Art deco colors: classic and modern color palettes

The Art Deco style has already celebrated its centenary. However, it is hardly possible to say that he is consigned to oblivion. Today, this design trend is on a par with styles that imply verified luxury, sophistication, and undoubted elegance.

An impeccable interior in the Art Deco style, as, indeed, in any other, consists of many details – carefully selected finishing materials, lines and silhouettes of the furniture, textures of fabrics, the location and nature of decorative elements. However, the color palette remains among the most critical aspects. And if your dream is to recreate the feeling of relaxed 1920s chic in your home or apartment, it’s time to find out what colors and shades you have at your disposal in 2022.

Art Deco colors: classic palettes

As we said above, Art deco has a somewhat respectable age, and therefore small changes and new touches that were added over time to such interiors are pretty natural. And yet, there are still so-called traditional, classic palettes that distinguish authentic Art Deco. Let’s talk about them in more detail – this will help you create your own palette that provides your interior with unconditional individuality.

Bright and daring

The 1920s saw the heyday of economies in Europe and the United States. About ten years remained before the Great Depression, but no one even thought about such a scenario – on the contrary, the majority enjoyed prosperity. Such positive sentiments led to the desire to surround oneself with bright colors, and the Art Deco interiors suggested a combination of luxury items and expensive finishes with rich, energetic colors, including:

  • canary yellow;
  • emerald;
  • peacock blue;
  • bright red and purple.

At that time, exotic textiles with colorful patterns and embroidery were trendy, and the combination of bright soft sofas and shiny surfaces provided interiors of early Art Deco with a highly effective look. If you are a fan of maximalism and crazy about saturated colors, you can easily recreate a similar design today. True, you shouldn’t overdo it with the number of colors: three or four will be enough for you.


A few years later, art deco’s accents shifted from festive colors of oriental textiles and upholstered furniture to metallic textures – and corresponding shades. Their use provided an impressive shine, required glamor, and symbolized wealth and luxury. Today, metallic shades are available in much more textures and materials, but the following options are still popular:

  • gold;
  • silver;
  • chrome;
  • dark and polished bronze;
  • anthracite;
  • brass;
  • antique copper;
  • black chrome.

Black and white

At the dawn of the 1930s, everyone starts to get tired of the endless fireworks of colors and shine, and therefore the value of lines and forms in the interior increases, which can best emphasize the domino principle – the active use of black and white with complete or almost complete absence of color accents. Art Deco, new for that time, demonstrated chic and sophistication, manifested in smooth and whimsically curved lines and unexpected combinations of black and white elements. The metal, of course, remained – and this has provided the Art Deco style with many elegant, no-frills solutions.

New art deco color palettes: closer to modernity

Art deco had changed little by little with each coming decade – except for periods when it was forgotten for some time due to specific environmental and social circumstances. About thirty years ago, this fabulous style began to experience a rise in popularity again, which continues to this day. However, exotic-colorful, strict black-and-white, and defiantly brilliant are being replaced by new color schemes today – and we will tell you more about the most popular ones in 2022.


At first glance, it might seem that calm neutrality and Art deco are incompatible. However, the soft light base opens up new possibilities for unexpected accents and combinations of form and texture. This color scheme typically includes:

  • cream;
  • beige;
  • gray-brown;
  • medium brown;
  • woody;
  • powdery.

The necessary sophistication, without which the Art deco interior can hardly be called such, is achieved through the use of metal and mirror surfaces and textured elements such as white fur carpets or bedspreads.

Evening coast

This Art Deco palette is based on dark shades of blue to create a mysterious and sophisticated atmosphere, especially in the bedroom. The color scheme includes:

  • cream or beige;
  • navy blue;
  • sea blue;
  • aquamarine;
  • coffee or light chocolate;
  • powdery or nude.

Such a color scheme requires a careful selection of metal accessories. So, only matte and yellowish surfaces are used with it – brass, bronze, and copper.

Calm and warm

This color scheme echoes the neutral one – the only difference is that, in this case, more intense shades of yellow and brown are added. The most balanced is the palette, which includes the following tones:

  • chocolate;
  • cream;
  • soft white;
  • amber;
  • golden yellow;
  • black.

Against this background, golden metal looks excellent, as well as furniture with leather upholstery.

Blue-green wave

Above, we have already mentioned the popularity of the peacock shade, which is included in the Art deco color palette. This luxurious and surprisingly ambiguous blue-green color has been revived in trendy palettes today – however, this time, its partners in the color scheme are:

  • emerald;
  • brown;
  • golden metallic;
  • black;
  • cobalt;
  • dark beige.

Add here brass lamps, a little wood, and velvet – and the calm, respectable chic of the resulting interior will surprise even you.

The art deco style is quite in demand today, and it is possible that soon we will see new color schemes – even more luxurious, sophisticated, and unexpected.

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