Bathroom paint colors 2022: latest trends and ideas

Planning a major remodel or small bathroom renovation and going to try painting the walls? Then we can safely say that this decision is more than reasonable. Indeed, painted walls in the bathroom, in some cases, turn out to be a more rational and comfortable finishing option than the much more popular tiles or panels. There is little to do: determine which paint color you should choose.

Earlier, we talked about color trends related to paints. Every year, major trendsetters, including world-renowned paint and varnish manufacturers such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, Dulux, publish their current palettes, making the choice of materials for modern interiors much easier. And if their point of view is essential to you, it’s time to talk about what color to paint the walls in the bathroom in 2022.

Of course, trendsetters do not spontaneously decide on the choice of current tones: first of all, experts are guided by interior design trends in general. In the case of bathrooms, these trends include:

  • Blurring the boundaries between the outside and the inside. Today, designers propose not considering the bathroom as an intimate and closed space anymore but to connect it with other house elements (for example, with a bedroom) or even go out into the air by arranging a glass wall. This is how you can fill your bathroom with sunshine, reflections of the sky, and green notes of plants outside. It was this moment that caused the craving for natural palettes created by nature itself.
  • Emphasis on natural materials. The continued popularity of stone, concrete, brick, clay, and terracotta textures has led to the increased popularity of calm grounding shades of brown and gray with a bias towards red and beige.
  • Eco-trends and the particular value of natural resources. Today, the desire to preserve and restore the environment is more important than ever, so everything that reminds us of the proximity of the elements and natural resources confidently penetrates our daily lives. It is this trend that can explain the abundance of blue shades in the current palettes for 2022.
  • Striving for brightness. Neutral palettes, trendy for several seasons, allow you to restore the reserve of strength to the original level – but, as time shows, they do not give a charge of energy at all. Hence the reviving interest in saturated shades – you will find plenty of them among the current colors.
  • Vintage. Details from the past help us find some kind of support and stability in a world that today strikes with incredible dynamism. Hence, such a variety of muted, dusty shades are presented in all paint manufacturers’ color forecasts.

So it’s time to talk in more detail about what color the walls can be in a stylish bathroom in 2022. Looking ahead, we can say with confidence: the list of shades will delight you!


The adaptability of white never ceases to amaze: every year, designers discover new facets of this fantastic color for us. In 2022, very soft, discreet, and muted variations of white enter the arena, which can be felt even in their names: what is it worth only Perfectly Pale and Baby’s Breath from Pantone or Whisper White from Behr! True, Sherwin-Williams stands out from this row with its glossy High Reflective White – but immediately compensates for its boldness with a smoky shade of Shoji paint.


The shades of beige colors for this season are as close to natural as possible, and you will immediately see how much they resonate with the objects around you. True, Behr and Pantone turned out to be not very generous with beige, presenting only one shade each (Basswood and Sheepskin), but Sherwin-Williams compensates for everything. With the brand’s paints, you can paint the walls in the bathroom in a shade of Natural Linen, Accessible Beige, or classic Beige.


The paint manufacturers’ palettes for 2022 are pretty rich in shades of gray. So, for example, the same Behr offers both cool and softer grays with undertones of blue and brown like Etched Glass. At the same time, Sherwin-Williams suggests focusing on Evergreen Fog, Urbane Bronze, Iron Ore, and even Samovar Silver.


For those who have thought about painting the bathroom brown, trendsetters’ palettes have a whole expanse: here are the colors of Wild Mustang and Studio Clay from Behr, and the Nature Brown offered by WGSN & Coloro, and a considerable number of gradations from Sherwin-Williams – from Cocoa Whip to Über Umber and Rose Tan. At the same time, do not forget to consider the bathroom’s size when painting the walls and choose lighter colors for small rooms.


Thanks to the interior trends discussed above, you will not see overly bright or overly cold tones in trendy color palettes. Leave emerald, light greens, spring greens, and limes for the seasons to come, and look out for the incredibly sophisticated color variations that will honor any bathroom. Here you can find Green Quartz from WGSN & Coloro, Olive Branch from Pantone, Laurel Tree from Behr, and Cucuzza Verde combined with the famous Basque Green color from Sherwin-Williams. The choice, as you can see, is not too wide, but the charm is inevitable.


For fans of blue, a rich menu awaits, which will undoubtedly allow you to find the perfect blue for painting your bathroom – and perhaps not even one. The trendsetter palettes also include dark, deep tones (Atlantic Blue by WGSN & Coloro, Dark Cobalt Blue by Behr, Ibiza Blue by Pantone), and light blues (Clear Sky by Pantone, Wave Top and After Rain by Behr, Moody Blue by Sherwin-Williams) … However, the blue colors of the paint with green notes are of particular interest, allowing creating a mysterious refined atmosphere – for example, the watercolor Breezeway and the luxurious blue-green Ocean Abyss from the same Behr.


There are not many yellow shades in the current color palettes for 2022, but you can use any of them for the bathroom. Try Pantone’s Illuminating and Daylily for modern interiors, Behr’s charming Corn Stalk for classics, and Sherwin-Williams’ Chartreuse for laid-back minimalism.


The designers’ interest in this mysterious and aristocratic color does not fade away for the second season – and trendsetters go to meet them. So, for 2022, WGSN & Coloro presented a completely insane Orchid Flower, Pantone proposed calmer and paler shades of fuchsia (Purple Rose), and Sherwin-Williams generously expanded into several variations at once – from lilac pink (Rosé) and light lavender (Lite Lavender) to rich and the sensual Blackberry and the mesmerizing Dynamo. It’s also nice that you can combine these colors in different variations by painting one of the walls in an accent shade and creating a unique space.


In 2022, you may not be afraid of the famous aggression of red: there are no defiantly bright shades of this color in any palette. But there is a delicious and mouth-watering dark red Lingonberry Punch from Behr, noble Winery from Pantone, as well as the multifaceted Red Bay from Sherwin-Williams. Combine them with beige, white, and light brown shades from all the trendy palettes of the coming year.


For some, this may be surprising, but orange warms almost all fashionable color palettes with its positive and richness. If your dream bathroom should be energizing and invigorating, check out Sherwin-Williams’ Baquelite Gold, WGSN & Coloro’s hot Dahlia Orange or luscious Mango Sorbet, or opt for the slightly more balanced tones of brick and terracotta from Behr.

We hope you’ve appreciated the variety of colors you’ll come across when choosing paint for your bathroom walls. However, we do not doubt that you will make the right choice: any of these shades will create an excellent base for a trendy interior in 2022.

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