Bamboo in the interior: durability and Eco for home decor

The use of bamboo as a material for interior decoration is justified since natural aesthetics and environmental friendliness create comfort and safety for a person. Bamboo harmonizes with various natural materials in the interior and is used to create a traditional oriental flavor, and even in a modern high-tech interior.

Bamboo is a difficult raw material to process, which in the past limited its scope. With the development of technology, it became possible to produce products from this material that are not inferior, and in some respects superior to products made of wood and other materials used for interior decoration. Decor from bamboo harmoniously complements the interior of any apartment.

The inconspicuous geometry of the room can become expressive when applied with the appropriate building materials. New solutions are obtained if you use bamboo in the interior. Discover what advantages this material provides, design options and when it is better to use it. 

Benefits of the bamboo

The interior design with bamboo is distinguished by elegance due to the excellent technical characteristics of the product. The main ones are:

  • a high rate of moisture and heat resistance;
  • soundproofing;
  • universality.

The wide distribution of bamboo in the interior provides a variety of textured options. The material is malleable, has an extensive color palette. This quality allows you to implement the most vibrant artistic ideas.

Using bamboo cladding, you can:

  • expand visual space;
  • to emphasize;
  • set the room rhythm.

Bamboo dividers in the interior design

Bamboo trunks will help to diversify the design of the room. With their help, you can create a real exotic forest. Such an interior solution is practical and beautiful since it can become partitioned, and divide the room into functional zones.

Any thickness of bamboo trunks is recommended to be placed not only vertically, but also horizontally. Using such a design, you can focus on various interior details.

Bamboo in the interior, used for decorative columns, a bar, and other surfaces, will allow you to modify the design of the room. The use of trunks will help:

  • Symbolically delimit the area. To do this, place several bamboo trunks nearby.
  • Fill the stair railing. It should be borne in mind that such a solution is unsafe for children.

Bamboo decoration accessories

There is a multitude of traditional options for using ordinary bamboo indoors. But there are rare design techniques. By using the bamboo, you can create real works of art that adorn any room.

It is very convenient to use bamboo in the interior to mask the flaws of the room. Stalk cut in half:

  • use as a baseboard, which will close the joint of the parquet with the wall;
  • disguises wiring, utilities.

Bamboo accessories are an excellent decoration for any interior. Their diversity helps to fill the space of the room with coziness and originality. This material is used to create frames for mirrors, family photos, paintings. It is enough to use the trunk, connecting the cut parts with fragile jute threads. You can also purchase finished products. Unique bamboo decor ideas:

  • original lampshades for decorating fixtures;
  • flower pots;
  • cookware;
  • all kinds of baskets;
  • carpets and mats;
  • decorative napkins;
  • ashtrays;
  • boxes for chocolates.

If you decorate the dining table with an elegant vase filled with bamboo stems, you will be able to get a unique interior decoration. The plant looks great when combined with candles.

Eco-friendly furniture 

Accessories made of bamboo were appreciated by people who love comfort. Products have many advantages over wooden furniture:

  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • resistance to high humidity;
  • Do not fade when exposed to sunlight.

When purchasing furniture made of bamboo, you must pay attention to the fact that it was a natural material, and not an imitation of plastic. Chairs and tables are made of bamboo of various designs of complexity, which are used in the home interior (in the hallway, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen), and for verandas. The incredible lightness of this material does not cause unnecessary trouble during transportation.

Following the rules for the use of bamboo furniture, it is recommended:

  • Do not put furniture near heating appliances;
  • Do not use sharp things;
  • Do not hammer nails into the bamboo;
  • Do not use chemical solutions for cleaning.

The main features and how to choose bamboo flooring

Until recently, it was believed that the best parquet is made from larch or oak wood, but after the advent of bamboo parquet, the bar on the quality of materials for finishing the floor has increased.

Features include:

  • exceptional strength and durability during operation;
  • high refractory rates;
  • in comparison with parquet from classical materials, it better tolerates moisture;
  • has an anti-static effect, which prevents dust from accumulating on it;
  • increased resistance to the emergence of various types of mold and insects;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • due to its low thermal conductivity, it provides floor heat;
  • excellent soundproofing;
  • unique appearance.

Due to the sugar content in bamboo fibers, during heat treatment, the material can radically change color, from straw to coffee, which allows you to choose the shade option suitable for the interior, without the use of harmful chemical dyes.

