Bathroom Laundry Combo: Tips, Ideas, and Photos

Compared to the past, when the size of laundry appliances required a whole room to fit in, today, you can easily integrate them into a shared space, mainly the bathroom. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the primary bathroom. Think of the guest bathroom. By smartly using the available space, you can make the most of what you have. 

If you are on the way to a bathroom laundry combo in your house, you’ll need the following suggestions and inspirational ideas. Let’s see what experts have to say about a contemporary bathroom laundry combo and get as fast as possible to design ideas.

Bathroom Laundry Combo: Tips and Tricks

  • Layout. Before deciding on colors, shapes, and designs, think first about the layout. Separate the two functional areas and ensure everything fits in, even in a small room.
  • Laundry appliances and bathroom fixtures. Choose the right size for the washing machine and dryer. Don’t overlook the available space for fixtures, including everything from the toilet to the sink and shower or bathtub. Think of mounted fixtures and a walk-in shower rather than a large tub to save space. Additionally, take a minute to think about storage, both for the laundry and bathroom areas.
  • Plumbing. Take care of anything plumbing-related in advance before decorating the space and applying the last finish;
  • Functionality. Choose suitable waterproof materials for finishes that will last longer and be easy to maintain.

The rest is about design, and we compiled a list of the best bathroom/laundry combo ideas. You may find your future design project right here. Don’t lose such an opportunity.

Camouflaged Laundry

Hide the laundry appliances in a built-in cabinet. The best scenario is a niche cabinet with practically opening doors. When the doors are closed, it seems like a regular bathroom. Still, you can opt for slightly see-through doors that show off your smartly integrated laundry into the bathroom.

Open Bathroom Laundry Combo

If a displayed washing machine or dryer is not an eye sore in your bathroom and seamlessly fits in, you can safely consider an open bathroom laundry combo. Consider a separate niche for the laundry appliances, or put them beneath the vanity countertop. This is the best option in some cases since it doesn’t mean additional space for an open closet door when you want to use the washing machine.

Mini-Laundry in the Vanity Area

If you have a small bathroom, this idea will most definitely work. Replace the storage underneath the bathroom sink with a mini-laundry zone by placing the washing machine and, if possible, the dryer in the well-measured available space.

Guest Bathroom / Laundry Combo

You can design a full laundry space by dedicating an entire room to it. Work smart and combine the guest bathroom with a predominantly laundry room. Additionally to the laundry appliances, opt for a toilet and mandatorily a sink. The furthest you can go is choosing a compact shower stall as well. Normally, you’ll use this room for your laundry. Occasionally, your guests will use it as a bathroom.

Zoning with a Partition Wall

Separate the two functional areas through a subtle partition wall. Usually, such walls are built between the laundry zone and the shower, all against the same wall. Or, you can try a shared partition wall by the laundry and the vanity. 

Washing Machine in the Bathroom

If your bathroom is too small for a fully-equipped bathroom laundry combo, try integrating a washing machine into a built-in niche. The bathroom cabinets can be used to store self-care products, towels, as well as washing detergents. 

Bifold Doors

If you have enough space in your bathroom for a laundry niche with built-in storage for products, a washing machine, a dryer, and a sink, don’t hesitate to install bifold doors rather than traditional ones to hide the laundry zone when needed. Their main goal is to save as much space as they can.

Partition Curtain

Say you already have a bathroom laundry combo, yet you don’t like how the washing machine and dryer look in the overall bathroom design. The fastest and most affordable way to hide it is by opting for an adjustable curtain rod and the curtain itself. By the way, there are bathroom rods that don’t require installation. You just adapt their length to your space.

Interconnected Bathroom and Utility Room

If you can allow a dedicated room for each functional area, you should ensure the bathroom and laundry are interconnected. Therefore, you’ll be able to access one from the other easily. Say, you have to use the sink for washing. You won’t have to install a new sink in the laundry room, but safely and quickly use the one in the bathroom.

Pick a Design Style

Ensure design consistency throughout the room. Pick a style you like and underline its features in the bathroom and laundry zones. Modern, Farmhouse or Rustic, and Industrial hold the lead. Maybe there are other styles you like. Experiment with color and texture.


Is it worth combining a bathroom with a laundry?

In terms of saving space, definitely. As for the aesthetics, you may want to ask a designer to customize a bathroom cabinet to camouflage the laundry zone so that the washing machine and dryer don’t spoil the design.

Is it safe to have a washing and/or dryer in the bathroom?

For safety reasons, ensure the laundry appliances are far from the wet area. That’s why hiding them in built-in cabinets is not only related to aesthetics. Even the moist air in the bathroom can slowly yet firmly affect their functionality.

Do you need a sink in the laundry?

If you can dedicate a whole room to laundry, don’t hesitate to install a sink. Besides using it for fast cleaning of the room, you can efficiently and functionally use the sink to soak or pre-wash particular clothes, which in the long run, will ensure the longevity of your laundry appliances.

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