14 Bar Shelf Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Whether you like long evenings in your own company or of your friends entertained by a few quality drinks in the right environment, or you have a huge collection of exquisite bottles and fancy a dedicated spot in your home, a stylish bar shelf sounds like the right idea for your next interior design makeover. By the way, it can be a coffee bar as well.

Are you ready to design an original bar shelf corner in your house that you won’t be able to take your eyes off? Because we are prepared to impress you with the most unforgettable drink shelf ideas as told by designers. Stay tuned!

Kitchen Bar Ideas

If setting up a separate bar space in your house is not an option, try an integrated bar shelf in the cooking space. We suggest one or more floating shelves above the workspace. Display your favorite glass sets and bottles. Always at hand and ready for a drink. Besides, it can serve as a beautiful accessory for your kitchen.

Full Bar Set-up

Don’t limit your craving for everything bar-related to one shelf. Consider an entire bar set-up with additional lower cabinets to collect bottles, a large countertop where you can show your bartender skills, an optional sink for convenience, and the main accents – exposed bottles or glasses on the open shelves. Pick a design style and enjoy your professionally designed bar space.

Expert Tip: choose a waterproof backsplash to ensure a low-maintenance bar area.

Bar Shelf in the Dining Room

Entertain your guests with a gorgeous bar area in the dining room. That can be a fully equipped space for cocktails at home or a few displayed shelves decorated with glasses and bottles. If you want to occasionally expose your bar space, consider built-in drink shelves with swinging or traditional doors that can be effortlessly opened or closed.

Real-life Bar Feel: Bar Counter

That is the top bar-shelf idea. A full bar set-up + a bar counter to serve your drinks at. Of course, it requires a lot of space, yet the real connoisseurs will understand. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite drinks in a unique ambiance. For limited space conditions, consider built-in bar shelves above the counter.

Read Books, Drink Wine

The contrastive, and at the same time, exquisite pairing between collections of books and a few bottles of wine or other beverages accompanied by luxurious glasses are the latest decor trend for a lounge area. Make it art and enjoy the glamorous environment where the metaphors from your books engage themselves in a dance with fruit-scented drinks.

Keep It Moving: Bar Cart

That is the most affordable, space-saving, and stylish bar shelf idea you can ever think of. Opt for a Vintage or Modern bar cart with exposed bottles and glasses that you can move around or fully hide if necessary. Do you fancy a glass of wine on the balcony? Bring the entire collection and choose the wine that matches your vibe.

Arched Home Bar

Working lately with design ideas, we paid utmost attention to trends. We’ve noticed that arches are a huge thing now, and, supported by professionals, we suggest you reinvent your bar space by designing an arched niche with built-in shelves. 

All Things Sparkling

Add value to your home bar with sparkling metallic accents. Gold or silver shelves will do. Mirror backsplashes will work. Even reflective black-colored metallic bars fit in. Make sure your glasses are crystal clean. Lucky you if sun rays reach this space and cheerfully reflect light through those dazzling surfaces.

Vintage Cocktail Lounge

When deciding the design style for your home bar, don’t sleep on Vintage. This concept suits bar shelves best. Think of wood lower cabinets, mirrored backsplashes, and intricate accessories as if borrowed from the last century. Make the glasses and other belongings fit in by choosing the same style.

Save Space: Glass Bar Shelves

Well, this is one of the many advantages – saving space. Glass Bar shelves also look much more elegant and easier adapt to various design styles. Moreover, most materials pair well with glass, and dust won’t be as noticeable. 

Underline with LED Light

To add visual interest and practical value to your bar shelf, try the LED effect, which is nothing but underlining the shelves with LED strips. Don’t stop at one lighting color only. Choose a selection of cold or warm-toned colors and set up the right mood around your home bar.

Bar Shelf with a View

Display your home bar shelves at the window above the work area in the kitchen. Choose glass shelves and contrastive bars so that your drink bar can stand out on the outdoor background. Experts are impressed by how beautiful colorful glasses look in the company of natural light.

Switch to Wallpaper

In the era of maximalist design approaches to everything interior design-related, we must consider the eclectic concept even for such a pretentious part of your house – a mini-cocktail space. Now, it is high time to decorate the home bar with colorful and rich wallpaper to entertain you and your guests and set a suitable and relaxing vibe in advance to the first sips. 

Moody Gloss Tiles

A more functional yet similarly stylish alternative to wallpaper is wall tiles in the bar shelf surround. Why moody and glossy? They better suit glasses and bottles and make for a more authentic real-life bar experience. 

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