Throw pillows for tan couch: the ultimate guide for a perfect color matching

Throw pillows are essential decor elements within an interior design, particularly in a living room. A simple couch can acquire a whole new look by being accompanied by appropriate throw pillows. Among the most popular colors for a couch, tan finds itself at the top. This pale shade of brown reflects security and warmth. Furthermore, it contains earthy undertones. Nevertheless, it is a neutral shade and can integrate perfectly in any style.

When it comes to the throw pillows suitable for a tan couch, it should be noted that the latter goes with almost any shade. It depends on the particular design and effect you want to achieve. Therefore, we prepared a list with the best color matchings and an array of practical tips to get you started. Enjoy the process and get inspired for a perfect result!

Main principles to consider when choosing throw pillows

  • A single color palette. Consider one color palette for all pillows to enhance integrity within the setting. Although slightly deviating from the main shade, do not opt for different colors than the complimentary ones;
  • Symmetry and balance. If you opt for layers of pillows, consider a particular layout and keep it balanced for a symmetrical arrangement;
  • Larger and smaller prints. Opt for an accent print for the larger pillow that will serve as a point of interest, while choosing simpler patterns for small pillows, such as stripes;
  • From corners towards the inside of the couch. Consider larger pillows in the corner of the couch while opting for smaller ones when you reach the center of the couch;
  • Within limits. Undoubtedly throw pillows add comfort and style to your couch. Nevertheless, you should keep their number within limits since too many pillows reduce the couch’s comfort and stylish look.

Now that you are acquainted with the rules to be considered in advance, it is time you find out the best colors that go with a tan couch. From neutral shades to bolder splashes of color, get prepared for a comprehensive list of color pairings that fit any style!

Tan & White for a classy look

The classic white color works perfectly with any shade, particularly with such a contrast as tan. Combining these shades will lead to a balanced environment, where the white pillows will ensure that the place does not look too warm. It should be noted that a leather couch is a perfect option in this sense. When it comes to pillows, consider simple patterns on the white background, be it in the same or another color.

Tan & Black for a sophisticated environment

The combination of these two popular colors will enhance the contemporary look of the couch. It should be noted that, besides only black pillows, it is better to add other colors as well so as not to blur the shape of these elements on the tan background. Such a pairing will lead to an elegant impression. A single pillow in this color is enough to add a stylish effect.

Tan & Green for a refreshment

Although a neutral shade, tan requires a fresh color in combination to refresh the interior design. Green is a perfect option in this sense. Nevertheless, it should be noted that adding other colors in this pairing will smooth the contrast and lead to the perfect integration of the couch into the room. Particularly suitable such a combination is for the room if there are other green elements within the space.

Tan & Blue for a rich look

Throw pillows in navy blue or patterns in this color will complete an interior design that includes a tan couch. The cold shade of blue will refresh the warmth set by the tan couch, keeping it simple and stylish. It will surely fit a contemporary setting and suit those who look for a formal environment.

Tan & Gray for a balance of contrasts

Gray will serve as a perfect color to neutralize the warm tan. From lighter to darker shades, gray will complete a tan couch in a fine way, integrating the latter better into the interior design. Such throw pillows will emphasize simplicity and functionality, which are welcome in a contemporary setting.

Tan & Pink for a vibrant feel

Pink is perfect for bringing vibrance into the room, particularly an eye-catching shade of pink. It will complement the warm undertones of the tan couch and suit those who look for a cozy environment. Furthermore, you can go with particular patterns to enrich the couch with texture.

Tan & Yellow for full comfort

Yellow works as a perfect combination for tan since they are not far from each other and both have warm undertones. Such a pairing will offer comfort as these colors have a welcoming effect. It should be noted that yellow has to be accompanied by other colors so that the environment does not feel too warm.

As you have probably noticed, tan combines with neutral and bold shades that either complement it or balance its warm undertones. It should be noted that particularly white can be paired with tan without implying any other color. As regards other shades, they go in a combination of three or more, including other colors as well. Let’s take a look at the following array of photos that emphasize the latter mentioned aspect perfectly and get inspired for fascinating results!

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