A golden green paint color with charming yellow undertones that will steal your interest with its fantastic harmony of notes, lemon-scented charm, and nurturing green base.

LRV 60

Unlike the 2022 color trends that are purely natural and organic, the 2023 design season shines brighter than ever with pops of vivid colors, still inspired by nature. However, the beloved greens and blues also managed to enter this year. The outstanding paint manufacturer Behr reveals the soothing and warm green Hybrid as a primary source to boost your well-being. It may not be as bold as the other trendy shades of the season, yet the natural and light green variation is a pearl and a real find for finding peace and harmony in your home. Discover why Hybrid is one of the best paint colors to try in 2023 and the coming seasons!

Hybrid Paint Color Features

You may wonder why “Hybrid” when we know that this paint color is part of the Green color family. The green shade that we cover in this article is actually a yellow-green color. When the two colors are mixed, the resulting shade incorporates features peculiar to both yellow and green. We can safely call Hybrid the color of renewal, hope, and harmony. Such a light yellow-green as S340-3 is a reserved, patient, and one-with-nature color on the one hand, and a creative, optimistic, and confident color, on the other. 

Suppose you strive to balance your passionate and charismatic personality and your desire to stay conceptual, calm, and logical. In that case, your perfectionist trait will undoubtedly be nurtured by the peaceful and natural yellow-green from Behr.  

Hybrid: Is It Warm or Cold?

You can easily find all the necessary information about paint colors on Bher’s official website. You may encounter such a term as the RGB value, showing the quantity of red, green, and blue used to create a shade of color. Hybrid has a pronounced amount of red, making it a relatively warm paint color, and the yellow undertones will back up this claim. 

How Does Lighting Affect Hybrid?

Any paint color, especially light, feels brighter when directly bathed in sunlight and darker when deprived of natural light. You’ll happily enjoy a cheerful yellow-green with a warm lime trace in a room with south-facing windows. As fast as the shadow takes over, the cold northern light will bring a gray cast over the yellow-green shade, and the paint color will switch to a less warm gray-green version, not cold yet definitely more neutral. 

During the night, when Hybrid collaborates with artificial light only, it turns into a deeper paint color with the warm undertones ensuring a cocoon effect with a twist, a lemon-scented one. 

Hybrid LRV

You probably know about the Light Reflectance Value if this isn’t your first interaction with a paint color. Colorists use a scale from 0 (black) to 100 (white) to determine how light or dark a color is. Hybrid has an LRV of 60, fitting the in-between group or the medium category. The stylish yellow-green shade reflects significant amounts of light and makes the room feel brighter. Therefore, this is your go-to tone to make your room seem more spacious. 

Hybrid Undertones

Something new is on the horizon. We already know that this green paint color has pronounced yellow undertones. Wait and see when subtle blue-gray undertones take the lead in rooms with northern exposure where the cold natural light cannot help but reduce the yellow effect.

Similar Colors

Starting with the last year, colorists’ palettes of green expanded to unprecedented levels. We managed to find a bunch of paint colors that look pretty similar to Hybrid. Or, if you like, here are a few super alternatives for darker, lighter, warmer, or colder versions of yellow-green.

  • Crisp Celery ICC-58 by Behr – we would say this is the closest paint color to Hybrid; only the unnoticeably lower LRV would distinguish between these shades;
  • Modern Zen M340-3A by Behr – a lighter and more yellowish green that would better fit a north-facing room due to a brighter effect;
  • Grasshopper AF-415 by Benjamin Moore – a more profound and less foggy green with warm yellow undertones for those who would enjoy a somewhat more emphasized yellow-green;
  • Shagreen SW 6422 by Sherwin-Williams – a slightly more intense yellow-green that will take more time than Hybrid to fade out when bathed in direct natural light;
  • Eaves S18D2 by Dulux Australia – a slightly more coolish yellow green that can safely replace Hybrid in rooms with south-facing windows.

Coordinating Colors

Would you like a serene green color palette in your newly renovated room? Combine the light yellow-green Hybrid with darker sage shades and smooth the transition with neutral white paint. On the creative side of design, colorists advise pairing the soothing green shade with brighter and darker variations of lively colors, such as purple, blue, violet-blue, mint green, and earthy orange. These are the most prominent candidates, as suggested by Behr:

