White kitchen cabinets with gold hardware: original design ideas to match any style

White is a win-win option for any interior, be it a small or large space, receiving a lot of daylight or just a little. One of the most elegant colors, white completes perfectly cold and warm undertones, offering a chic look to any element it is used for. Whether you like it or not, this color makes you maintain your home better since you can easily spot a stain on such a background and clean it instantly. Besides brightening the space and expanding the room borders, white is a classy color that does not seem to leave the stage any time soon, ensuring the up-to-date effect of your interior design. We are sure you would like all these features to describe your kitchen; one step and the result is all yours: white kitchen cabinets.

You should not stop at this color but complement it in the finest way. One of the most popular approaches, which promises to be trendy in the coming seasons, is the integration of metals, particularly those that offer the sparkling effect of gold. From brass, bronze, copper to various types of gold replications, including the traditional, matte, rose, and brushed ones, apply this idea to the hardware and complete the style of your white cabinets. Let’s go together through some basic aspects you should consider in advance and discover the best design ideas in this respect from the perspective of particular styles!

3 Essentials to stay on the safe side

  • If you choose both cabinet handles and knobs, make sure that they fit each other rather than going in two different directions by means of style. Although an eclectic combination will not spoil the picture, these elements should at least have the same finish;
  • Considering a particular finish variation, be it brushed or polished gold, choose a single supplier to ensure consistency. Additionally, opt for the so-called “living” finishes that age naturally and offer your kitchen new looks rather than fading away;
  • The particular white undertones of the cabinets can point out the specific gold replication you should opt for to fill the space with the missing warm or cold notes and add the sparkling effect at an appropriate level.

Modern style: functionality and elegance in one place

Since this style is defined by clean and simple shades, white integrates perfectly within its borders. There are also such features as the inviting feel, individuality, and functionality. When it comes to small details, such as the hardware, this style emphasizes practical use rather than form. 

Although gold is quite bold to fit such a minimalist context, the appropriate choice of finish, which is not too sparkling, and a simple form will suit such a setting. In this respect, accompany the white cabinets with the most common handles that are easy to use and without eye-catching effects. Nevertheless, the visual interest will still be part of this space since the gold effect adds individuality to a seemingly simple design.

Vintage style: embrace the old values

Although it adapts to other styles as well, gold hardware works best for Vintage. It can be easily explained by the fact that this style accepts various shades and finishes of gold. Your kitchen will embrace this approach at the maximum with the eye-catching brass with its aged effect or the traditional sparkling gold. It also comes with a bonus: once the hardware ages naturally, it acquires a new look and adds to the individuality of your vintage kitchen.

A similar unique approach goes for the shape; be it handles, knobs, or pulls; they should reflect original forms and add visual interest to the cabinets. One should note that even a contemporary kitchen complemented with such units will acquire a whole new look, directed more towards a Shabby Chic style, which combines perfectly the chic of antique elements with contemporary units.

Eclectic style: contrastive elements for an original feel

Since eclecticism does not stop at a particular style but involves a combination of various values, you are free to combine different elements for the hardware and enrich the white cabinets with original shapes, which, besides their unique form, will add a new sparkle. 

The easiest way is to go in two directions and separate the hardware in handles and knobs, handles and pulls, or pulls and knobs, opting for two different styles. A minimalist kitchen will benefit from practical handles for the lower cabinets and eye-catching knobs for the upper ones to deviate a little bit from the simple design. At the same time, a vintage kitchen will sparkle at its finest due to a perfect combination of gold and glass for the knobs or handles, considering that the latter material belongs to modern settings.

Now we are going to get more specific and reveal the design ideas that can help you achieve particular effects and take your kitchen to another level. You will be surprised to find out how a little splash of gold can transform a white kitchen into your own fairytale. 

Rose gold for a dreamy environment

This particular shade of gold has cool undertones and will complement a kitchen alike at the highest level. Crispy white cabinets and a few splashes of pink are ready to set a modern environment within your kitchen and adapt it to your level of comfort. Strange as it may sound, this cold shade of gold with a pink accent will add a touch of coziness and enrich the space with an inviting feeling. This combination of white and gold is the definition of a soft and airy ambiance.

Sparkling gold to warm up the cold cabinets

The contemporary settings mostly imply cold undertones when going with white cabinets. We cannot doubt the outstanding effect of such a clean and fresh background. Nevertheless, it still lacks a little bit of warmth. Gold hardware with yellow undertones is the right choice in this regard. From changing partially the overall look to adding a royal touch, the traditional gold finish with its sparkling effect will make you fall in love with your kitchen again and again.

Matte gold for a balanced play with contrasts

Be it a vintage setting or a modern one, the matte gold hardware is irreplaceable for a white kitchen if your purpose is to make a glamorous statement while keeping it within limits. Although the reflective feature will not be at the level of traditional gold, the matte gold handles or knobs will still reflect light and even in an unusual way, adding a smooth effect to the white cabinets.

If the classy white and gold combination is a dream of yours, but you are afraid to play with such a bold contrast, the matte finish for the hardware is a perfect choice. Elegant and simple at the same time; it sounds quite impossible, but the result speaks for itself.

Brushed gold to enliven the white background

An alternative for the previous option is brushed gold, which is suitable within a similar context, although being directed more towards a modern style. The balanced sparkling effect will seem like flowing from the crispy white background, ensuring the integrity of the interior design. There is no additional yellow effect, just a splash of light to emphasize the cabinets and reflect the light throughout the space. Slick, impressive, and perfect for a minimalist setting. 

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