Modern Farmhouse Living Room: Key Features, Latest Trends, and Top Design Ideas with Photos

We can all agree that Farmhouse is the epitome of comfort, coziness, and natural simplicity that feels appealing from every angle. Deeply rooted in the German and Scandinavian culture of the 18th century and soon becoming part of the American heritage as well, the Traditional Farmhouse appeared as a response to the necessities of houses on the farm ground of that time. No wonder, Farmhouse is closely related to Rustic due to its intense use of wood and distressed surfaces, which, once considered a common thing in a farmhouse, now are regarded as design techniques of the highest level in terms of aesthetics. 

The traditional variation of this style is all about the ways people tried to make the most of what they had at the farm and create a comfortable environment they could come to after a long workday. The classy long porches where they kept the firewood and enjoyed the sunset, the large kitchens where they gathered in the evening, the simple things that filled their hearts with joy. Once a lifestyle, now – an interior design style. 

As history went on, in the late 20th and 21st centuries, Farmhouse gained special attention from those who integrated the style not as a necessity but as an attempt to restore the comfort of farmhouses and personalize the interior with rustic charm. It is no secret that once people refer to styles that originated years if not centuries ago, they tend to unconsciously adapt them to contemporary values. This is why we can speak today about Modern Farmhouse. The difference consists of the fact that the classic Farmhouse supposes an interior entirely dedicated to the original style, while Modern Farmhouse refers mainly to statement accents belonging to Farmhouse within contemporary interiors. To be precise, Modern Farmhouse is about less clutter and more minimalist approaches that keep pace with everything trendy yet preserve the main feature of such interiors – comfort to the fullest. 

The Modern Farmhouse style is impressively vast and supposes various elements that resonate with naturalness and coziness on a contemporary background, revealing various concepts for each room in part. It would be wise enough to analyze them separately, and today, we would like to unfold the secrets of a Modern Farmhouse living room and dive deep into every aspect that stands behind it. 

Modern Farmhouse Living Room: Key Features

There is no other room you can play as courageously with design styles as the living room. When bringing Modern Farmhouse and living room together, we achieve a fully developed concept that embraces traditions and celebrates the simplicity of contemporary trends for stylish interiors that reveal comfort through carefully chosen elements inspired by cozy farmhouse spaces. One should consider the following mandatory elements in a living room to fully recreate an updated Farmhouse interior:

  • Neutral color scheme. Unlike Traditional Farmhouse, which finds its peace in natural-based yet saturated colors and instantly catches the eye, Modern Farmhouse supposes an impartial color board that keeps pace with minimalism and serves the idea of a calm environment. 
  • Decluttered surfaces. The updated Farmhouse perceives comfort in the simplicity of decor and layout, although the materials peculiar to last centuries’ houses on farm grounds are preserved.
  • Open floors. Modern Farmhouse does not like overloaded spaces but wide floors that reveal their rich texture and let the fine country air flow all over the space in all its uniqueness.
  • Combined textures. The desired sense of coziness is achieved through mixes of various textures, with wood in the first place, followed by various fabrics, such as cotton or wool, which softens the overly simplified neutral palette for an authentic countryside appeal.
  • Large comfy furniture. The main sources of comfort are, without any doubt, the sizable pieces of furniture that evoke durability, reliability, and the desire to spend around them as much time as possible, such as an oversize sofa with the softest upholstery or an immense wood table with ergonomic chairs in its neighborhood. 
  • Minimum of accessories. While Modern Farmhouse sticks to what Country style feels like – a peaceful escape from sophisticated and urban, it knows that contemporary comfort relies on free space and not on the abundance of decor.  
  • Reclaimed wood surfaces. Wood is definitely part of a Modern Farmhouse living room, and while other defining features of the Traditional Farmhouse lost their role in contemporary interiors, reclaimed wood remained untouched due to its irreplaceable property of replicating traditions when old and new meet in Modern Farmhouse.

Modern Farmhouse is not a style that came to the fore this year. It has been here for quite a time, and each season it hits with something new. Designers have prepared a list of fresh trends that breathe new life into the beloved style and adapt it to the latest tendencies in interior design. With some predictable and others – surprising, the new Modern Farmhouse trends for the living room are surely there to impress.

White-Washed Wood

White-painted wood or bleached wood surfaces replace the natural wood texture for a fresh look of the style. It seems contemporary gains power over the style, and designers support it fully. Now, wood trim and decorative wood beams share their love for fresh with white, leaving the wood pieces of furniture the possibility to become the main characters in terms of texture. 

Contrasting Shades

The new tendencies allow you to go with colors other than light neutral in a Modern Farmhouse interior. Such shades as dark blues and classy black are considered the new friends of the popular style. While some can limit themselves to a bold accent wall, others can fully cover the walls in dark paint and let the rich wood grain unfold its effect on the space in an updated way. 

Closer to Nature

Since Modern Farmhouse tries to keep pace with what comes new in interior design, it cannot overlook the techniques that bring nature closer. In this sense, one can safely replace the Vintage area rugs with jute rugs. Besides bringing in something new, jute area rugs are also a source of texture, which the updated version of Farmhouse compensates for in any way possible once it decides to stick to contemporary minimalism.  

