Top Carpet Trends in 2023: Comeback Styles and New Designs

With each season, carpets become more popular, and 2023 seems to be the peak of their trendiness so far. The last season’s eco-friendliness and natural materials still rule the game with more organic texture and earthy shades of color. At the same time, new pops of color and wild patterns confidently join the 2023 carpet trends, favoring self-expression. Connoisseurs of interior design also bet on the return of Vintage pearls. Long story short, let’s discover those carpet and rug trends!

Eco-inspired and Natural-textured

Natural and eco are now the designers’ favorite words. You simply cannot be out of trend with an eco-friendly produced carpet or rug made of bamboo, wool, sisal, or jute. Besides the rich texture giving new value to the design, environmentally-friendly manufacturing raises awareness and promotes sustainable products. You make a difference both for your interior and nature. 

Earthy Colors

Anything between calming beige and warm brown works. The idea is to replicate the outdoors effect with as much added coziness as possible. Such color choices connect you with nature, harmonize the design, and provide the desired sense of tranquility and balance that we all strive for. Nature has always been a reliable source of inspiration, and choosing the carpet or rug color based on this concept will keep you on the safe side.

A more Adventurous Palette

When it comes to carpet and rug color trends in 2023, designers firmly state that gone are the days of neutral colors that fit minimalist designs with everything sleek and unobtrusive. The season’s hottest trends are daring and charming shades that become the main focus. You don’t have to go far to find a perfect color. The inspiration also lies in nature, but this time, this is the bright side with warm terracotta, chic coral, peachy orange, bold lime, fruity purple, and, you know what, any juicy color that suits your liking. 

Abstract Prints

The new carpet trend with wild patterns can be visualized through abstract prints. Literally, any design you want with any color combination that appeals to you; the bolder, the better. You should not be afraid to play with rich color schemes and unusual patterns. This is what makes the carpet or rug authentic, and as it appears to be, originality is in demand this season. 

With a Twist

For those who still stick to minimalism, we happily share that simplicity is still in trend, although it doesn’t overpower the trending colorful and rich-printed carpet designs. Here is the update: you can safely choose your favorite neutral colors yet pair them with any type of geometric shape to lend more visual charm to the carpet.

Speaking through Texture

Carpets with textured patterns are definitely a must this year. They can be as simple as one-colored, yet the visually appealing standout shapes renew the furnishing and decor. These can be geometric forms, leaf or flower shapes, or even some abstract lines. You will be surprised by how much warmth and shape a few extra inches of fabric buy for the space.

Maximum Color, Maximum Patterns

The formula for a true maximalist carpet. If you are courageous enough to go fully bold with a carpet or area rug that connects more than two colors and celebrates the play of abstract and well-defined shapes, this trend is surely yours to enjoy. If this is what you have always dreamt of, this is your chance to reshape your interior with as much color as you want since the trendy solution would look fantastic even in the most formal Neoclassical design project.

Rug Layering

Talking of extra texture, you can achieve the effect by smartly combining different materials and designs through rug layering. Usually used as a way of underlining the functional areas without physical partitions, layering works as a super design trick. Simply by covering one rug with another in a stylish way, you make the impression that your interior was designed by a professional and nothing stands in its place by coincidence, but everything is well thought out.

Irregularly Shaped Rugs

Maybe you don’t have as much freedom with wall-to-wall carpets in terms of shape. It is another thing with rugs. Instead of going with the regular rectangular or square shapes, designers advise giving irregular forms a thought. They appear to be more interesting for contemporary designs and become the main highlight in rooms that clearly need them. 

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly distressed carpets with Vintage-encouraged Turkish and Persian patterns are the beloved and lasting trend that nobody wants to give up on. With intricate shapes and illusional floral motifs polished with dusty pastels, the true pearls of this list are topping the carpet trends in 2023. Besides the already worn effect, they show more signs of an inevitable tear over time and add more antique charm to the living room, bedroom, or any room you think is worthy of being decorated with such carpets or rugs. 

Back in the ‘70s

The dazzling ‘70s with marvelous forms and sensational colors are back on the stage. Moreover, the wonderful shag texture continues to prevail. Now, combine the ‘70s style with the shag texture, and you achieve a flamboyant carpet or rug your room will never get boring with. Since 2023 is about unusual and mind-blowing design solutions, don’t hesitate to be among the first to bring the concept of bold authenticity into your interior.

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