Pastel tiles: features of use in the interior

The world, immersed in the color palette of autumn, takes on a more nostalgic atmosphere. Warm flames dancing in the fireplace immerse you in the memories of spring and summer associated with pastels: the freshness of peaches, the scent of flowers, or the taste of ice cream. This lightness and charm of the summer months can be preserved longer by adding delicate shades of tiles to the interior, allowing you to experience carefree joy, regardless of the temperature outside the window.

Pastels were previously used primarily for the nursery to create an idyllic aura. This tone was also often found in the romantic French country atmosphere or patterns prevailing in English kitchens. The style of modern industrialism has replaced pastel from the interior color palette. However, it remains in the circle of popular proposals and continues to conquer the world of design. Coffee with milk and pale pink shades are also in trend, especially as the colder days arrive.

Variety of color palette

Tile beige is a safe and neutral color. There is no more versatile shade that looks equally good with warm and cool colors. This calm tone promotes serenity, evokes positive emotions, guarantees the freshness, and, like white, can optically increase the area. It is associated with relaxation, which is why it is often used in the living room or bedroom. This tone is associated with lightness and spring, allows you to create a sensual environment, and is optimally combined with modern trends.

Some people feel relaxation when they see beige in the interior, while others, on the contrary, consider it a sign of boredom and lack of creativity. To avoid the feeling of monotony and at the same time get a holistic design, it is worth combining the classic beige tiles with gray or white, decorated with black accents. The characteristic diagonal grooves and rough texture of the tiles give the interior a modern look, while the floor tiles’ warm wood motif adds integrity.

Beige tiles are also an alternative to white, often used to soften bright colors and light up small interiors. A cream-colored tile’s optical properties with a decorative stone design reflect the sun’s rays on an interesting texture, creating a feeling of spaciousness. The solution can be safely used in small spaces and additionally use darker shades, such as graphite or black. The resulting contrast does not overwhelm the interior, and the delicate colors of the tiles make the atmosphere cozier and more harmonious. Combining earthy tones with pastels is a great option to accentuate a shabby chic, rustic or vintage vibe. The impressive stone-like surface is indispensable for creating a romantic, feminine, and sensual ambiance.

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What to combine beige with

The versatility of beige is a real treat for a creative designer. Nothing stands in the way of combining creamy shades with raw concrete for a balanced modern effect or combining it with wood for a classic touch of elegance. Pastels are well suited both for gentle warm tones and for a group of cold or invigorating shades. With the help of mustard yellow or fuchsia tiles, you can create an interior filled with an atmosphere of joy that evokes positive emotions from the doorway. Beige tiles combined with cool blue, olive, or muted gray give an impression of lightness and freshness, filling the interior in a Scandinavian or industrial style. It is worth leaving room for metal, glass, and wood accessories in such an environment and introducing a few luscious tones that add mood to the decor.

Pastel and red brick

The use of brick red is a fashionable trend to revitalize interiors in beige tones. The theme is most often associated with an industrial atmosphere but can also be used in a Scandinavian or classical setting. Tiles of neutral colors combined with textured material “brick-like” form a balance between the original character of the interior and the atmosphere of relaxation. However, it must be remembered that large areas, decorated with brick effect tiles, overload the room. Therefore, it is better to use this solution on a specific fragment, such as a television wall or an area adjacent to a window. The combination of brick and beige tiles is in perfect harmony with the wooden floor.

Concrete and pastel

As industrial and loft-style dominate most apartments, architectural concrete has become the interior’s main decoration. Usually, it is accompanied by tones from graphite to subtle shades of gray, complemented by expressive elements of white and black. Together, they create an original minimalistic picture, in which there are no unnecessary details. When decorating a room, pastels’ power diversifies the solid gray shade of rough large-format slabs. Delicate shades of powdery pink or heather, used as soft fabrics and textures, complement the tiled ensemble, bringing freshness and lightness to the room without losing the modern vibe.

Pastel with expressive accents

The combination of pastel colors used on floors, walls, furniture, or decorations guarantees a decor with a romantic touch. The tone’s stylistic possibilities don’t end there, as its neutral character is supported by a combination with intense and dark colors, which allows for a bold and effective composition. The elegant combination of pink and black tiles lends depth to the interior, and together with accessories in a similar tone, creates a typically modern atmosphere. This wonderful accent is not only suitable for interiors with a modern character – but it also makes a great addition to vintage or Scandinavian decor.

Black brick-look tiles are not the end of extraordinary ideas for the embodiment of a fabulous landscape with pastels in the lead role. Sometimes, with a few crisp details, you can break the subdued ambiance of an interior and get amazing results. It is not only luscious plant leaves, soft fabric pillows and blankets, or a large round mirror that enliven the room. In addition to them, tiles with a vintage design look interesting on the wall. To get a sense of the summer atmosphere, use wood-motif flooring and complement the decor with designer metal accessories that have been a fashion trend for several years.

Pastels throughout the house

Love for pastels is not limited to living space because light shades have long been a leader in creating a house’s surroundings. The delicate beige color reigns on the facades of both classic and modern buildings and also creates an aesthetic whole with graphite, black or red tiles that perfectly match the green landscape around. To diversify the shape or highlight certain architectural elements, such as a terrace area or an entrance to a room, it is worth using the potential of tiles inspired by natural stone. The tile’s varied texture with visible scuffs and grooves resembles sandy beaches for a light, harmonious effect. In addition to visual qualities, such tiles are a practical and affordable finishing material. It provides for ease of installation and is durable in operation, allowing you to preserve the house’s facade’s original appearance in bright sunlight in summer and severe frosts in winter.

Pastel is a kind of compensation for the lack of sun and cloudy days in the interior, which become an everyday reality in autumn. An accompanying boost of positive energy is an effective recipe for lethargy, November depression, and yearning for summer. This delicate color scheme looks good in both Scandinavian and industrial styles. Pastel likes the company of white and black tiles or red bricks.

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