A pure and fresh blue color, embodying lightness and flight, airiness and atmosphere, romanticism and dreaminess, confidence in one's plans, and unconditional optimism.

LRV 72
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We have already repeatedly talked about the colors of 2022, which were presented to us by the most prominent trendsetters and paint manufacturers. When choosing a shade that should become a symbol of the coming year, they all relied on specific concepts. Still, they all share the same moments – such as the continuing craving for unity with nature, the desire for peace and serenity, the desire to create an atmosphere around them, allowing one to abandon everyday difficulties, problems, and global disturbing events. Dulux did not stay away from the general trend and proposed its color for 2022 – 13BG 72/151 or, which sounds much more romantic, Bright Skies.

According to Helen van Gent, head of the Global Aesthetics Center Akzo Nobel, subordinate to Dulux, the need for positiveness, fresh ideas, and a more positive outlook on the world around us is more urgent than ever. In addition, in recent years, anxiety about the future of our fragile planet has become more and more tangible, and the desire to enjoy everything that it gives us has become more acute. All these aspirations are perfectly reflected by Bright Skies – pure and fresh blue color, embodying lightness and flight, airiness and atmosphere, romanticism and dreaminess, confidence in one’s plans, and unconditional optimism.

Bright Skies paint color features

The history of the creation and selection of Bright Skies is quite fascinating. According to representatives of the brand, they had to resort to the assistance of internationally recognized designers and colorists to develop a relevant concept for the color of the year 2022.

As a result, the key topic of discussion was severe changes in the habitual way of life, which have affected each of us over the past 1.5 years. Now there is a period of rethinking and re-evaluating the typical values, as well as realizing how much we need closeness to nature. It is nature that inspires us, allows us to open up to new thoughts and ideas, and successfully find ourselves in art and creativity, which can give us bright and positive emotions in this difficult time.

As a result of the discussion, the participants decided on the color theme for 2022 – the “Breath of Fresh Air” concept was unanimously chosen, and the Bright Skies color won the sympathy of all brand employees and those who were interested in the discussion. Airy, light, and at the same time with confident notes of color, it can fill every home with joy and light and help to implement any design ideas within the framework of current trends.

Bright Skies: is it warm or cold?

The maximum (about 90%) presence of blue tones in Bright Skies allows us to cast aside any doubts that this color is cold. However, it does not feel icy or uncomfortable: its excellent lightness makes it more fresh and cool than freezing and detached. That is why you can safely use it in any room without fear of any visual discomfort.

How does lighting affect Bright Skies?

Bright Skies is a surprisingly solid shade, so it barely changes its properties depending on the lighting. Of course, it can go into a darker and more severe blue if there is not enough light in the room, but these metamorphoses will be so insignificant that you will hardly notice them. In addition, in bright light, it acquires a special airiness and atmosphere, and it seems that you will even see light clouds floating on the surface.

In general, do not be afraid to use Bright Skies no matter how intensely the room is lit: it depends little on this parameter and will show its best properties in any situation.

Bright Skies LRV

The Bright Skies has an LRV of 72. This allows it to hit light tones confidently and enhances its ability to reflect light perfectly. Indeed, according to the designers, you can safely use it even in rooms with windows to the north side and in small cramped rooms: even, in this case, it will fill the space with light, visually expand the boundaries and become that breath of fresh air that will make you feel comfortable.

Bright Skies is no less good in well-lit rooms, as it gives you coolness even on a hot day and sets you in a positive mood, even if you are out of sorts. Sounds motivating, doesn’t it?

Bright Skies undertones

Bright Skies has a nearly maximum blue tint at a very high lightness of 81%. At the same time, one cannot fail to note a small admixture of greenish undertones, which give this excellent shade a kind of watercolor haze and additional lightness.

Bright Skies similar colors

Even though Bright Skies at first glance is distinguished by its extraordinary purity and mesmerizing depth of heavenly blue, it should be noted that there are similar tones in the palettes of other paint manufacturers, and you can find quite identical shades in Dulux:

  • Blueberry Lolly – a deeper and more intense blue with subtle purple undertones;
  • Seabrook 750 by Benjamin Moore – a slightly darker shade, but still almost identical to Bright Skies;
  • Blue Allure 771 by Benjamin Moore – blue with more prominent watercolor green tones;
  • Pastel 9461 from Pantone – a mesmerizing shade of a clear winter sky;
  • Tame Teal SW 6757 by Sherwin-Williams – lighter, even pale blue with a slight fading effect;
  • Waterfall SW 6750 by Sherwin-Williams – the color of serene water with pleasant greenish notes.

