What color walls go with brown furniture: 8 elegant combinations to match your style

What color walls go with brown furniture: 8 elegant combinations to match your style

There is no doubt that almost every house has brown furniture. The explanation is clear: this color, especially for furniture, is practical and easy to integrate into any decor. You probably think it is already a boring color and does not bring anything new to your interior design. We would like to convince you of the contrary. Whether you have brown furniture in your house or plan to buy one, either way, you succeed as brown furniture will never get out-of-date. If you are not sure about its combination with the wall color, we are here to offer you practical pieces of advice.

We will provide you with a list of the best color matchings to suit your room decor and your style. Get on board with us, and let’s start this adventure. We promise you will not get bored as we will offer you as much information as necessary, fully explained, and as much inspiration as possible to meet your expectations. 

3 starting steps to be considered

  • Appropriate combination. Brown is a versatile color, which means that its combination with any particular shade of color can lead to a specific effect. Therefore, based on the chosen color, you can either bring warmth or cold into your room, making a relaxing or serious, simple or sophisticated environment.  
  • Colors to be considered carefully. If you are looking for ways to combine your brown furniture, we suggest you stay away from such colors for the wall as red and pink. The red color will emphasize the red undertones of the brown and make it look blurry. At the same time, pink looks fascinating in combination with brown, the problem being that it is out-of-date. Therefore, if you would like to be in trend with your interior design, we suggest you don’t consider this combination.
  • Shades of brown. There are different variations of brown, such as chestnut, dark brown, taupe, chocolate, and wood brown, as the most popular ones. Depending on your furniture shade of brown, you should choose the appropriate color for walls that will emphasize its features and not reduce the initial effect.

Brown furniture & white walls

There is nothing that could spoil the picture if you choose white for the walls of a room with brown furniture. First of all, it will be a perfect background for any brown elements and other decorative units. 

Furthermore, this bright surface will draw all attention to the brown furniture, emphasizing its features. If you are proud of your furniture purchase and would like to highlight it as much as possible, we suggest you consider white walls as they will make it a point of interest. It should be noted that white color will bring light into the room that may seem cold if you opt for a darker shade of brown for the furniture.

Brown furniture & light blue walls

If you decide to paint your walls blue, there is an array of variants you can choose from. In this case, we talk about light blue. Due to its coldness, it will fit perfectly with the warm brown furniture. The two features of both colors will complement each other and form a harmonious atmosphere. 

Furthermore, a light shade of blue will bring a touch of freshness into the room and make it look stylish. Consider this combination for a bedroom, living room, or dining room. Either way, your room will look fascinating.

Brown furniture & medium blue walls

A blueberry shade will work perfectly for brown furniture. It is still lighter than brown and will serve as a background, filling the space left by the latter and adding a touch of elegance. 

This combination will go well for a bedroom, living room, or study room. These colors will lead to a comfortable environment, preserving stability and bringing a touch of freshness into the room.

Brown furniture & dark blue walls

If you did not like the options offered earlier, we suggest you consider a dark shade of blue. This navy color will bring into your room a touch of royalty. 

If you would like your room to look elegant and sophisticated while implying the use of a minimalist style, we suggest you consider brown and navy blue as the only colors implied. Their richness is enough to form a complex style that would make quite an impression. Consider this combination for your bedroom or living room for a calm atmosphere.

Brown furniture & gray walls

Gray will never be out-of-date, additionally serving as a perfect background for any room. We suggest you consider this color for brown furniture. Furthermore, there are different shades of gray you can opt for depending on the shade of brown. Consider a dark gray to add coldness to the room or light gray for a warm atmosphere. 

There is more to come. Gray walls will serve as an excellent background for brown furniture as they will bring to the surface all the features of a particular shade of brown. You can consider this combination for any room you want as long as you balance the contrast.

Brown furniture & beige

As with any other neutral color, beige will work perfectly in a room with brown furniture. Furthermore, these two colors are not far from each other, which means they will go well together. 

Consider this combination for any room you want. It will bring coziness and comfort into the atmosphere. Regardless of the particular shade of brown, beige will make it seem warmer and set calmness within the environment.

Brown furniture & green walls

You can switch from emerald green to an earthy one. Either way, you will not regret the result as any shade of green fits perfectly brown. First of all, they are both natural colors. Therefore, if you want to bring a little bit of nature into your room, consider this combination. 

Furthermore, these two colors are in trend, and their presence will bring a modern environment to any room. It should be noted that brown furniture on a green background is everything you need if you would like to set a simple, at the same time elegant, atmosphere.

Brown furniture & orange walls

If you would like to make a statement, we suggest you consider a bold color for the walls, such as orange. It should be noted that any slight mistake in this sense can ruin the picture of your room. But we got your back. Here is what you have to pay attention to – don’t consider a dark shade of orange as it will make your room darker and smaller. As regards the other shades, any of them will work perfectly.

Furthermore, opt for a light shade of orange if you want to add warmth to your room, and at the same time, offer it vibrance.

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