When choosing bamboo flooring, you need to decide on the color scheme, which is presented in many options. Natural color materials are better suited for interior decoration in light colors, darker shades of coffee in harmony with mahogany elements.

Having decided on the color, you need to look at the varnish coating, which can be silky-matte, matte, or glossy. For large rooms, parquet with a glossy finish is better; the matte version will look great in small rooms. It is reasonable to use silky-matte flooring in office premises since it is considered more wear-resistant.

One of the most important criteria when choosing a parquet is its quality characteristics, which are used to evaluate:

  • the correct geometry of the structure;
  • the possible presence of cracks;
  • the uniform thickness of the parquet.

The choice of bamboo flooring depends on personal preferences, design, and style of the proposed premises and is limited by imagination and the availability of financial resources.

There are three main types of bamboo panels on the market:

  • Piece parquet — has a convenient locking connection, which makes it easy to replace individual elements in case of damage.
  • Mosaic parquet — designed for decorative work and is distinguished by a variety of forms.
  • Massive parquet board — the most reliable multi layer version of the bamboo panel, excluding decorative use.

Bamboo application in every room

Bamboo stems symbolize prosperity, growth, and coloring of the Japanese style. They are popular in the form of wall stickers, patterns on fabrics, or wallpaper. The simplest option is to fill the room with products that depict a detailed stylized bamboo.

Common exotic materials that are used to decorate the interior of the premises include decorative bamboo trunks. They are used to create partitions that divide the room into zones and give the room a tropical style.

Bamboo trunks differ in:

  • color;
  • thickness;
  • heat treatment method.

With the longitudinal splitting of bamboo trunks into two parts, hollow halves are obtained, with which you can glue the wall or make original skirting. 

Bamboo in the kitchen

Bamboo in the kitchen gives the room the atmosphere of a cozy oriental restaurant. The bamboo can serve for a long time and not lose external attractiveness if you do not place them near devices that emit heat. Moderate humidity in the room will also extend the life of the bamboo trunks.

If holes are made in the bamboo trunk, approximately 2 millimeters in diameter, this will create internal ventilation of the trunk, which will help remove moisture.

In the kitchen, bamboo will successfully harmonize with other natural materials – cork, jute, natural fabrics, etc.

The color scheme is soft, calm, brown and green, and light, beige, pistachio shades. A drawing with bamboo stems on the walls or furniture complements this interior.

To emphasize the pleasant texture of bamboo stems, you can combine it with smooth surfaces, such as ceramic tiles, etc.

Bamboo in the bedroom

The natural, environmentally friendly bamboo will help create an atmosphere of peace, comfort, and privacy. And the use of a bed with light wooden headboards and the same bright bedspread will be beneficial.

To create some contrast in this room, you can use an open shelf or, for example, a decorative chest of drawers in a darker color.

Bamboo in the living room

In the living room, the use of bamboo is not limited. If desired, you can decorate the walls of the room with one bamboo, from floor to ceiling. At the same time, the room will not seem closed or cluttered, as when using, for example, decorative finish with brick or natural stone.

Usually, designers still offer to combine bamboo details in the living room with other natural materials – wood, leather, stone. An excellent solution would be decorating one of the walls or a section of the wall with bamboo trunks. Arranging them vertically and horizontally, adjusting the density of contact of the stems, you can get an original bamboo mesh.

This option is suitable for zoning the living room, for example, in the sleeping area and hallway or dining area.

Bamboo is for those who love simplicity and grace, for true connoisseurs of everything natural and who are tired of noisy colors, glamour, pretentiousness, unnaturalness, and vulgarity. Choose more bamboo elements for your apartment and it will give you the warm, sunny mood of the tropics.

Bamboo in the bathroom

With a bamboo bathroom, you really create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Whether you completely renovate your bathroom or make a few adjustments: the materials you choose have a significant influence on the appearance. You are quite reliable and functional or stylish and sustainable? Choose both! Bamboo is an affordable option that has all of these functions. Bamboo has valuable unique properties and benefits. 


Bamboo in the interior is an excellent option for the harmony of exoticism and natural comfort. Combining functionality and beautiful appearance, the plant is an excellent natural material with unique qualities. Thanks to these characteristics, the use of bamboo gives home decor sophistication and aesthetic appeal.

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