12 Original Pink Rug Design Ideas to Try This Season

No doubt, pink has always been a trendy color. Moreover, the release of the Barbie movie made everybody around the world embrace the new trend. Interior designers could not lose this opportunity and arrange a full comeback for one of the most beloved colors. Thus, we come to pink rug design ideas.

Although many tend to think of a kids’ room or a girl’s bedroom when they hear “pink rug”, we assure you that the variety of pink shades and the multitude of design options can make a pink rug the main accent in your home. You won’t stop admiring it while your guests will constantly ask you where you got it. The secret is how you style a pink rug.

What colors pair well with a pink rug?

In most scenarios, a pink rug is a statement piece, and neutrals like white, gray, beige, or darker colors would better complement it. Still, the rise of maximalist options that require as much color as possible allows for a freer styling of a pink area rug. Thus, you can easily pair it with brighter colors. Think yellow or orange.

How do you style a pink rug?

Is your intention to make it the main focus or pair it with other equally bright statement pieces in the room? Still, we wouldn’t recommend using it in an all-neutral color palette. You risk making the room feel unbalanced. Try instead additional accents, such as colorful wall art or cushions, which don’t necessarily have to be equally brightly colored. 

Discover the most original pink rug design ideas and the best ways to style it in your home. Who knows how long this trend will last, yet you cannot sleep on it. Besides, our suggested design ideas have limitless potential, and you’ll be able to enjoy your pink rug even long after the Barbie pink sparkle gets replaced by another thematic trend. Don’t forget pink is a timeless color.

Modern Pink Rug Design

Stay on trend with these fantastic pink rug design ideas. Choose abstract fusions of pink shades that perfectly underline your desire to stay sleek while colorful with your home design. By the way, try unconventional shapes.

Pink Fluffy Rug

If you’re fully in the Barbie mood, get the fluffiest area rug in a bright pink shade for the softest effect ever. Decorate non-high-traffic areas, such as the bedroom. Moreover, think of a small pink shag area rug to step onto right after you get up.

A Dash of Serotonin to Your Decor

You should definitely try a brightly colored pink area rug in your living room, bedroom, or dining room. Pair it mandatorily with wood texture, white, or black, and let it steal the show. Additionally, pick a Vintage or Traditional style.

Distressed Pink Rug

A more neutral alternative to the previous option is a washed-out pink area rug design that preserves the same vintage or traditional motifs. You can easily use it in any room since the neutral design adapts to any color palette effortlessly.

Pink and Blue Rug Design

When it comes to color compatibility on the same rug, blue wins first place. They contrast each other surprisingly well, sharing a balanced union with the space. Interestingly, light, dark, and bright blue shades are suitable.

Pink and Green Rug Design

Pink and green is an irreplaceable combination, like on a late summer rose. Try this duo for your new pink rug design and enjoy the organic color scheme that enriches your interior design with dopamine.

Try the Combo: Pink and Orange

Colorists say that pink and orange are a safe bet for home decor. As if completing each other, they still are so close. If you want the ultimate splash of energy in your home, choose a pink and orange rug design.

Pink Boho Textiles

The new home decor fabric trends are firmly directed towards a bolder color interpretation in the company of well-defined or abstract prints. Thus, experts recommend choosing eclectic pairings of colors, including pink, and alluring patterns.  

Earthy Radish Pink

For a more traditional or comfortable effect, choose pink rug designs with a darker and earthier shade. Moreover, it makes your room feel more formal despite using an apparently cheerful color like pink. 

Dilute Your Routine with Pink

Give a try to the true hit of the season – bold, almost neon pink rugs. Keep it for a month or two, and you’ll notice how you start to love the new show-stealer. What’s more, it will instantly enliven the space and make your daily routine more cheerful.

Pink Bathroom Mat

It can be a pink bathroom mat for the wet area or a true runner rug for the vanity space. Regardless of your bathroom color code, a bit of pinkish energy wouldn’t spoil the result.

Pink Hallway Runner Rug

Make a standout intro to your interior design with a statement pink runner rugger. Your guests will surely fall in love with the new show-stopper. Set the right mood from the beginning. 

Now is high time for pink. We hope you enjoyed our carefully selected best pink rug design ideas. Get inspired for a pinkish attempt of your own.

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