11 Brilliant Corner Cabinet Ideas with Photos

To meet everybody’s expectations, we tried to cover all possible corner cabinet ideas. All because a corner cabinet can be everything, from a kitchen cupboard to a single-unit cabinet in the living room or a home-office cabinet in the study. What brings them together is the useful use of the corner space, and we will teach you how to make the most of it both stylishly and functionally. 

Discover the best corner cabinet ideas borrowed from designers who know what they’re talking about when it comes to corner cabinets.

Improved Storage in the Kitchen Corner Cabinet

Known as the blind corner, the closed corner cabinet storage can be optimized up to the level that you have more storage space without leaving the existing cabinet borders. The renowned “Lazy Susan” rotatable structure will come in handy in this respect. Or, you can opt for other versatile systems that you can easily pull out and move any way you need. 

You’ll have more storage space, and the kitchen belongings will always be at hand, added to the fact that everything will stay well hidden in the cabinet.

Diagonal Cabinet Pantry

The corner cabinet is the best space to set up a pantry in your kitchen. Taking the entire upper and lower side of your kitchen, in this particular corner, a diagonal cabinet will make it easy for you to reach everything in your modern and functional pantry.

Feel the Curves: Rounded Corner Cabinet

Curved corner cabinets look more aesthetically suitable in kitchens. Moreover, you’ll easily reach every spot compared to traditional corner cabinets, whose sharp edges stay in your way. And not least, curves are a huge trend now.

Corner Cabinet Sink

Still speaking about kitchen corner cabinets, why not consider a sink in the corner? Leave the available horizontal space free for cooking. This way, you’ll hide all the pipes behind the cabinet and still use it practically to store kitchen belongings. These can be shelves or drawers. If there is a small space beneath the sink, people usually use it for the garbage can. 

Open Corner Cabinets: Floating Shelves

Sometimes, the upper kitchen cabinets in the corner may seem too overpowering for the rest of the kitchen. In such cases, designers suggest opting for open shelving instead, a kind of open corner cabinet. Try not to overdo the decor. You may store here some kitchen appliances, ceramic collections, or decorative accessories, yet keep it low-key. Let the kitchen breathe, even through a small kitchen corner. 

Corner Cabinet Appliance Garage

Ensure a clutter-free countertop space and conveniently store your kitchen appliances in a corner appliance garage that will smoothly blend into the rest of the kitchen. Easy to access yet well hidden, you’ll definitely like such a corner “house” for the appliances if you have many.

Corner Home Office Cabinet

If you plan to integrate a small home office into a living room or bedroom, a corner is the best idea. Choose a specific home office cabinet suitable for a corner. The perfect choice is a one-piece cabinet with closed lower cabinets for storage and open upper cabinets, better called open shelves. Usually, there are also work desks attached.

From Corner to Corner: Work Nook

This interesting idea is inspired by small rooms requiring a compact home office, usually installed in the balcony area, especially in a studio apartment. This small work corner can be transformed into a real home office with a multi-purpose corner-to-corner cabinet with upper storage and a work desk.

Corner Cabinets in the Dining Room

If you have a large dining room, you’ll most probably be thrilled about the picture of a well-organized dining space with corner cabinets that direct all the attention to the center-placed dining table. To preserve the ambiance of a dining space, consider cabinets with glass inserts in the upper part to display your favorite ceramic pieces or anything that sparks your interest. 

Compact Chests in the Living Room

While high corner cabinets suit dining rooms, tiny yet spacious chests especially shaped for a corner work best for the lounge area. Use this idea if you have a tiny family room or want to save as much space as possible. Store here your favorite books, board games, or anything you like to keep close at hand.

Think Fast, Act Smart: Bathroom Corner Cabinets

A small bathroom with no storage space has never been a problem for those who know how to make the most of what they have. Homeowners and designers shared their secret: corner cabinets. Now, you can store all bathroom belongings in one space and leave the rest of the room decluttered. 

By the way, if you happen to have a large bathroom, you can also use the corner cabinet idea as a decorative solution. Sizable antique cabinets with carved details and beautifully exposed self-care products sound interesting.


Are corner cabinets worth it?

Despite the more complex installation process and higher maintenance (it will take you a bit more time to clean the inside of such cabinets), corner cabinets are a real find for small rooms or those who crave free space. You use the corner functionally by storing your belongings without stealing additional space while adding an exciting accent to the room.

What should I store in a kitchen corner cabinet?

It all started with storing large pans and pots or other items used occasionally, all due to the available large space. As of late, homeowners have been using such cabinets for storing kitchen appliances, leaving the countertop decluttered. Others find it perfect for kitchen units used daily, keeping them close by. It’s a matter of preference. Yet, feel free to choose one of the mentioned options.

Do corner cabinets look aesthetical in any room of the house?

Corner cabinets are first about practice than style, although the latter shouldn’t be put aside. Overly high corner cupboards in the kitchen or extra-large corner cabinets in any other room may look intimidating and risk spoiling the design. A normal-size corner cabinet that preserves the same design style smooths the transition from one side to another in the kitchen and organically integrates into small and large bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms.

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