10 Fabulous blue kitchen cabinet ideas for various shades, styles, and environments

Blue does not cease to impress with its outstanding shades that suit any style and preferences. Furthermore, the variety of undertones can fit any kind of environment. Therefore, this color has been used for a long time in interior designs, particularly in the kitchen. It should be noted that blue is one of the popular colors in 2022 and promises to stay in trend for a long time.

If diving deeper into the peculiarities of a kitchen with blue cabinets, lots of benefits are to be discovered. Blue enriches the space with freshness and helps you achieve the level of comfort that suits you. Particularly welcome is it in interiors with neutral colors, adding a new splash of brightness. Nevertheless, an appropriate approach is to be considered when playing with such a shade, from the perspective of design and wanted effect. Therefore, we prepared a list of fabulous ideas to help you integrate this color perfectly into your interior design. We promise to meet any standards of style and comfort, providing you with a large amount of inspiration. Breathe a new life into your kitchen with the following blue kitchen cabinet ideas!

Keep it natural with rustic style

Blue is a perfect option for a rustic kitchen. Besides the fact that it complements the wooden surfaces from the color perspective, it adds to the natural effect of the latter. Both warmer and colder shades are to be considered, depending on the effect you want to achieve. Nevertheless, soothing undertones are welcome in any case. For instance, you will achieve a cozy farmhouse kitchen with a bright blue and wooden texture, while a similar combination with navy blue will reach a modern rustic environment.

Timeless effect with navy blue

Navy blue is one of the popular colors in 2022 and plans to stay this way for the seasons to come. Nature-inspired, ready to combine with various surfaces, and suitable for a contemporary setting, navy blue will keep it simple yet trendy. Consider marble or wood for outstanding pairings, adding brass for a complete look. Such mixtures will surely preserve a contemporary environment that requires simplicity, which is to be offered by the formal blue, and splashes of light, ensured by the reflective brass elements.

Modern Scandinavian kitchen

Since Scandinavian style is welcome in contemporary settings, there is no doubt that such an approach will work for a kitchen. Particularly if there is a shade of blue implied. Consider wooden textures, simple forms, no handles, minimalistic arrangement, and a neutral background. There is no need to add details or elements that are unnecessary in a kitchen. Keep it functional and free. Nevertheless, simple elements of decor are allowed, particularly in neutral colors that will stand out on a blue background.

Keep it raw and functional

Cold blue undertones work with raw surfaces, such as metals, uncovered wood, glass, brick. Consider combining dark blue cabinets with these materials for a formal environment. Add freshness to your morning coffee and keep it the same way on an evening while cooking. The raw materials will complement a balanced environment set by blue and suit contemporary settings.

Charcoal blue for an unusual effect

Charcoal blue is an outstanding greyish-blue shade. Although it is similar to navy blue, the latter does not contain the same amount of gray. Unlike navy blue, charcoal blue requires a larger amount of light. Therefore, you have to make sure that there is enough natural light or artificial light sources. It should be noted that charcoal blue works with dark wood surfaces, enriching the kitchen with a balanced environment. Nevertheless, such a cold setting will not suit everybody. Therefore, this shade can be combined with light colors for the upper cabinets or background.

Bring in more light

In contrast with the previous shade of blue, this one implies light undertones. Consider light blue for all kitchen cabinets or the lower ones, accompanying them with gold elements. From lighting fixtures, cabinet handles to chairs, add the reflective effect to the kitchen. Such a combination of light blue and gold details will work perfectly for east-facing kitchens. Although it is already a light pairing, it requires as much daylight as possible to reveal all its beauty.

Trendy color matchings for blue cabinets

Although you could go with an all-blue kitchen cabinet, a pairing in this sense will work as perfectly. Nevertheless, particular shades of blue have to be combined with specific colors so that the undertones from both sides complete each other. Let’s look at the best color matchings for a blue kitchen cabinet that promise a stylish result!

  • Timeless blue & yellow. This is a well-known combination that does not seem ready to leave the stage. From colder to warmer undertones, add a splash of positivity to your blue kitchen. If such a pairing seems too extra to you, do not forget that an appropriate choice of shades will rather set a contemporary environment than make it look inappropriately bold;
  • Outstanding turquoise & white. Turquoise is particularly popular today, and a light shade will serve as a new splash of freshness for a kitchen. Accompanied by white upper cabinets or background, this space will be more than a cooking place, particularly a room to enjoy every moment;
  • Balanced blue & soft pink. The latter is known to combine perfectly with any shade, softening the environment. It will serve as a true companion for blue, from colder to warmer undertones, leading to a balanced contrast;
  • Irreplaceable blue & gray. Gray will work with any color, particularly with a cold blue. Although the environment will seem a little bit cold, this pairing will keep it balanced and suit a contemporary setting.
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