Scandinavian-style wallpapers: ideas for wall decoration

There are a sufficient number of reasons making use of the Scandinavian style in the interior an entirely justified decision. First of all, these include the cozy and pacifying atmosphere created in the room, and the impressive northern freshness, which has an invigorating effect on the inhabitants of the home and its guests. 

A separate place in the Scandinavian style is occupied by wallpaper – not too frequent, but very important element of it, which is worth telling in more detail.

Features of scandinavian style wallpapers

The main characteristic feature of the Scandinavian style, which has much in common with minimalism, is the simplicity of decoration, in which white or light gray predominates. At the same time, he is characterized by the use of bright accents that give the premises a more expressive character.

Noteworthy is such a remarkable feature of this direction, as an organic combination of modern and ethnic elements.

If we single out the most significant rule for using wallpaper in the Scandinavian style, then it implies a refusal to decorate all the walls at once in favor of the only one. This principle is relevant for all decoration materials that are colored, regardless of whether there is a picture on them or not. Following this technique allows you to create a spectacular contrast, and therefore it is strongly discouraged to refuse it. The only exceptions are white and light gray wallpapers, the appearance of which is close to painted and plastered surfaces: with such coatings you can decorate all walls.

Another factor, the consideration of which is extremely desirable, is the specifics of the transformed premises, namely: its dimensions and shape. In a situation where colored Scandinavian-style wallpapers are selected, the following conditions must be observed:

  • if the room is large, it is better to paste over that wall, which is located opposite the door;
  • in the case when the room has a rectangular shape, it is recommended to decorate a shorter wall with wallpaper, thereby visually increasing the space;
  • for small rooms, the best solution is to wallpaper the wall, which acts as a background for a sofa, shelves or TV.

In order to emphasize the aesthetics of Scandinavian wallpapers, designers advice to complement the interior with accessories, such as:

  • glass or ceramic vessels;
  • products from natural fabrics;
  • pillows on beds and other items of upholstered furniture;
  • decorative rugs.

For accessories to blend well with wallpaper, you need to pay attention to their shades. The simplest solution to this problem is to use one pair of colors, as an option, white with red or blue. But overloading the walls with decorative objects is not worth it: in most situations, one such element is enough.

Selection rules

Scandinavian style in the interior involves the use of several basic varieties of wallpaper, each of which is noteworthy in its own way. These include:

  • Light materials in pastel colors. Such wall coverings, well compensating for the lack of sunlight, solve two problems at once – visually increase the room and bring maximum cleanliness and comfort to it.
  • Wallpaper close to minimalism. For interior decoration in the Scandinavian style, are most suitable those that organically combine several shades at once and are not decorated with excessively large and striking patterns.
  • Coatings, which are an imitation of natural materials. The latter most often are stone, wood, brick, tile and plaster.
  • Canvases decorated with repeating patterns. Such wallpaper is characterized by the presence of strict lines, original geometric shapes, stripes and rhombs.
  • Finishing materials with natural stylistic motifs. Wall coverings decorated with images of trees look especially advantageous.

Scandinavian-style wallpaper themes can be different. For example, strict geometric patterns (such as rhombuses or zig zags) emphasize the restraint of this design.

But, since repeating patterns can create strong accents, it is recommended that you choose them to design a wall that is not covered by furniture or accessories.

Another good variant for this type of wall is the abstraction. Often abstract, as well as other plots, are present on the photo wallpaper: this is ideal for creating accents if you do not plan to emphasize the proximity of design to old styles.

Other patterns may be present on the walls: children’s drawings, floristry, damask, classic ornaments.

Smooth lines are also popular in the Scandinavian style: they visually raise the ceiling, expanding the space, and also emphasize the rigor and dimensionality of the design.

Bright Scandinavian-style wallpapers are rare. However, such an effect is possible with sufficient balancing shades.

That is why wallpapers of saturated colors are used exclusively for creating accent walls or decorating niches, ledges, partitions and other structures.

The Scandinavian orientation of design can be manifested in many shades, patterns and design features. But some ways of decorating individual interiors are so rooted that they are considered traditional in this style, so let’s dwell on the features of decorating some rooms of your house.

Wall decoration with scandinavian wallpapers in different rooms

Scandinavian style can be used in any of the rooms. It all depends on your imagination, and how much you can organically combine different details with each other. Even if they, at first glance, seem completely incompatible.

Scandinavian wallpaper in the living room

Most often, the elegant Scandinavian style decorate the living room. This room is considered by many to be the “face” of the apartment, because it is here that guests gather and the whole family spends time. Therefore, it is beneficial to design such a room in the Scandinavian style: firstly, you save space, and secondly, you can emphasize the sophistication of taste.

The simplest design option for the living room is simple white wallpaper. Despite the fact that for many it seems too banal design decision, the white room always looks neat and stylish. All it takes is some quality furniture and a few discrete accents to complete the design.

