2021 Bedroom trends: modern design ideas, colors, and styles

For each of us, the bedroom is a personal oasis where you can completely relax, for a while forget about all the problems, difficulties, and everyday tasks and recharge with energy for new achievements. It is not surprising that the designers urge you to devote as much time as possible to the selection of solutions for the bedroom interior. Your well-being and an inner feeling of comfort and security directly depend on how harmonious it will be in the end.

In 2021, the bedroom design has to be considered from the point of view of the concept of “aesthetic anti-stress”. Color and stylistic solutions, decor, finishing materials, and planning – everything should aim to achieve visual and physical comfort and quickly restore physical and mental balance even in stressful everyday life conditions. If these ideas are especially close to you, you should determine what bedroom design trends are already presented for the upcoming season.

When planning the interior of your bedroom, first of all, you should focus on personal tastes and preferences. After all, no one knows you and your needs better than you. Simultaneously, on the eve of the new year, the designers managed to successfully balance individuality and relevance and have already managed to formulate five key trends for bedroom decoration in 2021, combining uniqueness and fashionable stylistic solutions.

And again Hygge

A few years ago, the Scandinavian style was enthusiastically greeted by millions of connoisseurs of comfort and simplicity in beauty. Since then, the concept of scandi has expanded significantly with the concept of Hygge.

Translated from Danish, this word means “happiness”, which fully reveals the concept itself – love for your home, an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, and an environment consisting only of things that are pleasant and pleasing to the eye. For the bedroom interior, Hygge has become a real boon as a trend in 2021. Today, many people prefer the principle “my home is my fortress”, and when it is calm and joyful in this fortress, we can safely assume that life is good!

It is much easier to get this atmosphere in the room than it seems: use soft pastel colors to paint the walls (you can give preference to white, pale gray, beige, and dusty blue). Give priority to natural materials – wood, wool, cashmere, ceramics, linen, and cotton. Please yourself with discreet patterns and textures. Feel free to complement the interior with cozy pillows, blankets, vases, figurines, and candles. Allow yourself an easy but elaborate mess. This approach will make you feel like you are behind a stone wall in your bedroom – calm, warm, and serene.

Bedroom as an art object

You can hardly remember any other season where so much time and attention would be paid to art objects and designer accessories in the bedroom decoration. If you are seriously passionate about art – this year is entirely yours!

In 2021, designers propose not to limit themselves in the number and ways of decorating both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Paintings, sketches and creative posters, designer table and floor vases, bookcases and ottomans, sculptures and clocks – when you surround yourself with things that convey such a vivid artistic message, you will surely feel a tremendous surge of energy.

Let eco into your bedroom

Designers have repeatedly mentioned the proximity to nature as one of the key concepts in the design and decoration of houses and apartments. Even if you still prefer a luxurious bedroom, a little eco will hardly be superfluous for you. Use the following solutions – and add lightness, freshness, and naturalness to the interior:

  • Live plants. What can create a healthier atmosphere in your home than juicy and vital greens? If you can’t imagine a cozy bedroom without it, forget about any restrictions. Place plants on windowsills, shelves, consoles, and dressing tables. Do not forget to choose the right pots: nothing is better than glass, ceramics, and wicker pots.
  • Decor and furniture made of wood. The texture of the wood, not covered with paint and varnish, looks stylish and discreet. However, even if you have entirely different plans for the furnishings, nothing prevents you from decorating the wall with a panel or an unusual collage of wooden elements.
  • Linen and bedding made from natural fabrics. If eco-style ideas are close to you, you probably understand how easy it is to do without satin, silk, and jacquard. Linen and cotton sheets and pillowcases, cashmere and wool bedspreads will create the necessary natural atmosphere and help you breathe easier.

Rustic or industrial – the choice is yours!

Industrial and rustic styles were the discovery of 2021. It remains only to decide what is closer to you – the ease and simplicity of rustic interiors or the brevity and functionality of megalopolises.

