A gold-leaf mustard yellow with warm brown undertones; the color of happiness and energy that comes to the rescue of those who seek colorful inspiration.

LRV 33

The giant color brands urge us to put aside our fears and render more self-expression to the world. One of the best ways of sharing your perspective is through color. In this context, the distinguished paint manufacturer Behr brings to our attention the eccentric and distinctive Spiced Mustard paint color. As the name implies, the dark yellow shade is full of spice, which means creativity, support, and diversity. Mustard is one of the most positive, accepting, reputable, and optimistic colors. If you feel your life lacks a bit of each feature, it may be the time you switched to a bright and meaningful color, such as Spiced Mustard.

Spiced Mustard Paint Color Features

Spiced Mustard is a relatively dull shade of yellow, giving off a warm orange-brown vibe. You would think it’s a soft camel shade if you didn’t know its name. Besides its brightness, Spiced Mustard is a down-to-the-earth color, sharing support and care with the space. Still, as a mustard shade, SM feels mature, accepting of everyone, inspiring, selfless, protecting, and energizing. 

Colorists mostly recommend Spiced Mustard for creative minds. If you constantly generate new ideas and seek inspiration, you will resonate with this shade of color. Moreover, this gold-orange hue makes everyone comfortable and accepted. And not least, Spiced Mustard underlines perfect imperfections that make us unique.

Spiced Mustard: Is It Warm or Cold?

If we may doubt other paint colors, we are 100% sure Spiced Mustard is a warm orange-yellow shade. Let’s see what the RGB value (Red, Green, Blue) says about this. In this respect, the paint color has a considerable amount of red in contrast with the two other mentioned colors, proving our statement. There is no chance you will feel forgotten and uncared for when surrounded by such a heartfelt paint color. 

How Does Lighting Affect Spiced Mustard?

The warm shade of mustard is a perfect paint color for north-facing rooms penetrated by cold natural light. The space will be filled with comfort and close-to-the-heart emotions, although Spiced Mustard will turn into a slightly darker and less bright orange-brown; we would even say – a prominent tan. 

Luckily, you can enjoy the entire spectrum of warm and comforting features unfolded by the vivid camel color under the influence of the bright sun rays that fully stream into a south-facing room. Prepare for a substantially darker brown-orange during the night when the lack of natural light makes the color dull, yet with a cocoon-like effect.

Spiced Mustard LRV

Everything that falls under the Light Reflectance Value of 50 is closer to the dark group of colors. Spiced Mustard has an LRV of 33, somewhere between dark shades and medium tones. It is less skillful at reflecting light than colors with a higher-than-50 LRV, yet it can be safely applied to a smaller room with enough natural light. Otherwise, your space risks feeling overwhelming since Spiced Mustard may seem too much if not used appropriately.

Spiced Mustard Undertones

If we were to consider the color family this paint color falls into, according to Behr’s official website, we would say Spiced Mustard is a mid-tone yellow with orange-brown undertones that may seem camel or worn-by-time gold brown. 

Similar Colors

Spiced Mustard is one-of-a-kind paint. How hard we wouldn’t try to find 100% similar colors, we cannot match the unique composition. However, you may be interested in great color alternatives that offer lighter, darker, warmer, or colder substitutes to SM that would better suit your space. Take a look:

  • Radiance MQ4-07 by Behr – a more orange camel brown, much warmer and brighter; it would perfectly replace SM in rooms with northern exposure;
  • Amber Autumn S290-5 by Behr – a lighter, slightly peachy orange-brown with more feminine energy;
  • Sandy Valley 1112 by Benjamin Moore – a very close shade of dull mustard, slightly sandier than SM;
  • Desert Beach 1104 by Benjamin Moore – a more terracotta-like camel brown with warm orange undertones;
  • Mannered Gold SW 6130 by Sherwin-Williams – an almost unnoticeably lighter and more orange shade of brown, a worn-out gold shade;
  • Baguette SW 6123 by Sherwin-Williams – a more soothing and less orange shade, still warm and welcoming.