Bright Skies coordinating colors

Delightful contrast with Bright Skies will create deep or rich warm tones, including:

  • New Penny – pleasant, warm, and moderately rich brown;
  • Basic Coral – charming and soft shade of pink;
  • Red Terra – a rich and at the same time relatively mundane red;
  • Sunwashed Brick S180-2 by Behr – a very light orange with a pleasant earthy brown undertone.
  • Mango Sorbet 030-67-34 by WGSN & Coloro – cheerful, juicy, and invigorating orange-yellow;
  • Orange Ocher 16-1253 TPX by Pantone – a deep and soothing fall foliage tone.

Use of Bright Skies paint color in interior and exterior

Heavenly and inviting Bright Skies can be safely included in the list of universal tones, so friendly and appropriate in various settings. The exterior decoration of the house and living room, kitchen and dining room, nursery and attic, hallway, or study will add lightness and optimism to any space. Let’s look at the Bright Skies tricks and solutions recommended by both designers and Dulux colorists.


Painting the ceiling in the color of the sky is too straightforward, in your opinion? Using Bright Skies as an example, you can make sure that straightness has its own unconditional charm. Thanks to this paint color, the real sky will open up above you, and using light shades to decorate the room as a whole, you will create a surprisingly optimistic space in which you will never be cramped.

Trendy monochrome

A great trick you can use in the kitchen, nursery, or study is painting walls and furniture in the same Bright Skies. Don’t be afraid of visual overload: this shade is fresh and light enough to create a cohesive space and a harmoniously balanced interior without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, this gives you the perfect backdrop for any accent – dark, light, or bright.

Two-color wall painting

Another trendy and fresh solution is to use two shades of blue for the walls, one of which will be Bright Skies. So you will make the room’s space more original and complex and create conditions for a perfect interior rhythm. Designers recommend choosing a darker tone for the bottom of the wall and a lighter one for the top.

Living room

Bright Skies may well become your assistant in creating an open and welcoming space, which, on the one hand, creates a sense of security and peace, and on the other hand, becomes a source of new strength and emotions necessary for successful work, creativity, and life in general. A great color scheme for the living room can be created with another Dulux palette called “Salon”, highlighting the pure white Purest Frost and the very soft gray Stone Harbor.

Dining room and kitchen

Bright Skies will be no less successful find for the dining room. Painting the walls in this shade in a country house will create the effect of combining the interior and landscape, and in a city apartment – an atmosphere of freshness and unity with nature. Light shades from the Dulux Orangery palette, such as the very pale Horizons blue, Wilton Blue, and the darker Denim Drift blue, can be good partners for him.

In addition, do not forget about such elements as a kitchen set and dining room furniture made of unpainted wood, laconic lamps and plumbing fixtures made of dark or brushed metal, rough natural textiles, and a large number of green plants. So you will not only pay tribute to the fashionable eco – but really feel the serenity and harmony with nature.

Home office

Surprisingly airy and, in some ways even dreamy, Bright Skies can turn your workspace into a corner of inspiration, creativity, and realization of your wildest dreams. Whatever you do and whatever hobbies are close to you, this gorgeous blue shade will create a very light and unobtrusive space that will not tire your eyes at all.

Dulux colorists recommend combining Bright Skies with the Workshop palette – especially organically combined with such shades as warm mustard Live Fantasy, exquisite mauve Puccini Pink and charming olive-beige Tuscan Green. Steel-gray Swordplay and smoky Fog Gray from the Salon palette are just as good.

For the exterior walls of the house

Using Bright Skies to paint the walls of your home is a truly win-win move. In clear and sunny weather, it will make it surprisingly welcoming and promising coolness and visually make its proportions light. In summer, it will enter into a delightful union with the surrounding greenery, and in winter, it will look just magical against the background of fresh snow. In addition, even in bad weather, it will seem as if the sun’s rays are still falling on him.

Another option, if you do not need a total look, is to paint the front door in this gorgeous shade. Combined with light exterior walls, it will create a very summer and calm exterior, and with more saturated and dark ones – an unexpected but no less pleasant contrast.

Dulux Bright Skies 2022 is a stunningly light and upbeat shade of blue that brings light and fresh air into your home. The visual expansion of the space, the mesmerizing purity, the ability to draw attention to detail – all this makes it incredibly attractive for those who are in search of inspiration, need peace of mind, and dream of unity with nature.

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