Those choosing rustic should focus on wood with an open, possibly aged texture, dark metal as if touched by time, multi-layered textiles, and decor that echoes the country style. Such an environment does not dispose of effeminacy – however, in such a feeling, you can quickly restore the strength that has dried up during the day.

As for the industrial-style bedroom, this is a choice of extraordinary and creative people who do not tolerate anything superfluous and successfully find inspiration in the simple. Walls made of painted or unplastered bricks, countertops-shelves made of roughly processed wood, a lot of metal in the decoration of furniture and accessories, a minimum of textiles and complex shapes – in such a room you feel relaxed and free, without any conventions and obligations.

The union of ergonomics and aesthetics

Even if you are thinking over the bedroom’s interior in a classic style, this does not mean that you will have to deviate from modern trends. The house design of 2021 presupposes a certain degree of democracy. This means that you can safely afford not only the ubiquitous minimalism or the loft, which is always present in all must-have lists, but also the classics, English, Art Deco, and even Rococo and baroque. If you like, you can even create something eclectic from the techniques characteristic of each style. However, whatever you choose, do not forget about the main thing: everything requires balance and common sense.

The chic bedroom of 2021 is, first of all, functionality, practicality, and absolute rationality in the space design. For this, you can use the following techniques:

  • Symmetry. Whatever your bedroom is – spacious and with a non-standard layout or rectangular and very small – the symmetrical arrangement of furniture and decor will allow you to achieve that very feeling of stability and well-being and set a precise rhythm for the interior. Extravagance is unacceptable in the interior of such a room – where the soul and body are being restored; there is no place for chaos.
  • A thoughtful arrangement of each item. Before you put or hang anything in the bedroom, you must first ask yourself whether you need this item in principle and why it should be here. If you don’t find the answer to this question, you will not regret that you removed it from the bedroom. This approach allows you to prevent excess in the room and avoid the risk of cluttering and creating visual and physical discomfort.
  • A clear plan for decorating. It is not necessary to banish trinkets dear to your heart from the bedroom – it is much wiser to choose the right location for them. It is very easy to understand that your favorite accessory is exactly where you need it: if it seems to you that it has always been this way and if, being in the bedroom, you do not touch or drop it, you did everything correctly.

Top 5 bedroom paint colors 2021

Behr has been the trendsetter in wall colors for over 30 years. One of the most significant manufacturers of interior and exterior paints annually offers both a broad palette and colors for various premises in homes and offices.

For 2021, Behr presented a palette of 31 shades for wall painting in the bedroom. This time it is dominated by muted shades of gray, blue, green, and beige, complemented by several rich tones. The color names are intriguing, ranging from the blueberry jam and harmonious gold to the lunar surface and silver bullet. However, if you are not sure that you can easily choose from such a variety, then you may well concentrate on the win-win options – 5 colors that designers have already recognized as top-end.

Quiet Wave

This tone of green was the discovery of 2021. The uniqueness of Quiet Wave lies in the fantastic harmony of various nuances – from the shade of spruce needles to the watercolor of the morning fog. You will always feel calm, and serenity from the walls painted in a similar color in the bedroom.

AI Aqua

An incredibly mysterious shade that everyone perceives in their way. It is neither bright, nor dark, nor rich, nor subdued – it all depends on your personal vision. However, you can be sure of the main thing: such a tone of blue will perfectly emphasize the noble and elegant design of the bedroom, in which everything is absolutely perfect.

Good Gray

To some, gray may seem too neutral and coldish, but the designers are sure: it remains an attractive solution for the bedroom as an option for the painting of the wall that acts as a background. In a room with such walls, you involuntarily feel peace and relaxation. The gray scale’s friendliness to any colors and shades allows you to realize the most extraordinary decorating and furnishing ideas.

Lemon sherbet

For those who dream of a “juicy” and fresh bedroom interior, this soft and light shade of yellow with light greenish tones will be a godsend of the year. Thanks to him, you can visually increase the size of the room, add light and positive. Moreover, psychologists say that this color can improve well-being, provide a burst of energy, and make rest genuinely productive.

