Aesthetic room decor: 23 DIY creative ideas (60+ photos)

The design of a room is a reflection of the person living in it. In this case, the decor is the purity of his mind. Have you noticed that troubles at work or at home are accompanied by clutter and useless things bought to tame stress?

To tidy up both the head and the apartment – you need to acquire only those things that seemed to be meant for you from the first day of your life. And what can reflect you better than objects created according to a unique idea of beauty – with your hands. If you don’t know where to start, we offer 23 creative room decor ideas that you can definitely bring to life with your own hands.

Travel map

The desperate adventurer is always guided by a plan of action, even one consisting of three points: “I came, took a photo, I left.” So why not make the strategic part of your trip an aesthetic decor of your room?

You can buy a huge map of the world, rip a page out of a forgotten school atlas, or draw by hand on the first surface you come across. Mark the cities that you have already visited with a marker or paint with colored pencils. Next, stick your significant travel photos and stickers on which you are already planning your future vacation. It remains to be completed.

Wall art from atlas

Continuing the decor theme for travelers, here’s a way to capture memories without photographs. Not everyone can take a high-quality photo that will look good for the decor of the room. Moreover, not everyone likes to be photographed.

The same atlas can be used instead. Cut out your favorite city in the shape of a heart, stick it on cardboard to strengthen the structure. And then make a simple installation of several hearts, hiding them under glass and a frame. Now, when you look at the picture, you will remember the happy moments of adventure.


And if the geographical map and photographs are not enough and you want some kind of material proof of adventure, except for the hateful fridge magnets, try the option with a herbarium.

If you meet an unusual flower or grass on your trip, take a piece with you and carefully put it between the pages of the book. Press it harder at home and wait about a month until the plant hardens in its original beauty. All that remains is to assemble a still life from several parts: glass, frames, glue. And it’s even easier to hammer a nail into the wall.

Wish jar

There is always not enough time and money for desires. But there is a decorative adornment that will remind you of something important. Install a wooden plate in the hallway. Tie a few jars to it using thin ropes, set the nameplates on top to your liking – for example, “for saving”, “for important expenses”, “for a gift”, etc. Now you can get rid of pocket change when entering the apartment.

The same option is used for recording desires. Put colored stickers and a pen next to the jar so that you can write down your wish at any time. And when there is time and money, mix it up and do one whim at random.

Decorative tree

Did you dismantle the closet and find a lot of unnecessary things? Do not rush to throw them away. Some of them can be adapted for unusual decor. For example, a stack of old journals which you carefully wrote as a child will become a decorative tree.

You need a tall vase and wooden branches for the base: you can cut natural ones in the garden, but artificial ones you have to order from a garden store. Look at the journals for beautiful patterns and cut them out in the shape of leaves – try to keep the same color scheme. Then randomly glue to the branches with superglue or a special gun.

Decorative light bulbs

Used light bulbs can be turned into mini vases. For a makeover, you need a deep bowl, good glue, and lots of glitters. First, clean the bulb: unscrew the base and pull out the inner wires. Dip the light bulb in a bowl of glue and sprinkle it with shiny powder – you can repeat it several times so that there are no openings.

When dry, tie a rope to the base and hang it somewhere at eye level. Insert some small artificial flowers into the lamp. If you pour water inside, you can use fresh flowers – they will last about three days.

Snapshot lampshade

We got to the collection taken by the parents on the snapshot camera. Small cards with captured landscapes, people, and places with no particular meaning to you – then adapt them for an unusual lampshade.

Buy or even make your own metal frame for the lamp – most importantly, do not forget to run a few wires vertically and horizontally so that you can attach photos to them afterward. Glue the pictures with superglue, tightly adhering to each other. The lamp will not transmit light well, but you will definitely not find such a model anywhere else.

Photo collage

There is an easier way to use photos – collage. You won’t surprise anyone with the album, even if you forget about it, standing on a shelf among identical books. But if you hang pictures without frames, you get natural and aesthetic decor.

There are no design restrictions. But there are three popular solutions: first, fasten it with a wooden clothespin to a wire or garland; the second, press down with a thumbtack on a soft board; the third, glue on the wall with double-sided adhesive tape, collecting the pictures into an image – a heart, a star, or a whale.


The dream catcher is believed to be a spiritual object that seals bad dreams in itself. A high-quality model made from natural materials is difficult to find and is expensive. But it is easy to DIY for those who love to collect items from travel: seashells and pebbles, beautiful bird feathers, beaded beads, and figurines.

For the base, you need to buy a round bezel made of wood. Braid the center with a pentagram of thick woolen threads – beads can be strung on them. And put down various decorations: anything will do; the main thing is to keep the theme and color palette.

Yarn balls

They represent a funny decoration in the form of balls made of yarn, wool, thick threads, or wire. The balls can be folded into a wicker basket as table decor, hung from the ceiling, thrown over furniture, attached to curtains.

Even a child can handle the technique: first, inflate a small balloon, dip it in a bowl of glue and wrap it with thread. When the thread is completely dry, turning into a solid frame, pierce the balloon with a needle and carefully pull out the remains. Glue the resulting balls to a thick wire to make them easier to hang.

Yarn painting

Another option with yarn is decorative paintings. A wooden panel is used as a base, and the desired pattern is knocked out with small nails. The picture depends on the person’s capabilities, but you should not be afraid of complex options because the only difficulty is to hammer nails into a recognizable shape.

