Kitchen in Scandinavian style, for those who prefer minimalism and comfort without compromise

Kitchen in Scandinavian style, for those who prefer minimalism and comfort without compromise

Recently, the Scandinavian style has begun to enjoy a particular popularity in the design of interiors and exteriors. The furniture company Ikea, which has Swedish roots, played an important role in its promotion. Initially, all the furniture from this company had the most popular design in Sweden, Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. It is this simple and laconic furniture design that began to call itself Scandinavian worldwide. The style of decorating the room and the use of this furniture as well as the color palette inherent to the Nordic countries are now known as the Scandinavian.

The Scandinavian style kitchen is an option that has recently become particularly popular. A lot of natural light, the presence within it of original design ideas that resonate with comfort and optimal decoration – all this makes the style unforgettable and unique, and the stay of the guests in such a kitchen will be comfortable and rich in pleasant moments. These premises are very practical and minimalist, which is particularly appreciated during the development of urban apartments.

Style features

The Scandinavian style of interior design is distinguished by a particular desire for naturalness for the people of the North. As a result, all the finishing and construction materials used are natural. The use of natural wood, which can be present in the decoration of furniture, floors and walls, occupies a special place in the Scandinavian interior.

If you look at the pictures of different elements and objects made in the Scandinavian solution, you will notice that it presents enormous differences compared to other styles.

  • Convenience, functionality. These are the main features that characterize this style. Design plays a secondary role here, the main thing being to know which functions are executed in one direction or the other.
  • White background is traditionally the main difference between the style considered. To give a contrast to the room, bright details, decorations or furniture are used.
  • Respect for forms that are both simple and strict, taking into account individual proportions.
  • The relatively high cost, even in the little things. Indeed, when decorating the rooms respecting the standards of this style, priority is given to strictly natural materials. A large species of wood is used in large quantities – needles, larches.
  • The style is very similar to minimalism: there are few details. The only thing that matters is light. Natural and artificial lighting allows you to visually enlarge the space of the room and zoning in multiple mini-rooms.

Thus, the design of the kitchen in the Scandinavian style is not just a tribute to fashion, but to something beautiful. By skillfully using the details, you can achieve considerable effect and obtain an excellent image as a whole.

Ideas – Scandinavian kitchen design images

Materials for floors, ceilings and walls

For the floor covering, ceramic tiles or a light wood board (bleached), are chosen. The tile can be white, gray, black and black-white.

Matériaux pour sols, plafonds et murs cuisine style scandinave

For the walls of Scandinavian kitchens, bricks or its high quality imitation are often used. There is a small trace of some appeal to the loft style, however, there should be no pipes or open wires, unhidden heating radiators.

To design a backsplash, tiles are often used under masonry. Can also be used brown cladding brick, painted white and wood panel, rarely mosaic and glass.

The ceiling of the Scandinavian kitchen must be white and smooth. In the case of installing suspended ceiling structures, it is recommended to use glossy or mirrored white paints.

As for the design of window openings in the Scandinavian kitchen, they are very often left without curtains. If you can not do without it, prefer translucent Roman curtains, easy to remove.

Ideas – Photos of materials used in Scandinavian style kitchens

Palette of colors and Scandinavian kitchen furniture

The main colors for decorating walls in Scandinavian style are white and blue. Curiously, but despite the cold climate and lack of sun in these northern countries, the warm colors are almost not found in the Scandinavian interior. Therefore, in the design of the walls of the Scandinavian kitchen can not be used yellow, beige and orange.

The main color of the kitchen furniture is also white, while the fronts of the kitchen cupboards usually have a shiny surface that reflects the light and increases the amount.

Couleurs et meubles cuisine style scandinave

If you decide to use Scandinavian style details, the number of furniture in the kitchen should be minimal, although the space in the kitchen allows you to place many more items. The Scandinavian style is characterized by the breadth and multifunctionality of the furniture. The main requirement that the piece must meet is the relevance and simplicity in all areas, up to the details.

Scandinavian style kitchens often consist only of darker lower modules. In this case, pencil cases and closed cupboards are installed in the corners and most of the space above the tables in the work area remains open.

With regard to kitchen appliances, almost all is integrated. Preference is given to cooking aids, of metallic color. If the kitchen can not boast impressive dimensions, the dining room often has a bar counter or a miniature folding wall table for breakfast.

As a material for furniture, you should only choose natural wood because it has a noble appearance, is not harmful to health and allows guests and owners of such a space to feel at ease, creating a comfortable atmosphere. Metal or basketry elements that enhance the general style and give it a certain concentration can be used as decoration elements for the furniture.

Meubles bois naturel cuisine style scandinave

When choosing the shape of the furniture, the right rectangular products should be preferred. For example, natural wood looks great in light brown or cognac tones.

Ideas – Colors and furniture in the Scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian style kitchen: decorative elements

If the furnishing is accompanied by the simplicity of the details and their minimum, the decoration is exactly the opposite. After all, during its implementation, special attention is paid to brightness, focusing on individual details.

It is thanks to the success of the decoration that the design of the North, slightly boring, acquires a particular flavor and becomes more malicious. For example, nothing prevents you from adding a few colorful posters to the wall decor and placing a carpet of bright colors on the floor.

At the same time, we must not forget textiles, which are so pleasing to both body and mind. By using unusual towels, aprons and potholders in the design of your kitchen, you can create a beautiful style with a variety of white tones.

Cuisine de style scandinave: éléments décoratifs

In addition, a small Scandinavian-style kitchen involves the fusion of certain details and their interaction in completely different areas: you can use small pillows of the same color and cut to decorate, carpets in different parts of the room, etc. Do not forget to hang the clock on the wall and place pots of plants on the windowsills.

Thus, the execution of the kitchen and its details in this style are an excellent opportunity to create an atmosphere and to set the tone of the room. If you want the direction of the style to blend in perfectly with the cold or, on the contrary, with the warmth of other styles, you must try hard and create your own “zest”characteristic of your kitchen. For those who appreciate elegance, the Scandinavian trend has fallen under the spell of its versatility: it is ideal even for a small kitchen, saving space.

The lighting

A very common decorative technique in Scandinavian kitchen decoration is to place light bulbs in small groups. In a group, there may be two to five identical ceiling lights suspended from the ceiling.

éclairage cuisine style scandinave

These group lamps are located directly above the dining and work areas. They must hang extremely low because their location is one of the hallmarks of this style. As for the design of the luminaires, they should be extremely concise and their color often bright.

Decorating ideas – Photos of kitchen decorations in modern and contemporary Scandinavian kitchen

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