Dusty Rose

Back in 2016, this gorgeous shade of pink with dark beige notes immediately became the favorites of every designer. Today, little has changed – dusty pink is still included in the trending palette as a reference for sophisticated and natural colors for rooms.

A little life hack from designers: you shouldn’t paint all the bedroom walls in one color. Trends for 2021 imply a mandatory color accent, and it is in the vertical plane. As for the combinations of shades, good news for you: the modern palette for wall painting for the upcoming season has been selected in such a way that you can perfectly combine all tones with each other.

Headboards for beds have long passed from functional elements to a group of strong interior accents. Today, minimalism still dictates its terms, and therefore in ultra-fashionable interiors, you can often see beds without a headboard at all.

Perhaps this option looks stylish and reduces the risk of overloading the space, but the designers insist on carefully considering this decision. Whatever it was, resting on a bed with a headboard gives an extremely important sense of security and comfort and even provides a certain amount of safety. Also, trendy elements look very aesthetically pleasing and often become the very final note in the bedroom’s interior. Try looking at the following options:

  • Painted natural wood headboards. A democratic and peaceful solution that is warmly welcomed by styles such as eco or Scandinavian.
  • High geometric headboards. A traditional and trendy understated option for a modern interior. Monochrome and smooth textures will provide the perfect balance of comfort and laconicism.
  • Neoclassical headboards. Tall, often curly elements, covered with velvet and decorated with a diamond pattern, look unusually impressive. Designers who welcome the trendy mix, use them not only in classic bedrooms but also in French country, Art Deco, and even loft interiors.
  • Creative headboards. Thin metal grilles decorated with photos, posters, and lamps are just one of many options. Interior experts urge you not to limit your imagination.

Despite the regular call from many designers to abandon wallpaper in favor of painted walls, others still insist on using it as one of the most powerful decorative techniques. If you are supportive of this material, you will probably find the key trends in their design for the coming season interesting:

  • large-format botanical and tropical prints – primarily as a panel at the head of the bed;
  • author’s panels and frescoes from several parts;
  • wallpaper with thin and large geometric patterns;
  • smooth wallpaper with a metallic effect;
  • 3D wallpaper with natural marble effect;
  • art wallpaper with a unique drawing;
  • floral prints with imitation of a pattern on the fabric;
  • drawings imitating dalmatian and terrazzo patterns.

As for the furniture relevant for the bedroom-2021, the designers are more inclined towards the simplicity of forms and clarity of lines – although they do not at all object to anything elegant and unusual. And if you are already planning a trip to furniture stores and exhibitions in search of a genuinely fashionable setting for a room, then pay attention to the following options:

  • stable wide solid beds with low headboards;
  • beds for classic interiors with high and luxurious curly headboards;
  • wide and squat bedside tables – with the texture of unpainted wood or in light colors with decorative metal details;
  • benches with soft seats and a metallic body;
  • hanging and floor consoles for decoration or arranging books;
  • stylish accent tables for flowers – or as an additional element in interior decoration.

The development of a lighting scenario for a bedroom is an incredibly delicate and complicated process that requires the designer to maximize concentration and consider the owners’ wishes and needs and the configuration of the room as a whole. In 2021, it is proposed to move away from classic solutions for a short while and, instead of sharp contrasts of shadow and light, turn to a mysterious and soft glow. You can achieve this effect using the following solutions:

  • LED panels. Trendy light sources are a real boon for the bedroom. Nothing too bright and eye-catching – just a calm diffused glow that creates an atmosphere of intimacy and comfort with a slight bias towards drama.
  • Glowing panels. There are all the prerequisites for the fact that such lighting options will peak in popularity next year. The combination of decorative and practical functions allows them to be used in bedrooms of any size and configuration.
  • Spots. Spotlights can be called a kind of modern classics – in any case, no one expects them to disappear from the list of current solutions. One of the advantages of spots is creating lighting scenarios for literally any taste – from spot to more extensive zoning.
  • Track lights. A great alternative to spots. With proper installation, they will allow you to change the direction of the lighting the way you want. Such flexible lighting accents are especially relevant for minimalist and loft bedrooms.
  • Sconces and floor lamps. In the bedrooms of 2021, they will most likely play the role of accent lamps with a bias in decorativeness. It is especially worth paying attention to the selection of wall and table models strictly in the same style – you can’t break the balance categorically.

