Gorgeous blue curtain ideas for any space within your interior + inspirational photos

Gorgeous blue curtain ideas for any space within your interior + inspirational photos

Curtains have always been a thing. To be precise – a stylish accent within the interior. Although contemporary trends suggest avoiding additional accents, curtains are not to be skipped. Besides their decorative role, they are functional and complete the style in a balanced and refined way. Don’t you dare give up on this unit that starts to be even more popular unless your space does not require such a piece of art. That’s right! Curtains can serve such a role, particularly when implying an accent color, such as blue. 

This is when we reach another trend within the interior design – blue. Just imagine what a statement those two elements can lead to. Blue curtains for a minimalist setting, a traditionally arranged space, a modern environment, or a transitional interior are just a few possibilities. Let’s take a closer look at their integration in the interior and go through the trendiest curtain designs with the irreplaceable splash of blue that will impress you at different levels and bring unexpected results to keep you both original and up to date.

Timeless Blue & White

Blue accent curtains on a white background: sleek, contrastive, bold, yet no less stylish. Intense blue is required for the curtains and crispy white for the walls for an indeed authentic effect. You better stick to a lack of patterns and opt for thick statement curtains. Such an approach suits large living rooms or bedrooms. The first styles to benefit from this pairing are the Neoclassical, Traditional, Modern, and Transitional.

Vibrant Blue & Pink

Next comes an eye-catching color paired with blue curtains – pink, which can be considered in various shades, from pastel to the brightest variation. Whether you go with plain blue curtains or opt for blue patterns on a neutral textile piece, this color will reveal its entire range of serene and deep features on such a contrastive background. This design solution would work best for eclectic interiors, such as Retro or Boho styles.

All in blue

This is quite an approach. Unique, bold, and unbeaten by any other design solution when it comes to accents. Consider an all-blue space with similarly blue curtains that fade into the background for an intriguing yet serene environment. Such a design idea will work first of all for Art Deco interiors or a mix between Neoclassical and Art Deco. Opt for curtains with blue patterns on a light backdrop to let the light penetrate the space if it feels draining.

Like a breath of fresh air

In contrast with the bold curtain design solutions mentioned earlier, this one implies a soft approach to color. Consider light blue curtains within a no less light color palette – light blue curtains for a fresh ocean breeze in a Coastal interior, a breath of softness in a Provence setting, or a splash of calmness in the overly simplified minimalist spaces. From plain curtains to slightly perceived patterns, the soft blue curtains will enrich your interior with what every designer strives for today – to soften the rather formal arrangement imposed by contemporary design solutions.

Velvety chic

Dark blue, medium blue, or light blue and velvet texture. The result will simply leave you without words. It is impressive how a single change of material and an appropriately chosen shade can bring your interior to the next level. Such an option suits particularly those rooms that need a bit of privacy due to the thick velvet texture. Nevertheless, this is a go-to curtain design for lovers of the elegant and simple at the same time. It seems that this velvety source of blue fills the space with a sense of sophisticated yet balanced flamboyance.

An airy feel of softness

The nature-inspired color that can perfectly resemble the morning sky, the hypnotizing ocean depth, or the refreshing mountain air would pair well with a material that contributes to this natural feel of beauty. To your attention – linen, particularly thin linen, which combined with blue, feels fresh, airy, and authentic. Such a decor piece would benefit any interior. The only thing you should care about is the appropriate shade of blue.

Exquisite floral patterns

Blue floral patterns, a light background, and your curtains will seem like out of a refined interior from the Romantic era. Delicate lines and curves in a blue shade will spread on the white piece of textiles, penetrating the space as a whole and filling it with grandeur. This approach would work for connoisseurs of the cultural period that hides behind this style and those who want a less imposing splash of blue.

Embroidered with metallic gloss

The true companions for any patterns on blue curtains are metals, particularly gold and silver. You can easily adapt your blue curtains to an Art Deco style with gold peacock patterns. Consider repetitive silver shapes for a contemporary approach to any style or unobtrusive forms, implying any of those two metals to embrace any style direction.

Like out of a palace

The enormous and thick curtains with voluminous waves and extravagant patterns that seem like out of a palace, of course, in royal blue or other variation of this color, would fit large living rooms designed in styles alike. At least, you can consider these curtains for a classical or traditional interior. Even the Transitional style seems too functional for such curtains so that you understand how extravagant they are. Still, embracing the past values, particularly of a culturally blooming era when palaces were a center of beauty and art, is an authentic approach to such decor as the curtains.

Farmhouse comfort

Although blue is not that peculiar for Farmhouse interiors, the modern approach to this style implies using new accents that redefine this design direction. A space enriched with cozy textiles and wood texture would surely benefit from a splash of freshness. Consider blue curtains without hesitation for a contemporary perspective on the style and stick to the classic checkered design to preserve the Farmhouse authenticity. Besides this pattern, you can go with watercolor floral motifs or stripes in blue. Additionally, you can consider various curtain lengths; the shorter they are, the more they refer to the tackled style.

Embrace cultural values

Blue seems like a perfect shade to replicate particular cultures through curtain patterns. There is a wide range of possibilities: Moroccan, Indian, African, even the same English culture. Such an approach to a relatively functional piece within the interior will surely expand its horizons, adding individuality and an exceptional splash of uniqueness.

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