A delightful off-white paint color with the softest yellow trace that adds warmth to the neutral base and makes for a realiable source of comfort for any interior and exterior.

LRV 78.26
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While grays, beiges, and greiges take their turns one after the other on the trendy palette, the off-white shades are a timeless option that always stays up to date. We cannot speak about this popular group of colors and not mention the renowned Navajo White OC-95 from Benjamin Moore, which should not be confused with another favorite of this kind – Navajo White from Sherwin-Williams, which feels slightly more intense. 

Also known under the numbers 947 and PM-29, Navajo White is a creamy off-white that brings together the best qualities of such a color. In a few words, this is a go-to paint for a warm feel in the interior and a timeless appearance for the exterior. So many designers go around this shade, impressed by its features, that we were wondering why and made a research. We will happily share the results!

Inspired by the ivory scents found in Navajo textiles, OC-95 replicates a similar warm off-white shade. Even though this paint leans slightly yellow, it doesn’t change its soft appearance and neutrality, which fits north-facing rooms particularly and feels like home in spaces with southern exposure. It is still light, which enhances the airy effect so that this shade doesn’t feel overly yellow in particular conditions. 

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There is no such a word as “cold” for a space where Navajo White prevails. We don’t have to wonder much what effect the undertones bring. It is definitely a warm paint color, and the creamy base and yellow note prove it. Even the coolest natural light would not make this shade lose its exceptional sense of comfort.

How does lighting affect Navajo White?

Considering the yellow scents that flow through the inner sense of the beauty of this paint color, Navajo White may look overly yellow or golden in south-facing spaces under particular conditions, which mostly has to do with natural lighting, although the problem is easily solved with appropriate window treatment. 

On the other side, in rooms with northern exposure, the cool natural light perfectly balances the warm off-white, ensuring the most appealing and impartial effect. Still, if you go with artificial lighting, make sure it is not too bright since the light base of Navajo White may look faded.

On a scale from 0 to 100, where the latter belongs to shades that can safely be called true whites, the soft off-white from BM reaches a Light Reflectance Value of 78.26. Even so, OC-95 looks lighter when applied to a surface. What else does LRV stand for? It shows how much light the paint color can reflect. In this case, the popular shade bounces back an impressive amount of light and can make even the smallest room feel more spacious.

As with any other cream shade, this one has a yellow undertone. Still, there are green-yellow variations and orange-yellow notes. There is no reason to doubt that Navajo White leans slightly orange to calm down the yellow notes.

Similar colors

With such a wide range of off-white shades, there is no wonder why there are so many paint colors that resonate with the inner sense of style that Navajo White replicates. The same Benjamin Moore offers many alternatives of almost identical or slightly different shades. The earlier mentioned Navajo White from Sherwin-Williams fits this list as well.

  • Royal Silk 939 – another standout off-white with creamy notes that feels slightly more yellow than Navajo White;
  • Spanish White 943 – almost the same creamy off-white, still, with a slightly lower LRV, which makes it a bit darker;
  • Gentle Cream OC-96 – a visibly more intense off-white, yet it offers the right amount of depth and comfort;
  • Navajo White SW 6126 by Sherwin-Williams – a clearly darker shade, yet the base seems to be preserved, although with more orange notes.

Coordinating colors

When choosing the trim paint color to pair with Navajo White, designers suggest slightly warm shades of white or classic white without undertones. Considering that OC-95 leans warm, the best partners would be beige, brown, or greige variations. You can safely go with the following list of paint colors for a successful match.

  • Simply White OC-117 – clean white with the slightest note of warmth that goes with various shades;
  • Chantilly Lace  OC-65– classic shade of white with a fresh base that delicately replicates pure silk;
  • Bennington Gray HC-82 – versatile greige with the tiniest notes of warmth and slightly cool undertones;
  • Thicket AF-405 – vibrant yet balanced shade of olive green with a slightly noticeable yellow note;
  • Silver Fox 2108-50 – a slightly intense gray with a neutral base and the softest touch of warmth;
  • Sierra Spruce 2108-20 – dark yet rich brown resembling the wet forest soil during rain.

Use of Navajo White in the interior

Generally, Navajo White goes with any style due to its neutrality, which serves as a perfect background, and warm notes that can unobtrusively bring comfort to contemporary interiors. One approach feels meant for the beloved off-white, which shall be revealed alongside the overall integration of this paint color into the interior.

With a touch of a Spanish feel

The warm off-white is a welcome guest in Spanish interiors that rely on coastline-inspired shades like green, blue, and brown, terracotta tiles, pottery decorative pieces, wooden beams, and metal accents. If you are the lucky owner of a Spanish villa, you can safely opt for Navajo White as a background that tends to reflect the warm colors found in such interiors. Still, the approach is as appropriate for decorating any space like this. Even an apartment can be easily filled with the Spanish environment by applying this paint color in the company of the defining features of the style.

Modern living room with a soft appeal

Designers suggest you combine the warm shade of off-white with a leather sofa in any style. Be it Farmhouse, Loft, Rustic, Minimalist, Scandi; anything that feels close to your heart. The soft paint color used to cover the walls will borrow a bit from the leather surface and make the space seem even more comfortable. Such a solution works for north-facing spaces particularly, which require an additional note of softness.

Comfortable bedroom with a Rustic note

The combination of Navajo White and wood texture is impressive, and we cannot help but suggest using it in the bedroom if you crave comfort. Be it a true Rustic interior or a Farmhouse approach. The warm yellow notes in the off-white shade will resonate with the natural sense of warmth in wood surfaces and lend your space the largest amount of coziness. 

Still, Navajo White looks as well when accompanied by metal accents, particularly for those who want to balance the yellow notes in south-facing rooms. 

Original dining room

As warm as this paint color feels, as much neutrality it bears, making it the perfect choice for the wildest design solutions. This is why amateurs of Bohemian style love this shade since it goes perfectly with their individual approaches, particularly when based on beige or contrasting accents. Furthermore, you can consider a combination of Boho and other styles, such as Industrial or Mid-Century.

Inviting intro to the interior

When repainting the interior, don’t skip the hallway, particularly if your walls are decorated with shiplap. This comfort-radiating feature is traced to the lovely Farmhouse solutions and requires a skilled paint color that will keep pace with its sense of warmth. Navajo White is the no-fail option.

Use of Navajo White for the exterior

The fact that Navajo White looks much lighter when put into practice is relevant for the exterior more than ever since natural light directly interacts with its surface, which considerably changes everything. Still, the unique feature stays the same, even if slightly faded – the impressively warm notes. Wood, stone, brick, and any other texture works for this paint. Furthermore, almost any contrasting shade fits the trim. 

The Navajo White OC-95 paint color from Benjamin Moore can be safely called a no-fail shade for any style, while its charming scents of softness, standout creamy base, and versatile features stand behind its popularity among designers.

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