As for the chandeliers, they are sent to rest in the coming season. Even classic, country, or Art Deco bedrooms now require more sophisticated lighting scenarios using the above options.

Decorating the bedroom in the coming season will allow you to show your imagination and ability to combine and match fully. This time, designers provide an opportunity to choose from among the following solutions:

  • decorative panels made of glass, ceramics, and mosaics – including those with lighting;
  • mirrors of various sizes and shapes, located in clusters or different areas;
  • suspension lamps in combination with or without mirrors;
  • covered high headboards – with different textures and shades of materials.

You should also pay attention to designer poufs and bedside tables of unusual shapes, stylish pillows, and spectacular compositions in low or high floor vases.

Over the past few years, the designers, inclined towards uncompromising minimalism, have surprised themselves with their overly reverent attitude towards bedroom textiles – and, first of all, to curtains. Even predicting trends for 2021, they reject practical blinds and roller blinds, suggesting to stay on traditional curtains. As for the features of fashionable textiles for windows, here you can focus on the following nuances:

  • current shades – beige, sage, gray-blue, mustard, sea blue, dusty rose;
  • monochrome – drawings, patterns, and prints have slightly lost their popularity this season;
  • light transparent curtains made of tulle or organza;
  • heavy curtains made of dense fabrics – including the fashionable blackout material;
  • natural linen and cotton curtains;
  • multi-panels curtains with fabrics of similar or contrasting shades.

When decorating a bedroom interior, it is essential to pay attention not only to the walls, but also to the floor. Your comfort in general directly depends on how organic and pleasant the texture of the flooring is. In 2021, designers insist on the return of traditional solutions and offer a choice of the following floor design options:

  • hardwood flooring – possibly with a brushing effect;
  • combining floor tiles or porcelain stoneware with parquet or hardwood flooring;
  • classic parquet floors;
  • practical quartz vinyl in noble natural shades;
  • large geometric patterns and ethnic ornaments;
  • contrasting combinations of floor and light walls.

A carpet in a bedroom is an opportunity to add coziness and find an impeccable balance between general solutions in design and decor. The most important thing is to choose the right accessory, especially since today the choice of carpets is quite wide. Check out the most trendy solutions – and get inspired:

  • plain rugs with high fluffy pile;
  • low pile carpets of soft muted shades – gray, blue, beige, brown;
  • large geometric patterns;
  • natural woven textures;
  • animalistic prints.

It is also worth taking a closer look at such a top-end solution as a carpet covering the entire floor (wall-to-wall carpet). For those who appreciate home warmth, such a reception may well become the quintessence of comfort.

There are hardly any notable trends in your bedroom design different from those listed above – design and decorate it following a design project that suits you completely. If your bedroom is for two, you may have to spend time looking for compromises. However, in any case, this particular room should become your place of power in every sense.

A teenager’s bedroom is almost a sacred personal space, which must fully meet his needs and worldview. At this age, they are no longer attracted to bright children’s tones and fairy-tale characters so often used in the design of kids bedrooms – they need something new.

The interests of adolescents determine their environment. That is why, when choosing what kind of bedroom your child will be in, you should focus on what he is fond of, what style he dresses in, what films and music he listens to and what little things he chooses for himself. Simultaneously, designers are also developing specific trends, which are quite reasonable to rely on when designing a corner for a teen boy or girl.

