Curtain ideas for large windows: tips and design ideas

Curtain ideas for large windows: tips and design ideas

Tall and wide windows are one of the attributes of a well-thought-out and balanced interior. If you’ve always dreamed of enjoying superb views and well-lit rooms, then you can’t do without such a solution. An essential advantage of large windows is their availability. If earlier such sizes of translucent structures were more often characteristic of spacious and respectable houses, today even small apartments have big windows.

For all its advantages, large windows require thoughtful design. In some cases, the windows do not even need a decoration at all – first of all, this applies to the so-called panoramic structures, which offer a fantastic view of the garden or surroundings. But if your apartment is on the second or more floor, the windows are visible from all sides, and you need more privacy, then well-chosen curtains become an absolute must-have. That is why it is worth finding out in more detail which curtains will add harmony without forcing you to sacrifice either lighting or the magnificent architecture of your home.

Selection of curtains for a large window: valuable tips

Expansive windows are always spectacular, and by using curtains, you can achieve true exclusiveness. Here are a few secrets and tricks used by decorators and designers – perhaps some of them will come in handy.

Take out the curtain rod outside the window frame

If you have dreamed of large windows for a long time, then you probably want to use their potential to the maximum, without sacrificing an inch of the excellent view that opens from them. In this case, the solution lies on the surface: if you want to decorate the windows with curtains – just install the curtain rod wider than the window frame. In this case, the illumination and the opportunity to admire the landscape will remain, and the curtains will not cover anything unnecessary, except for a part of the wall.

Add brightness

Happy owners of a house or apartment with large windows have every opportunity to turn them into a real art object. Use bright fabrics, spectacular and unusual prints, and the most daring combinations of panels – a large glazing area make any experiments appropriate.

Don’t be afraid of layering

Sometimes two straight panels on either side of the window will not be enough for you. In this case, you can significantly expand the field of experiments with curtains. One of the most popular solutions remains the combination of a denser fabric with a veile or tulle, as well as a combination of materials of different colors – including all with the same transparent textures. Thanks to the windows’ size, any of these solutions will not seem redundant or overload the interior. Also, using different types of textiles within a single-window design will help regulate the level of natural light.

Bay windows zoning

A large bay window looks spectacular and expensive, but it requires a more complex window treatment. In this case, it will not be possible to limit ourselves to just two panels since such a technique will significantly simplify the structure’s appearance. A more logical option would be a visual “breakdown” of the bay window into several parts using several textile cuts. This will not only provide a harmonious look for the dining room or living room but also allow you to control the view from the window and the lighting of the room. In this case, you can choose both traditional curtains and blinds, as well as roller or Roman blinds.

Stealth is not a vice

Large windows are like a coin, which is known to have two sides. On the one hand – the view and illumination, but on the other – the risk of making some aspects of your private life public domain. If you are decorating a room in your house or apartment, not on the uppermost floors of an apartment building, you should consider combining curtains with blinds. This way, you can ensure the privacy you need and keep the interior balanced.

The main “not”: how not to make mistakes when choosing curtains for wide windows

As we said earlier, large windows are an almost endless field for experimenting with curtains. However, this does not mean that you can thoughtlessly use absolutely any curtains you want. Some options may seem ridiculous, overly cumbersome or tedious, or visually distort the room’s proportions. That is why it is essential to avoid solutions that are taboo for tall and wide translucent structures. This is not so difficult since there are only three such prohibitions:

  • Fabrics with tiny patterns or ornaments. The fact is that when used on big windows, such curtains create an unnecessarily variegated panel, from which you can get tired very quickly. It can also distract attention from the window itself, and when used with tulle, it can generate a rather noticeable visual disturbance. All this does not mean that you can’t decorate large windows with curtains with a print, but it is worth choosing a larger and clearer pattern. So you can not only achieve a harmonious composition but also set the interior to a perfect rhythm.
  • Short curtains. Of course, in this case, we are not talking about blinds and rolls, the main task of which is to close the window. In most cases, there are no problems with such window treatments, unlike fabric curtains. There are many cases when people try to shorten them, but the designers are adamant: for large windows, only floor-length curtains are acceptable – perhaps with a small fabric allowance. And this is quite logical since the curtains up to the middle of the glass or window sill look at least strange.
  • Narrow and straight panels. At first glance, there is nothing wrong with such a decision. However, having tried something similar, you will be surprised how indistinct this design looks and how much it narrows the window itself. To prevent this from happening, designers recommend not being afraid of folds, draperies, and valances, making the design lively and unique.

Curtains for large windows: the selection depending on the room

As in any other case, curtains for spacious glazing have a decorative and practical function. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure an impeccable balance of comfort and aesthetics when choosing a window treatment. To achieve this result, designers recommend focusing not only on the size and shape of the window but also on the room’s purpose in which it is located. Based on this, the type, volume, and material for draperies are chosen.


A large window in the kitchen is the dream of housewives who spend a lot of time here. At the same time, it is essential to understand that long curtains are categorically unacceptable in the kitchen – unless, of course, you want to waste extra time washing them. However, you can find many great options without the usual draperies. Airy and elegant Roman blinds, laconic and reliable roller blinds, or practical blinds will provide harmony and the proper level of illumination. You may have to order them for the size of your window, but the result is worth it.