If you do not like white, then you can pick up something else. The main condition is that the color should be pastel and pleasing to the eye. Good examples are delicate blue, gray or coffee.

When decorating all the walls, you can use wallpapers of spring shades with light patterns, for example, floral arrangements, as well as wallpaper with a strict strip.

Creating accents in scandinavian interiors is also not difficult: select the main wall and decorate it with bright or dark color. But do not forget that such a room should be well lit, otherwise you will not be able to emphasize the effect of lightness and simplicity.

When choosing wallpapers for accent design, be sure to consider the color of the floor.

To prevent the room from being perceived too gloomy, the floor should be as light as possible, like the rest of the walls.

A fairly common way to highlight walls in such rooms is to use imitation materials.

Wallpaper stylized as brickwork, stone trim, wood panels or plaster will be a harmonious addition to the formed style.

But the horizontal combination of wallpaper and wood panels for such styles is not typical. In general, try not to create intrusive combinations of wallpaper or other materials: let the separation be present only on adjacent walls, and even then in a small amount. The simplicity of the design will directly depend on this.

Scandinavian wallpaper in the bedroom

Another room that will only get better if designed in a minimalist style is a bedroom. Bright wallpaper and a relaxed atmosphere in this room contribute to peace and good sleep. In a properly designed room in the Scandinavian style it is much easier to forget about all your stresses and calmly go into the world of dreams.

To avoid creating a boring design, choose a wallpaper with unobtrusive ornaments: small floral patterns, straight lines or waves.

Warmer or darker shades can be used to highlight the bedside. But when implementing this effect, adhere to the rule: the bed and textiles in the interior should be as light as possible.

To make the accent zone more interesting, create a small panel with the help of wallpaper, design a niche with built-in illumination, or simply hang pictures, watches or other accessories.

If the patterns present on the walls are unobtrusive, additional decorations will not spoil the appearance of such surfaces.

In the design of the Scandinavian bedroom is undesirable to use bright colors. Firstly, such rooms do not always have enough space, and there is a risk that powerful accent colors in the interior will prevail. Secondly, during sleep, such shades will have a negative effect.

If you still decide to break the traditions of the Scandinavian style – try to maintain uniformity in color.

Scandinavian wallpaper in the kitchen

A kitchen that requires a maximum of free space and light is most often decorated in this style. This design will attract owners of apartments with kitchens, limited in size.

The presence of light elements in furniture and, of course, on the walls is the main guarantee of the successful creation of Scandinavian decor in this interior.

When using plain light-colored wallpapers, be sure to think about ways to revitalize the situation. Small paintings, a bright tablecloth or stylized accessories will help make this room more cheerful.

Light wallpapers with patterns are suitable for decoration of the dining room area and the cooking space.

As patterns, geometric, floral motifs, stories with animals and birds, as well as photo wallpapers on a natural theme are suitable for you.

As shades for decorating Scandinavian kitchen, white, beige, green, pink, yellow, blue, gray and light brown colors are suitable. Orange, blue, purple and other bright inserts may be present on one of the walls, but it is advisable to dwell on the most lightened palette.

For the space between worktops and hanging cabinets, are often used wallpapers with imitation of tree, stone, brick. Such a room will look like a loft-style interior, so add aged furniture in light shades to the kitchen design.

An unusual effect in the design of Scandinavian kitchen is the use of black and white colors. Against the background of snow-white furniture and the floor, a wallpaper with an unobtrusive black and white pattern will effectively look.

One of the successful options in this case is a strict strip, which according to the peculiarities of perception corresponds to the Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian wallpaper in the office

Similar design looks beneficial in the workroom. The lack of bright accents and colorful wallpapers makes it possible to concentrate on work, without being distracted by anything. Use light wallpapers, soft armchairs and high-quality furniture to create a place where you will be pleased not only to relax, but also to work.

Scandinavian wallpaper in the hallway and corridor

As in the living room, in these rooms the use of Scandinavian-style wallpapers makes it possible to attract the attention of guests from the first step beyond the threshold. Beautiful and high-quality wallpapers, correctly selected furniture and deliberate negligence in all design will delight those who decide to decorate the hallway in the style of cold Scandinavia.

Scandinavian wallpaper in the children’s room

A pastel palette is a good option for the design of a children’s room. Even small drawings on children’s subjects can be used on the walls in the presence of light and soft shades. Such wallpapers are suitable for decorating both the game zone and the sleep zone.

In general, this northern style is quite universal. In addition to these basic interior design options, you can come up with many more, creating a cozy and suitable room for you. So, if you are inspired by the aesthetics of the Scandinavian countries, simplicity and naturalness, you can safely choose this style as the main one in your apartment or at least in one of the rooms.

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