Design and decoration of a modern living room with a fireplace

In a modern living room, you can increasingly find something as archaic as a fireplace. Once upon a time there were people who thought of making a niche in the wall, installing a pipe and lighting a flame – this is how medieval castles and mansions were heated.

Today there is no need to heat the house with an open flame, there are many more modern systems. But the fireplaces do not lose their popularity, because they immediately make the living room more comfortable, adds warmth and a certain charm.

How to combine the design of the living room with a modern fireplace, in what style it is better to design a room, what type of fireplace to choose and how to install it correctly – all this is in the article.

Features of modern living rooms with fireplaces

Of course, it is better to use decor such as a fireplace in the large living room of a spacious private house. There are decorative fireplaces in the chalets, they often heat small chalets.

Today, more and more, you can find design solutions using a modern fireplace designed for a small room: a comfortable room, an office or a bedroom. Therefore, the apartment also has a place for such popular equipment, especially since modern fireplaces are distinguished by their heating mode, their size and their appearance.

The main attraction of the fireplace is the shape of an open flame – this spectacle is really fascinating and soothing, adds harmony to the room. However, a modern living room is not an ideal place for a primitive bonfire, you need something much more elegant and fashionable.

Choosing a modern fireplace for a modern living room is necessary taking into account several factors, such as:

  • interior design of a living room;
  • the type of hatching itself;
  • place of installation;
  • organization of the fireplace space.

Important! After deciding to install a fireplace in the living room, it is necessary to analyze all of these factors so that the room looks elegant and modern.

Fireplace inside different living rooms

Of course, there are many styles for decorating living rooms, but not all of them are compatible with an interior detail such as a fireplace. For example, a modern fireplace with a heat-generating fire is totally inappropriate in a Mediterranean theme: fire is no longer necessary in pop art or in such a popular loft.

But there are several modern styles in which the fireplace looks authentic, it is combined with other details and emphasizes the design decision. Great projects are featured in the photo gallery for this article.

The best solutions for living rooms with a fireplace come in the following styles:

  • Classic. Where can there be a fireplace, if not in a classic living room with wooden furniture, heavy carriers, stucco moldings or relief patterns on the walls. It should be understood that in such a design, the fireplace should not only look expensive, but should in fact be a real luxury item. The fireplaces and their framing for the classic living room must be made of natural materials such as granite, marble, ceramic, tiles or precious wood.
  • In more luxurious Baroque, Rococo or Empire style homes, they will also be useful. In this room, everything should be beautiful and sparkling, and the fireplace is no exception. The portal can be decorated with stucco, forged elements and gilding.
  • In the living rooms decorated in the sense of Provence, the fireplace should only be white. Other shades are acceptable, but they must be muted, pastel. The portal can be very simple – an ordinary rectangle, without decorations or loops. The artificially aged wood or ceramic fireplace is very impressive.
  • The rustic style room is complemented by a rustic style fireplace; it may seem massive and coarse. The gates of these fireplaces are generally made in the form of the letter “There is always a combustion chamber with real wood and a bundle of wood or stone.”
  • The design of the fireplace in the living room in a modern style can be different. The urban romance of a small apartment goes well with semi-circular or elongated chimney shapes. It is quite possible to buy an interesting and unusual model, which will certainly become the highlight of the interior.
  • For a minimalist living room, the laconic decoration of the portal, the small dimensions, the strict shapes and the calm tones are suitable. The decor in such a fireplace should be less, but its material or shape can be very unusual. For example, glass and coarse metal combine well.
  • The fireplaces also look pretty good in equally popular high tech. For such a room, you must also find something unusual, but ultramodern. The latest models of artificial fireplaces running on electricity or other energy sources are perfect.

Important! The living room with a fireplace in a modern style will cost the owner of the house quite expensive, you need to be prepared for additional expenses.