Coordinating Colors

No secret, blue is the best color partner for shades of brown, such as the mustard brown from Behr. You can also complete the color palette with a darker genuine brown. As for the trim, colorists suggest avoiding crisp whites and switching to warm pinkish off-whites and beiges. If you want to contrast the spice brown shade with modern color, try lighter and bright blue, green, and purple tones. Let’s see what the Behr expert choices are!

  • Cafe Cream PPU4-09 – a magnifying shade of light pink with yellow undertones whose exceptional sense of warmth will surpass your expectations;
  • Marrakech Brown N290-7 – a medium-to-dark soil brown with subtle yellow undertones;
  • Blackberry Jam S100-6 – a dark blackberry purple, juicy and cheerful;
  • Thermal S440-7 – an exclusively dark green-blue-gray with a royal twist;
  • Shipyard S500-6 – a mid-tone cold blue slightly played down by a tricky green trace;
  • Journal White S310-2 – a warm hummus tone injected with subtle pink notes;
  • Chai S270-2 – a light creamy beige penetrated by soft peachy undertones;
  • Highland Thistle S110-4 – a vibrant earthy purple with slightly perceived brown undertones;
  • Venus Teal PPU13-08 – a gorgeous blue-green with a vivid fantasy composition that refreshes and inspires;
  • Journey’s End S520-2 – a light baby blue shade with a very inviting appearance;
  • Perfect Penny S180-6 – earthy brown with warm red undertones or a very dark terracotta shade if you like.

Use of Spiced Mustard in Interior

Spiced Mustard is the happy color designers recommend using in any room you want to feel cheerful and exciting. Small doses of this mustard color work as successfully as a complete mustard makeover. It depends on your personality’s appetite for bright. By the way, even a few accent chairs painted mustard add spice to a modern room with a neutral color scheme.

Mustard Accent

A mustard yellow accent is your no-fail solution if a full-mustard color scheme is too much for you. Consider an orange-brown accent wall paired with neutrals or a bookcase, an interior door, the kitchen cabinets, a side table, or the bathroom vanity cabinet painted with Spiced Mustard. The gold camel shade is a respectable paint color that will teach you small doses to cherish every moment.

All-Mustard Redecoration

Embrace the energetic and positive vibe emanated by Spiced Mustard by painting all walls mustard yellow. Ideally, SM pairs with gray, white, or pops of naturally bold colors that would stand out on the orange terracotta backdrop. By the way, SM is a great color choice for the kids’ room since it encourages your little ones to explore and learn.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Mustard is a cheerful and appetite-awakening color. Luckily, Spiced Mustard is also well-collected and won’t seem too eye-catching. Generally, SM is an expert color choice for the kitchen. You can even pair it with other vivid colors, such as powdery pink or baby blue. Professionals see the golden brown shade as perfect for those who would not prefer additional effort for decor. Painting the walls in Spiced Mustard will efficiently decorate your dining space and create an entertaining and engaging ambiance.

A Bedroom for the Spoiled

We didn’t mean to upset you. On the contrary, we suggest painting your bedroom with Spiced Mustard to spoil yourself and get an affordable taste of Behr’s steeped-in-luxury autumn leaf paint color. Mustard loves the fine things in life and teaches us to “carpe diem”. Live your moment surrounded by a combination of mustard yellow and white, brown, or juicy bursts of natural fruit colors. 


If you live in a northern country, you undoubtedly need a warm paint color to dilute your bath sessions with comfort. However, SM is one of the best colors to apply to southern locations, where the subtle terracotta trace in the mustard brown shade brings the sought-after Mediterranean feel. Designers and homeowners usually paint the walls, although Country-style vintage cabinets are great for experimenting with this sunshine color.

Use of Spiced Mustard for House Exterior

Behr’s sunny mustard brown paint color suits Mediterranean and Mexican-style houses as primary options. Still, this color enjoys popularity among traditional and modern exterior design solutions as well. As for the front door, experts firmly recommend pairing a mustard yellow front door with gray-painted exterior house walls. Spiced Mustard is a trendy shade of yellow that will make your house exterior look stylish.

The Spiced Mustard S300-5 paint color by Behr is a reserved yellow shade with the best intentions for your design. This open-minded color is a powerful tool for creative homeowners and professional designers due to its creatively inclined feature.

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