern look as it is one of the leading materials for decorative elements in 2022. At the same time, you can consider wood if you look for a classic setting. Either way, these two options will keep you up to date and offer the curtains a new sparkle.

Conclusion + more inspirational photos  

As you have probably noticed, the curtain trends in 2022 are directed towards simplicity and functionality. Of course, it does not mean that you cannot opt for bolder shapes or colors. The thing is that you should not go too extra. Another option to consider is the combination of old and new values for a stunning effect. It all depends on the result you want to achieve by choosing a particular type of curtains as regards the comfort, the look of the curtains within the interior design, and the atmosphere they lead to. 

Even though curtains are not that popular today, we would like to encourage you to opt for them. An appropriate choice can positively shape your interior design and serve as a practical option for various purposes. For instance, it suits you if you look for privacy or ways of controlling the amount of daylight that your room receives. 

We hope you have already found the option that fits your interior design best. Nevertheless, we would like to offer you a little bit more inspiration through an array of photos in this sense. Enjoy them and get inspired for something new!

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