Teen boy bedroom trends 2021

Whatever your son is interested in – from hard rock to aeromodelling or high technology – it is imperative to give him a sense of comfort and maximum safety and security. For this, interior specialists offer the following solutions:

  • multi-level layout – including a bed on a dais or a podium for a home office or a mini music studio;
  • technological and functional solutions – such as folding furniture and tables and chairs with unusual options;
  • comfortable, including built-in wardrobes and closed shelves – young men do not always have time to put things in order, and such furniture will make the room neater;
  • calm and light or, on the contrary, dark and bright shades – depending on the wishes of the owner of the room.

Teen girl bedroom trends 2021

Designers often note that decorating a boy’s room is somewhat easier than decorating a girl’s bedroom. At this age, adolescents are susceptible to their surroundings and have their own ideas about beauty and aesthetics – and therefore, it is imperative to find solutions to fit them all.

At the same time, young girls, more than ever, closely follow fashion. Therefore, it is quite possible to find a compromise between the relevance and uniqueness of a teenager’s worldview. The following are sure to be the win-win tricks for decorating a teen girl’s bedroom:

  • wallpaper or wall art with trendy motives, slogans, or memes;
  • bright or airy watercolor tones;
  • a variety of accessories – table lamps, garlands, decorative light curtains, stylish soft pillows, and cozy blankets;
  • light and original furniture – from hanging chairs to unusual ottomans;
  • lots of storage spaces – built-in and ordinary wardrobes, open and closed shelves and cabinets;
  • additional sofas or couches – for sociable girls having pajama parties with friends.

When choosing finishing and decorative solutions for a teenager’s bedroom, you should definitely consider his opinion – at this age, it is more important for a child to be heard.

The intelligent design of a children’s bedroom is not only an aesthetic issue, but also directly related to psychology. The quality of his rest and, as a result, physical and psychological health depends on how comfortable the kid is in his room. In 2021, decorators propose to move away from straightforward vibrant colors and focus on natural textures and materials, natural soft and pastel shades, and, of course, cozy shapes and safe lines.

Boy bedroom trends 2021

In a boy’s bedroom design, incredibly pleasant and pacifying techniques and materials are used today. Designers recommend taking a closer look at the following trends:

  • beige, pale gray, white, and light blue tones;
  • unusual design of beds – including the current options “house”;
  • multilevel lighting scenarios;
  • unusual wall decor;
  • separation of the playing area using a podium;
  • minimum of textiles – roller blinds instead of curtains and small cozy rugs.

Girl bedroom trends 2021

On the eve of 2021, parents of little princesses have the amplest opportunities to choose fashionable solutions for decorating a girl’s bedroom. Deserve special attention:

  • furniture and accessories only from natural and non-toxic materials;
  • unusual ceiling lighting scenarios;
  • delicate pastel shades;
  • original design of shelves and cabinets;
  • accent walls;
  • wide comfortable beds;
  • competent and noticeable separation of the play and work area.

Owners of small bedrooms can hardly act on a grand scale when decorating their room, but this does not mean that its design cannot be relevant. Today, interior designers offer a variety of solutions to make your rest corner truly comfortable and stylish.

  • All in favor of brevity. Avoid bulky furniture, heavy textures, bright colors, and massive decor. Clean, crisp lines, smoothness, muted shades, and natural materials add much-needed color and air.
  • The use of little tricks to expand the space visually. It can be a slight gloss, chrome surfaces, polished wood, and mirrors.
  • Sophisticated lighting scenario. When decorating a small bedroom, you should abandon massive table lamps and floor lamps. Sleek sconces, spotlights, and track lights provide more stylish and practical lighting accents while taking up minimal space.

If you take a closer look at the bedroom design trends in 2021, you will notice that they all obey one crucial aspect – individuality. All solutions envisaged in current trends can be combined and adapted to your tastes and habits. And this is an absolute plus: this way you can expand the scope of your capabilities and draw inspiration from the most appropriate options for designing and decorating the most important room in your home.

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