Shower ledge: what is, types, benefits, and other useful information

Whether you know what a shower ledge is or still wonder what hides between this term, we would like to introduce the shower ledge from a new perspective, offering an updated guide on what things to consider about an element that is undoubtedly part of the bathroom. Let’s scroll through the key features, types, and benefits that define a ledge and contrast it with one of its closest cousins – a shower niche.

Bathroom shower ledge: what is?

In plain words, a shower ledge is this part of the bathroom found in the shower area, featuring an out wall that goes along the main wall till it reaches half of the entire height. The result is a stylish shelf that goes hand in hand with the overall design, almost fading into the background and offering storage space for the shower belongings. In a few words – functional, with a modern spirit, and exceptionally practical. 

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Shower ledge vs. Niche: what is the difference?

Although those two are close in terms of practical use, they are different in appearance and structure. Since you know what a shower ledge is, let’s see how it differs from a niche. To be precise, a shower niche looks like a built-in shelf, which is limited from all sides and requires good planning beforehand, considering the needed space for storing all items. 

From an aesthetic point of view, a niche looks more sophisticated, while the simple line of a shower ledge feels easier on the eye. Undoubtedly, the ledge is easier to integrate into the interior due to its simplicity of design. 

Why you should opt for a shower ledge

  • A new accent. The shower ledge can safely be integrated as an accent as long as it showcases a different colored or textured material in contrast with the main wall;
  • Limitless storage space. You can probably be limited in the number of items but not in their size, going with shampoo bottles as big as you want since the shower ledge doesn’t have a top limit to restrict you;
  • Perfect choice for big families. You can consider a shower ledge of any length if the space allows, which is the most practical option for multi-member families;
  • Works with both Traditional and Modern. Despite its relatively Modern appearance, a shower ledge fits Traditional bathrooms no less successfully, particularly when functionality is a priority;
  • A floating shelf without floating features. By placing bathroom items on the ledge, you can make the illusion of a floating shelf if this is a desire of yours;
  • Easy to take care of. Mostly, ledges are made of the same material as the main wall, which is usually covered in tiles, and a simple wipe with a wet cloth is more than enough, specifically if the surface gets shampoo or other product stains;
  • Additional space for decor. Besides shower products, you can easily decorate this space with items that match your sense of beauty, with life greeneries being one of the best options, particularly those with nothing against wet spaces.

Shower ledge main types

Considering particular aspects, one can distinguish between different shower ledges. We would like to make you acquainted with the most common and popular ones that stand out through particular features.

  • Linear ledge – the simple line design
  • Corner ledge or full ledge that goes all around the shower
  • Illusionary ledge – devoid of standout features, which makes it almost invisible
  • Accent ledge – standing out through texture and color
  • Combo ledge – a shower ledge at first glance yet a niche once the limited top enters the play


What is the standard shower ledge height?

Generally, you can consider any height that feels convenient to you. Still, if you want to go with the standard, consider a height of 36” – 40” (91.5 – 101.5 cm) off the shower floor. 

What type of shower ledge is best to consider?

The variety of types doesn’t offer options that differ in terms of quality or integration. They all are designed to aesthetically enrich the interior with functional storage space. Still, the type you choose entirely depends on the space availability, overall design, and personal preferences. 

Is it appropriate to go with a shower ledge in the bathtub area?

The shower ledge is welcome in any space you can take a shower in. Still, don’t forget to consider a lower height in this case for convenient use of the ledge so that you can easily reach the products if you decide to take a bath. The same goes if you have small children, choosing an appropriate height depending on whether you want them to reach the ledge or not.

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