Velvet curtains: window decoration ideas, types, combinations, and colors

Velvet curtains in the interior look stylish, attractive and very rich. Luxurious curtains from this expensive material make the look of the interior truly elite.

Interior design features

There are a number of features that should be considered when designing:

  • The designers do not recommend to use too bright velvet curtains in small rooms. This design can reduce the space.
  • Pastel color curtains are an excellent option for almost any interior.
  • Velvet curtains are especially advantageous, combined with a rough finish in the room, for example, with brickwork or plaster.

Velvet curtains decoration

Able to give the curtains an original, thoughtful and finished look.

  • With embroidery. Velvet curtains with embroidery will give the interior a unique personality. Curtains embroidered with drawings and patterns, monograms, or elegant lace look impressive.
  • On the grommets. Velvet curtains look majestic and exquisite, and a fastening option such as eyelets gives them versatility and rigor.
  • With tassels. Such a decorative element as a brush is used to add solemnity and showiness to curtains.
  • With fringe. Fringe will bring incomparable charm to the design of the curtain ensemble.
  • With rhinestones. With sparkling rhinestones, you can further focus on the curtains, and emphasize the sophistication of velvet fabric.
  • Combined. For combination with velvet, satin is best suited. The contrasting double textures, in combination, look very impressive.

What material is used for velvet curtains?

Velvet is a cotton fiber material that has both a natural and synthetic composition. The most popular varieties are:

  • velveteen is an artificial, beautiful pile fabric with a velvety surface
  • velour is a durable, reasonably dense material with a rough surface
  • panne velvet is a fabric with a slightly voluminous pattern, characterized by a unique luster
  • velvet Devore is a material with a transparent base and a fleecy ornament.

Types of velvet curtains

There are two main types.

Door velvet curtains (portieres)

Gracefully iridescent products will become a catchy element of the entire interior. Simple-style blackout curtains made of velvet will add luxury and elegance to the room.

Window velvet curtains

Curtains can be placed at the window, and the velvet ones will look even more fabulous at the window. Situated at the door will give elegance, but placed at the window will offer safety and durability over the years.

Advantages and disadvantages of velvet curtains

Advantages and disadvantages of velvet curtains.


  • Due to their high density, they have quite good heat and sound insulation;
  • Allow you to protect the room from sunlight since they practically do not transmit light;
  • High-quality fabrics are wear-resistant and do not fade in the sun, so they do not lose their original appearance for a long time.


  • Velvet curtains accumulate dust, so these curtains often have to be cleaned;
  • Velvet sheets are quite heavy and can only be attached to very durable cornices;
  • They are not suitable for all rooms because they can visually reduce the room and make it more substantial.

Velvet curtains in different rooms

The velvet curtains look elegant and solemn and give the room an original and unique look.

Velvet curtains in the living room or lounge

Especially magnificent such curtains will look in spacious rooms. Bright and light shades will add festivity to the atmosphere of the room, and curtains in darker colors will elegantly emphasize its status.

Velvet curtains in the bedroom

Velvet curtains with their softness will create a romantic atmosphere in the room. Draperies on one side of the window, provide maximum light in the bedroom.

Velvet curtains in the kitchen

To put such curtains, a spacious kitchen with high ceilings and large windows is suitable. Velvet tends to absorb odors, so the room must have a very good ventilation system.

Velvet curtains in the children’s room

Velvet curtains are not recommended for use in the children’s room, as these curtains accumulate a lot of dust. However, the choice of decor for a children’s room always remains with the taste preferences of the owner of the house.

Velvet curtain colors

To create a holistic interior, it is very important to think through its color scheme as much as possible.

Black velvet curtains

Solid and noble color. Black velvet products bring stability and massiveness to the room.

Green velvet curtains

To design rooms also use various shades of green. For example, olive, most often used in the interior purposefully. Swamp creates a surprisingly calm and balanced atmosphere in the room, and lime gives it peace and serenity.

Red velvet curtains

This dense royal color has a special energy and adds drama and inspiration to space. Burgundy velvet curtains look very impressive and bring gloss and charm to the interior.

Purple velvet curtains

A mystical, but at the same time delicate and elegant color, which is great for creating a cozy atmosphere in the room. Expressive, heavy and mysterious. Purple crumpled velvet is perfect for creating an extraordinary and interesting design of the room.

Turquoise velvet curtains

With its rich appearance, it adds to the room the luxury of palace interiors.

Gray velvet curtains

Will bring coolness and refinement to the room. This multifaceted color goes well with other shades and creates harmony in the room.

Beige velvet curtains

Beige velvet curtains look elegant and contribute to a calm and soft interior.

Brown velvet curtains

Deep color for a comfortable feeling. The chocolate shade looks expensive, wealthy and respectable and thereby brings coziness, comfort and a sense of security to the room.

White velvet curtains

Solemn and smart. Velvet curtains in the white or milky shade, give the interior vintage and noble appearance.

Pink velvet curtains

It transforms a room beyond recognition and adds positive and freshness to it. Pink or purple velvet curtains will allow you to create the most original curtain combinations.

Blue dark velvet curtains

The color of the sea depth. It fills the space with peaceful coziness and brings noble elegance to the interior.

Blue light velvet curtains

Refreshing and pleasant. Curtains of this color are associated with cleanliness, visually expand the space in the room, make it deeper and add a sense of air.

Gold velvet curtains

It is associated with wealth and aristocracy, like yellow, it visually enlarges the room and makes it more illuminated. However, when using gold, a sense of proportion should be observed.

Design curtains in various styles

Velvet curtains will certainly become the main element in rooms of different styles.

Modern velvet curtains

For the contemporary style, plain velvet curtains are suitable, without unnecessary ornaments and decor elements. Curtains in dark colors will give the interior pragmatism and rigor.

Oriental velvet curtains

Velvet curtains are simply created for oriental style. The use of dense, draped canvases in bright and rich colors is especially appropriate here.

Classic velvet curtains

Long velvet curtains that lie on the floor, decorated with hooks, fringe, glass beads, mother of pearl, pompons, lambrequins or tassels, are perfect for this style. Such a curtain composition will especially fit perfectly into the interior.

What is better to combine with?

Velvet curtains combine perfectly with various decorative elements.

Sheer curtains

Velvet curtains are perfectly combined with lace and glossy or matte plain sheer curtains.


A classic version of decorating velvet curtains. The combination with a soft or hard bando lambrequin will give the atmosphere luxury, sophistication, and status.


Properly selected hooks in combination with curtains will add royal chic to the window opening and the atmosphere as a whole.

Care Tips

In order that velvet products do not lose their aesthetic appearance, they should be dry cleaned at least once a year. Such linens should be regularly cleaned and vacuumed using a nozzle in the form of a soft brush.

How to wash velvet curtains?

Velvet is a rather capricious material, so you need to handle it carefully with care.

  • First, you need to turn the products on the wrong side and fold them so that they do not unfold during the washing process
  • Then select the delicate washing mode and water temperature up to 30 ⁰С. The minimum amount of time for washing should be set, otherwise, the fabric may become deformed
  • You need to dry the velvet curtains in a horizontal position, spreading them on a flat surface

How to iron?

Velvet curtains are recommended to be ironed with great care, strictly in the direction of the pile. It is advisable to iron the curtains from the side of the pad, using a steam generator with a minimum set temperature of up to 100 ° C.

Velvet curtains allow you to decorate the room with special luxury. They are a fairly stylish element of decor and bring sophisticated aristocracy and undoubted wealth to the interior.

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