  • White 52 – as simple as the name sounds, as pure this shade of white is, devoid of disturbing undertones and perfect for trim;
  • Rejuvenation S370-4 – a medium-to-dark sage green with warm undertones whose yellow trace would resonate with the charm of Hybrid;
  • Ballet Rose S130-3 – a vivid purple rose slightly covered in dust with a pleasant warm allure;
  • Gentle Sea S470-2 – a light bubble blue shade replicating the still sea surface undisturbed by anything;
  • Vintage Ribbon S540-4 – a vivacious violet-blue as seen in royal courts in the past centuries, a courageous and attractive splash of luxury;
  • Azalea Leaf S400-4 – a mid-tone mint green diluted with beige that you won’t stop admiring for its enchanting and peaceful features;
  • Dignified Purple N110-6 – an aubergine purple color with a subtle foggy effect that will keep you up to date since purple is the main color trend this season;
  • Seaweed Salad S370-6 – a dark and organic green with warm yellow undertones that resembles the natural seaweed color, pairs perfectly with the lighter Hybrid;
  • Binary Star N450-6 – a dark and deep blue-gray, pretty cold and controversial, yet a powerful tool in the hands of a skillful designer;
  • Mysterious Night S550-6 – a dark violet-blue that contrasts the light and warm yellow-green Hybrid and makes up for the lack of accent in a monochromatic color palette;
  • Spiced Mustard S300-5 – a bright earthy shade of orange or, a warm brown-mustard able to add an interesting twist to a light-painted background.

Use of Hybrid in Interior

The yellow-green from Behr resonates with a sage shade, a combination of green and gray, due to its very light and soothing feature. At some level, their use in interior design interconnects. Experts say that Hybrid is a versatile paint color easy to apply in family rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Paired with white and gold accents, Hybrid lends the space a delicate and dreamy ambiance. Switch to darker and brighter color companions, and you will notice how your room acquires a cozy environment. Let’s go through some of the best design ideas with Hybrid!

Monochromatic Palette with Hybrid

Restore the peaceful ambiance in your kitchen, bedroom, lounge area, and even hallway with a monochromatic color scheme involving the yellow-green from Behr, white or cream, darker greens, and possibly a few accents, such as dark or light wood texture or black accessories. Think of gold accents for the kitchen hardware, wall decor, or light fixture details.

Modern Yellow-Green

Yellow-green shades are usually associated with something bright and outstanding, which is not in this case. The new color trends require bold bursts of color, while the soothing green from Behr reveals a modern approach to neutrals, replacing whites, grays, and beiges. Try it in your living space and witness how all your room components engage in the dance ruled by harmony. Any new shade of color and texture will look more organic on a hazy green background.

Add a Little Bit of Spice

Overused grays are replaced with rich-pigmented neutrals, soothing shades with vivid pops of color, minimalist layouts with eclectic and maximalist design options, and state-of-the-art modern styles with designer mark approaches. Underline your taste with a Classic, Traditional, or Transitional style polished with contemporary spices and decorated with the adjustable one-of-a-kind yellow-green from Behr. Consider wall paneling, old-money antiques, untreated wood texture, and even bold-colored velvet seats.

Even-tempered Bedroom

If you look at Hybrid long enough, you can see it as a considerably light olive shade. The olive green shade is one of the most peaceful colors. If you’ve always liked olive green yet considered it too catchy for your sleeping space, here is a perfect alternative: the soothing yellow-green from Behr. Paired with light colors, Hybrid makes for a composed and unperturbed ambiance to fall asleep in, relax, and spend your time in any way you find interesting.


Neutral yellow greens are considered a great substitute for the outdated blues for boys’ nurseries and pinks for girls’ nurseries. Stay trendy with a gender-neutrally colored nursery and a paint color that creates the feeling of a safe space, cooperates with different decor ideas, and shows design potential for future room redecoration plans.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Green is welcome in the cooking area. Designers usually use Hybrid in modern kitchens, paired with white or wood. A fabulous accessory is gold. Don’t pass by brass hardware when choosing the kitchen cabinet handles if it is the case. 

The autumn green paint color in the dining room applies most to traditional or transitional designs. The painted walls are usually left undecorated so that the color can freely flood the space, being the best accessory a room can dream of, especially one meant for large gatherings.


Of course, you can choose Hybrid in bathrooms of any design style. Still, the expert choice is a Classic bathroom design with wall paneling painted green, a marble countertop, and gold accessories. Let the magic play with your imagination and trick you into believing you are in a royal bathroom.

By the way, such a design concept looks very expensive in contemporary interiors and won’t leave anybody unimpressed, especially if this is a guest bathroom. Designers suggest adding a unique design mark to every detail. What about an entire customized bathroom design?

Use of Hybrid for House Exterior

In southern locations, a house painted with Hybrid tends to unfold a lemon-yellow green, impressively charming and inviting. Expect a more neutral kind of sage green with yellow undertones on a house closer to the North side with less warm weather days. The designers’ favorite is the pairing between yellow-green walls and orange or red roofs, suiting mostly traditional exteriors. In contrast, a modern white house exterior would surpass your expectations if decorated with a green-painted front door.

The Hybrid S340-3 paint color by Behr knows its worth in contemporary design. Skillfully replacing your all-time favorite neutral shades, the warm golden green will compensate for the lack of harmony, creativity, hope, and naturalness that we all experienced in the last few years.

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