Varieties of fireplaces

Choose the type of electric fireplaces according to the dimensions of the room and taking into account the style of its design. It is also important to pay attention to the furniture, arrangement, location of windows and doors in the living room.

There are many varieties of modern fireplaces, here are just the most popular:

  • The integrated fireplaces are mounted directly on the wall. Such an installation is difficult to perform, so it will be expensive. But the chimney will not take up much space, because only the shelf and the combustion chamber will be outside.
  • Wall chimneys are considered the most massive, but also the most naturalistic. They are installed along one of the living room walls and take up a lot of space, so they are only suitable for spacious rooms.
  • Island fireplaces have appeared on the market relatively recently. They are often used in modern living rooms, since such designs are perfectly combined with the style of minimalism or high technology. There are such chimneys suspended or on the ground, they adapt perfectly to the zoning of the living room.

* Corner designs are the most popular in urban apartments because they look great, don’t take up much space, and combine perfectly with living room furniture.

Modern fireplaces differ in the type of fuel (it can be firewood or gas, for example), you can also find electric fireplaces that only bring light – they do not heat the living room, but they can decorate it.

In the harmonious interior of the living room, all the elements and all the details must be combined. It is therefore very important to also know what material the chimney is made of. Today, fireplaces are made from raw materials such as:

  • Brick is particularly suitable for classic living rooms or country-style bedrooms. The shade of the brick can vary and there are natural brown tones and a softer gray.
  • The stone is suitable for country or living room designed in a rustic style. Very original fireplaces are arranged from natural stones of different sizes and shapes over the entire height of the living room: from floor to ceiling.
  • The metal is very well suited to modern trends. The living rooms use different shades of metal: silver, bronze, gold and a simple black color. Often the design is completed with plastic or glass, but it is important to check the heat resistance of such a decor.

Most modern fireplaces are light, but brick or stone portals weigh a lot. You must therefore calculate the loads of this equipment and compare them with the capacities of the supporting structures.

How to organize a space around a fireplace

The owner is often faced with the problem of arranging furniture and other interior items in a room with a fireplace. Usually, the fireplace occupies a long free wall of the living room, the one on which it is usual to place a television.

A particular difficulty lies in the fact that the chimney heats up. It is therefore impossible to place flammable objects nearby. Even if the fireplace does not heat but is a simple decoration, it must be clearly visible from any corner of the living room or divide the room into zones.

A living room with an electric fireplace should not be overloaded with furniture, so you should leave the most necessary interior elements.

You can arrange the furniture in the living room as follows:

  • On both sides of the fireplace (at a safe distance), install two chairs and put a small table between them for dinners. Armchairs should face the fire.
  • A corner or sofa is placed against the opposite wall. In order to make the interior look harmonious, it is recommended to choose the same padding for all upholstered furniture in the living room.
  • All the furniture should not be lost on the bottom of the fireplace, because the fireplace is not the central element of the living room, but only its equivalent part.
  • When the fireplace is placed near a small wall, a minimum of furniture should remain in the living room, otherwise it will seem crowded. A pair of armchairs, a table and shelves are enough.
  • Family photos can be placed above the fireplace or on a shelf – this will create even more comfort in the living room.
  • The TV is not placed on the fireplace or on the opposite wall, as this device is harmful to the heat and reflections from the fire do not allow you to see the image on the screen. The best place for a TV is an adjacent wall.
  • From fire to fuel, there must be at least 1.5 meters.

Warning! The floor near the fireplace with a real flame should be fireproof, ceramic, stone or treated wood. Do not cover this area with rugs or skins.

The modern interior often looks cold and lifeless, as it consists mainly of glass, metal or plastic. Furniture as simple and long forgotten as a fireplace can quickly add warmth to a living room and make it more comfortable.

Today on sale you can find many models, but you need to choose a fireplace for a certain interior of the living room, so that everything is harmonious.

Photos of ideas for design and decoration of the living room with a fireplace in a modern style

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