Large windows in the bedroom create a rather romantic atmosphere, but the need to change the lighting depending on the time of day still comes to the fore. To feel comfortable, you can try the following window treatments:

  • Thick fabrics. It is necessary for you in cases when your bedroom windows face east. Light-blocking curtains (including blackout curtains) protect you from the sun’s rays, which can disturb early morning sleep. If you wish, you can combine them with a translucent veil for a harmonious and classic look or leave only blackout curtains.
  • Sheer draperies. Chiffon and organza will help create a romantic mood in the bedroom facing north. Besides, it is thanks to them that you will provide the most effective natural lighting in the room, even in cloudy weather and winter.
  • Monochrome. An overly bright pattern on the curtains in the bedroom is not a very desirable option since the canvas’s size with such a design can lead to visual discomfort, which is highly undesirable for rooms intended for recreation. The best solution would be plain draperies that help relieve eye and nervous tension.
  • Calm and harmonious tones. Large windows require wide and long panels, so you should take care of their compatibility with the bedroom’s interior as a whole. Small accents are quite acceptable, but mainly due to the fabric’s texture – a silky surface, fashionable burlap texture, or exquisite embossing.

Living room

Big windows in modern living rooms are striking in variety. Panoramic and with classic lathing, rectangular and arched, ordinary and bay windows – depending on the interior style you choose, the windows can differ. As for the selection of curtains, in this case, you have various options available. Let’s dwell on the more popular ones:

  • Classic straight panels. This type looks great in a variety of design directions – from neoclassicism to minimalism. For the window treatment of a living room large window, you have to consider not only the color but also the texture of the material, as well as the quality of sewing: according to decorators, the appearance and placement of the curtain depend on it – the smoother it lies, the more expensive the window frame looks.
  • Sheer veil, tulle, or organza. Entirely organic in casual interiors in styles such as nautical or coastal. However, if you are not against minimalism, this option will undoubtedly appeal to you. However, designers still recommend taking into account natural light: it is possible that with an excess of sun, you will have to supplement the window decoration with a dense curtain.
  • Window scarf. An incredibly stylish solution that has entered the trend list relatively recently. Such scarves are long fabrics that are draped along the curtain rod to form various valances and folds. In this case, it is not possible to move the draperies together; however, creating a rather laconic and, at the same time, beautiful window decoration is easy peasy.
  • Roman curtains. A sleek and modern solution for those who prefer thoughtful laconism to overdecoration. Besides, today’s design choice is quite wide – from discreet and evenly laid linen curtains to luxurious classic ones that form lush folds.
  • Blinds. Instead, this option can be called an office one, but today it is increasingly found in ultra-modern interiors, where large panoramic windows are commonplace. Minimalism, loft, industrial – a living room in any of these styles will look more organic if constructions with metal, textile, or plastic lamellas decorate the windows.

Depending on the ideas envisaged by the design project, you can use various decorative solutions – valances, canopies, unusual accessories, as well as a bright print, exquisite pattern, fringe, or embroidery.

Window treatments for large windows: interesting ideas

Big windows are beautiful on their own, but well-chosen decoration can turn them into a spectacular accent – and in some cases, a dominant element. We offer you some fascinating ideas, thanks to which the desire to admire the view from the window will arise more and more often.

Several panels from the same fabric

Who said that there should be no more than two dense panels? There can be three, four, or even more. You can hang them straight, create a beautiful drapery, or simply fasten them together with a stylish tie-back. This design is perfect for windows with complex shapes – and primarily arched and forming an acute angle at the top.

Blinds to the floor

Colored fabric or plastic lamellas reaching the floor are one of the total hits of the season. Their ability to organically fit into interiors in current styles – from modern to loft and hi-tech – has become a real discovery. The undoubted advantage of such window treatment is their practicality and affordability: their custom execution is much cheaper than decorating a large window with fabric curtains.

Straight valance with edging

If you have floor-to-ceiling windows with colored frames, then you can decorate them in a very unusual way. Today decorators use a straight, rigid strip of neutral tone fabric with bold contrasting edging. The same draperies will provide vertical harmony – however, you can do without them altogether.

Curtains on eyelets

Are you satisfied with the large windows in your living room or bedroom, but would you like to make them even larger? It is effortless to achieve this incredible visual effect thanks to the blackout curtains on the eyelets. This very modern and laconic solution will appeal to fans of contemporary interiors who have to spend time looking for a suitable fabric: it must be of very high quality and with an impeccably even texture since the slightest flaw is visible on a flat surface.

Ruffle curtains

Perhaps this solution will seem old-fashioned to you. Still, suppose you prefer the classical style. In that case, you probably know how elegant and even flirty such curtains can look in the bedroom or nursery – and thanks to the impressive size of the window, you can avoid visual disturbance and overload. Choosing the option with frills, stop at plain fabrics and discard any patterns: such decor is entirely self-sufficient and does not require additions.

If you can afford large windows in your own home, this is a stroke of real luck in terms of design. You can give your interior absolute exclusivity by not limiting yourself to taking the time you need to select curtains and think over design options.

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