What wall color goes with black furniture: 7 best combinations for a perfect result

Today, black color penetrates the interior design of many houses, especially when it comes to furniture, as it can offer any room a touch of elegance. It is a complex combination of simplicity and luxury that would make any house look expensive. If this is what you are looking for, you made the right choice with the color of the furniture. But what about the walls? Any slight mistake could ruin all the environment you tried to incorporate into the room. This is why we are here. We will give you practical pieces of advice on how to keep the elegance. 

Stay with us and we will provide you with 7 best combinations of wall color with black furniture, fully explained, that would not only meet your expectations but also inspire you for a bold step in this sense. We promise you will not get bored but even more interested in this particular style. 

Black furniture and white walls

There is no other color that would match this perfectly black as the white one. We will start with the fact that white will bring brightness and balance through a contrastive border. There is more to come: the white background will emphasize the bold lines of the black furniture and make it less blurry. 

There is no doubt that this combination would fit a bedroom well. Furthermore, if you would like to bring a new sparkle into your room and go the artistic way, the white walls will serve as a perfect background for any kind of picture or any other piece of art.

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Black furniture and light gray walls

If you think that the previous contrast is too bold for you, there are always other options. One of them is light gray. The explanation for such a combination is simple: gray is a complementary color for black. Therefore, any piece of black furniture will integrate well into a gray-walls room. 

Furthermore, this monochromatic style will produce the effect of a modern room. Nevertheless, any slight movement in the wrong direction could cost you the entire interior design as the inappropriate shade of gray can lead to a blurry picture of the room. Therefore, we suggest you opt for a light gray to set a particular contrast.

Black furniture and coal wall

If you have noticed, we used “wall” in the singular. You have probably guessed already why. That’s right! You don’t need to paint all the walls in coal. Choose one of them, better if it is the wall where the bed stands, and paint it with this color. 

This choice will make visible the connection between this particular wall and the furniture. Furthermore, it will emphasize the elegance that was first set by the black furniture and bring in a new sparkle of luxury.

Black furniture and black & white wall

There is probably no need to mention the perfect compatibility between those colors. What is worth noticing is that we talk here about wallpaper. Therefore, a wallpaper with white details on a black background would look perfect next to black furniture. In some cases, even the contrary will look stunning. 

Nevertheless, there is a high chance that the whole picture of the room might become blurry due to such a combination. This is why we suggest you play carefully with colors and set a particular contrast that would emphasize the furniture lines on the given background.

Black furniture and ivory walls

If you want to keep the serious feature of your room but bring in a little bit of comfort, we suggest you consider ivory walls. While such a contrast as black and white would set a distinctive contrast within your room, black and ivory would work as a combination with a slighter transaction.

In this sense, you win in two ways: the black furniture will look perfectly on such a background, and the background itself will add a touch of warmth to the cold environment.

Black furniture and beige walls

Such a neutral color as the beige one works perfectly with black furniture. This shade of color will offer your room a comfy vibe and make the contrast more pleasant for the eyes. Such a combination would go well in a bedroom. 

Whether you like it or not, but this mixture will play with your subconsciousness. The serious feature set by black furniture will make you visualize the bedroom as a sleeping space only, while the beige color will make it look more comfortable.

Black furniture and accent wall

We have got to the most interesting part. Now, we will reveal to you the best combinations between black furniture and bold colors. The perfect options in this sense are the next ones: red, blue, yellow, gold.

You could opt for any combination, but don’t forget to set an appropriate balance so that the colors complete each other and form a uniform environment, where the elegance is preserved, the elements are visible, and the comfort is not missing.

We would like to share with you some photos that reflect the same color combinations within different rooms than the ones shown above. We hope they will inspire you to make a statement through black furniture in other rooms as well. Enjoy the photos, and don’t forget that a bold decision is halfway to success. 

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