Bedroom paint colors 2022: latest trends and ideas

In the last article, we detailed the key paint color trends for interiors in 2022. We do not doubt that you have already looked after certain shades for yourself – and for some of them, you may have completely fallen in love and are already thinking where exactly in your house they can be used best. Well. Now is the time to talk about color trends in more detail and the context of specific rooms. And let’s start with the bedroom. In what colors will you paint the walls in the bedroom – and, therefore, your serene dreams? Let’s find out.

Bedroom colors 2022: thinking about the base

If you read our article on color trends, you could not fail to note that, despite the continuing focus on calm and neutral shades, saturated and deep colors still continue to fight for dominance. That is why if you are still close to light tranquility, then you can choose such paint for yourself again. However, those who are already a little tired of it and want more festive colors will have plenty to choose from. So, let’s discuss the recommended paint colors for the bedroom walls in 2022.

50 Shades of White

Without white in 2022, nowhere again! However, this time you should not be afraid that your bedroom with walls painted in this color will resemble an operating room: calm, soft, slightly smoky shades of white come to the fore. So, Behr offers Whisper White, incredibly comfortable for the eyes, and in the trendy Pantone palette, there was a place for two tones – the airy Baby’s Breath and the slightly cool Perfectly Pale.


But the beige interior color scheme for 2022 did not spoil us. Moreover, its tones can only be found in the Behr and Pantone palettes. Still, the luxury of the shades will captivate you: in the first case, it is an exquisite Basswood, and in the second, a soft and homely Sheepskin.


For many, a brown bedroom can still feel over-conservative. However, we hasten to expand your horizons: shades of brown from the palettes of 2022 excite the imagination. So, here is Nature Brown from WGSN & Coloro, and ceramic Perfect Penny along with Wild Mustang from the paint manufacturer Behr. A minimum of cold undertones, more naturalness – and a brown bedroom will be cozy and trendy!


Gray gradations from trendy color palettes for the coming year are rather cold and not quite suitable for a bedroom (unless, of course, you are a devoted hi-tech fan), and therefore they can only be used in accents. The only exception is Behr’s Etched Glass, which is very soft, watercolor, with mesmerizing bluish notes.

Blue and light blue

If you are crazy about blue and its shades and are just planning to repaint your bedroom, then in 2022, you will find the most real expanse. Use the very light and watercolor shades of Breezeway, After Rain, and Wave Top from Behr – or take a closer look at the dark and deep Atlantic Blue from WGSN & Coloro and Dark Cobalt Blue from the same Behr. Add accents with Pantone’s Clear Sky and Ibiza Blue. The game of blue can be endless…


When it comes to green, the trendsetters have surprisingly converged on olive, so perfect for the bedroom – WGSN & Coloro offer it under the name Olive Oil, while Pantone insists on Olive Branch. If you see your bedroom as green but not olive green, try the luxurious Green Quartz from WGSN & Coloro, as well as the grayish Laurel Tree or the magnetically mysterious Ocean Abyss from Behr.


There are not many yellows in the color palettes for 2022, but two shades still seem to be the perfect solution for the bedroom – these are the light and soft color of Behr’s Corn Stalk paint and Butter Cream from WGSN & Coloro. Brighter and more cheerful Illuminating and Daylily can be used as spot accents.

As you can see, there are more than enough basic shades to create a base in the bedroom – and there are even more accent shades. In the palettes for 2022, there was a place for warming terracotta, and for sensual purple, and for juicy orange, and for deep velvety black, and for wine, and even for chilly pink. So if you are thinking about an accent wall in the bedroom, try the combinations that seem most interesting to you: all the colors from the 2022 palette are at your service.

Color palettes by Sherwin-Williams: for a flawless bedroom in 2022

Suppose you still need solid and balanced color solutions for the bedroom, but you don’t want to look for them yourself. In that case, you should pay attention to the ready-made palettes from Sherwin-Williams – one of the largest manufacturers of varnishes and paints in the USA and an equally influential trendsetter in the field of interior design trends.

According to Sherwin-Williams experts, the 2022 paint palettes are warm and neutral hues, noticeable metallic, natural greens, and nostalgic reds. According to Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for the brand, the color trends of 2022 reflect a time of change, the search for rhythm, balance, growth and adaptability, creativity and movement towards a new vision of the world after forced isolation and partial isolation in 2020-2021. This concept is reflected in 40 paint shades and four primary palettes – we do not doubt that one of them will hit the bulls-eye for painting the walls of your ideal bedroom.


The warmest, softest, and most natural palette from Sherwin-Williams to create a sophisticated and warm space. Earthy and rich in hues, softened by the recognizable sepia texture, inspired by the influence of refined art deco, modern organics, and democratic post-modernism. Check out the list of colors included in the palette:

  • Accessible Beige – beige with a gray tint;
  • Evergreen Fog – gray with pronounced marsh green notes;
  • Urbane Bronze – patinated metal for stylish shades;
  • Uber Umber – natural calmness of brown;
  • Woven Wicker – natural softness of natural fibers;
  • Shoji White – philosophical and smoky white;
  • Chartreuse – sparkling light yellow;
  • Beige – a timeless classic;
  • Baquelite Gold – intense brightness.


Glam, theater, eclecticism, maximalism – that’s what inspired the creation of this color palette. Dark, deep tones and unexpected accents, filled with exhilarating rhythms and dynamic transitions, help create a balanced and dramatic design for your bedroom.

  • Cocoa Whip – appetizing and warming brown;
  • Garret Gray – calm and natural gray;
  • Iron Ore – austere dark gray;
  • Aleutian – blue ice charm;
  • Coral Clay – a union of pink and pale brown;
  • Naval – our favorite navy blue;
  • Samovar Silver – light and positive gray;
  • Red Bay – noble red-brown;
  • Blackberry – deep and mesmerizing purple.


A palette dedicated to energy and bloom, eco-trends, and the very fullness of life itself. It is based on pearlescent tones, freshness, young greenery, and the splendor of pink shades.

  • High Reflective White – base with a slightly glossy effect;
  • Natural Linen – natural gray-beige;
  • Rose Tan – warm, natural, and feminine
  • Rosemary – trendy gray-green;
  • Felted Wool – the most natural gray;
  • Cucuzza Verde – beautiful green with yellowish notes;
  • Lite Lavender – airy and predawn;
  • Rosé – atmospheric and energetic;
  • Dynamo – spectacular and deep purple.


When functional modern design no longer evokes that explosion of emotion, use this color palette – playful and slightly sentimental, inspired by retro’s inimitable optimism and sincerity. Use them both for basic painting and for creating accent walls and elements – the result will certainly delight you!

  • Alabaster – the famous pure whiteness without any conventions;
  • Pink Shadow – pale dusty pink;
  • Sierra Redwood – more luxurious mahogany;
  • Peace Yellow – soft tone of ripening cereals;
  • Inky Blue – deep and dark blue;
  • Cascades – a rare and atmospheric steel blue hue;
  • Moody Blue – airy dusty blue;
  • Basque Green – a legendary and calm shade of the Pyrenean forests;
  • Rejuvenate – rich and warm pink on the verge of salmon.

So, we sincerely hope that now you have a better idea of trendy shades of paint for the walls, and perhaps the furniture of your future bedroom. Use ready-made palettes or try to make color combinations yourself – we believe in your success!

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