Further, the nails are braided with threads of wool or yarn: you need to walk along the contour several times to clearly identify it and then move in random order. Often these paintings are placed on the table instead of the wall because from afar, you cannot see the intricate weaving of threads.

Knitted cases

Knitted cases are a real challenge for needlewomen. Not only do you need to accurately calculate the height, width, and diameter of the thing, you also need to embroider correctly so that the fabric adjoins clearly along the contour. All the experience and advice from specialized magazines will come in handy.

The fine-knit creates a homely vibe that will suit the bedroom in subtle pastel shades; the color of the thread should be appropriate – white, sky blue, ash pink. On the other hand, the chunky knit in noble gray embodies elegance. It will easily fit into the living room, enveloping bottles and flower vases.

Painted vases and pots

Bored of the snow-white pots and vases that you once bought to create a solid color design – give them a second life. Fill a bowl with paint and put the vases inside one at a time – you can dip only the top or vice versa the bottom. 

In addition to pots, you can use any container: alcohol bottles, jars of shampoo or shower gel. First, you have to cover them with white paint to hide the natural look, and then experiment.

Flower wall

Artificial flowers in the home are often considered a sign of bad taste. Of course, they cannot be compared with live compositions, but there are several ways to turn them into beautiful, modern decor. For example, in the form of a flower wall.

No bouquets – only single large flowers on a stem, which are literally set on top of each other, connecting in vertical stripes. They are fastened with ordinary adhesive tape – a colored one will do because some interiors benefit from sloppiness.

Flowers in decorative bags

This is an interesting way to aesthetically decorate artificial flowers using pastry bags instead of pots and vases. To create the bag you need soft cardboard and adhesive tape. The technique is as simple as possible: the cardboard is folded into a cone, fixed with adhesive tape – you can choose a beautiful shade that will add accent compositions.

The resulting bags can be glued to the wall with double-sided tape or hung on a woolen thread, prematurely making holes in the body. It remains to arrange in a chaotic order and insert a few small flowers.


Patchwork is an unusual sewing technique that creates a single canvas from patches of different styles and colors. It’s also a great way to get rid of leftover fabric for those who often sew.

First, think over the model: even in a creative mess, there is a rule – the same shreds do not stand next to each other. Cut the fabrics into pieces and spread them roughly on the floor. Sew on the sly, getting rid of the excess. And you will see the result only at the end.

Wall decal

It is a simple, often black and white image that is placed directly onto the wall. The technique of translating pictures is familiar to everyone from childhood: remove the protective layer, glue it, quickly run the hand to release the accidentally trapped air.

If you show your imagination, a trifling decor can be turned into an original idea. For example, if you stick a picture of a tree on a hanger, you get the impression that you are hanging outerwear on a birch. You can also connect multiple stickers to create unique looks.

Ornamental flower pot for succulents

This is a round, triangular, or cubic shape for succulents and other short plants. It is made of glass with one window for air intake and water inlet. In the lower part, it has multi-colored sand; in the upper part, there are various decorations: figurines, shells, and stones.

Of course, you can buy a ready-made model in the store, but you will lose the sense of pleasure from implementing the idea and the hand-made thing. The most convenient option is to purchase a set on the Internet – they already contain all the necessary “ingredients” to create a pot, plus those found in your home.

Work schedule

There is a beautiful and practical way to decorate your home office. The first thing an office worker needs is a work schedule, which includes appointments and deadlines.

All this can be accommodated in a wall organizer. One of the most attractive boards is glass, with straight lines dividing days and weeks. For convenience, hang a small shelf next to it for office supplies: stickers, markers, magnets, which can be used on it, adding bright notes and drawings.

Wall of inspiration

Another option for decorating a work or sleeping space is a wall of inspiration. It is a collection of materials that inspire you and motivate you to successful work: magazine clippings, photographs of idols, trimmings of fabric pleasant to the touch, motivating phrases, hand-drawn pictures, etc.

There are many installation options: pin to a soft board with buttons, fasten with wooden clothespins to a wireframe, even tie on threads of different lengths. There are no rules – just fantasy.

Paper decor

A decoration made of colored paper and cardboard looks good in a children’s room. If you make it with your child, you will gain another pleasant family memory and take the emotional value of the decor to the next level.

Hanging decorations are the easiest to make. To do this, cut out different figures – circles, clouds, stars from a paper of delicate shades. Stick to cardboard to reinforce the base. And then attach it to a thin thread in an arbitrary order. You can keep the same theme: for example, balloons and clouds are suitable for the view of the sky, and fish and pearls for the sea.

Wooden shelf ladder

Open wardrobes and hangers are already dull, but ladders are another matter. You have one in the barn? Strip, renew the paint, and varnish it. Hang on it frequently used items or those for which there is always no room in the wardrobe: hats, gloves, umbrellas, and bags.

Also, the shelf ladder can be modified into a decorative cabinet. Spread the sides and put thin shelves between the legs – you need to choose the wood that matches the color and pattern. Here you can place books, work papers, flower pots, etc.

Wooden boxes

You can also use wooden boxes from garden tools. They look more interesting than the usual shelves and wardrobes – while completely transforming a room with a simple solid color design.

The work technique is the same: trim the wood to avoid burrs, paint if desired – pastel shades are in perfect harmony with the wood, creating an artistically untidy look. Hang on the wall in a chaotic manner. Or create a makeshift wardrobe by stacking boxes vertically and horizontally on top of each other. The decor is suitable for storing books and flowers.

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