Handmade Pottery

Original and handcrafted items are highly appreciated in contemporary spaces, and handmade pottery is what directly resonates with the comfort that originated in the houses on the farm ground. Now it is high time to expose your pottery collection if you have one or purchase a few items of the kind, whether painted or left in their natural beauty.

Green Light to Plants

Live plants are welcome in any style, and Modern Farmhouse wide-opens its arms to this trend. Large pots with tall plants, which expose immense green leaves, are a real find for the neutral backgrounds and perfect companions for the natural wood beams that require the slightest touch of vibrancy to redefine the style.

The Simpler, the Better

It is no secret Modern Farmhouse supposes a more minimalist and neutral approach than Traditional Farmhouse. Still, the new trends suggest stepping a bit further on the contemporary side and going with a strong minimalist technique in terms of layout and decor for a space that feels entirely contemporary yet has the slightest country house twist. 

Colors and Prints

Modern Farmhouse implies a neutral color board, be it cool or warm, although softer shades are undoubtedly necessary to achieve this sense of comfort peculiar to farmland houses. You can safely use bolder colors that feel close to your liking yet make them seem like accents without disturbing the impartial color scheme. What comes next is texture, which is nothing else but wood. Colors that replicate various shades of brown close to wood surfaces act as successfully. The following neutrals are considered to be the best matches for a Modern Farmhouse living room:

  • Off-white. White is a perfect neutral background for exposing the cozy Farmhouse showstoppers, although opting for warmer variations with slight hints of gray and beige is right what resonates with the comfort and ensures a cohesive connection between the main focuses.
  • Beige. For a start, beige is very inviting, and any beige shade would work depending on how intensively you plan to emphasize the Farmhouse. Warm beiges are directly connected to the style, and you cannot go wrong with one of such variations.
  • Gray. The prominent representative of neutral colors is a go-to choice to use as a background for the rich wood elements of a Farmhouse interior. It is also a no-fail color if you consider a Modern Farmhouse more directed towards contemporary. 
  • Blue. Deep shades of blue, even with a dark base, are highly appreciated within trendy Modern Farmhouse interiors. Whether it is a combination of Farmhouse and Coastal or you want to add a personal touch, a contrasting shade of blue is all you need, particularly when it pairs so perfectly with reclaimed wood.
  • Sage. One of the trends that Modern Farmhouse happily celebrates is the love for nature, and enriching it with combinations of green and gray feels like the right choice for a style that tries to stay close to the outdoors yet brings a bit of cutting-edge air.

As for patterns, not that there are many to be found in Modern Farmhouse, but still, a few manage to find their way to the surface, and these are slight floral and gingham patterns that smoothly touch the textiles. 


Organic materials are the first to consider for a harmonious living room that breathes love for natural and casual. This aspect goes with everything you want to integrate into your relaxation area. The leading material is undoubtedly wood, and it works for any surface, from walls to ceiling, of course – the flooring, and any piece of furniture or decor. Reclaimed wood, even with scratches, or untreated wooden surfaces are a real masterpiece in such interiors. 

Generally, Modern Farmhouse is when smooth surfaces, metals, and treated stones pair with raw surfaces, untreated wood, and exposed brickwork for a mix of two worlds that do not contrast but balance each other. 

When we reach softer materials, such as textiles, we can notice an abundance of fabrics that offer this familiar look we all tend to achieve in our personal space. Cotton, linen, and even velvet for a standout statement are invited to complete the intended style. Although Modern Farmhouse tries to stay more neutral in this respect and avoids an overload of the space, textiles are a prominent element. 

Speaking organic again, such materials as jute, sisal, and wicker are also part of the play since this is the way Modern Farmhouse shares its appreciation for nature-inspired elements and tries to bring the outdoors indoors. 


To stay true to Farmhouse values, one has to decorate the space with sizable furniture that puts the accent on comfort. These are large and ergonomic sofas that you want to spend hours on or large accent chairs that add this feeling of a cozy yet refined space. 

On the other side of the coin, Modern Farmhouse witnesses an unusual combination of countryside house materials for the overall decor and sleek contemporary furniture. The current trends even allow the incorporation of luxurious items for a personal mark on the design, such as button tufted sofas or chairs that integrate into the overall board of colors. 

Regardless of how voguish the background may seem, a few reclaimed wood pieces would not spoil it. Designers recommend adding eye-catching accent tables or side tables of reclaimed wood, where scratches and uneven surfaces are not a flaw but a piece of art.


Depending on the room size, your Modern Farmhouse living room can go with a large chandelier in the center or a number of lighting sources on the ceiling and walls. Although you are allowed to go functional, since we speak about contemporary as well, specialists tend to emphasize the appropriateness of Farmhouse fixtures to enhance the effect. If you go slightly Industrial, don’t hesitate to decorate the wall with a few metallic sconces in a row. Consider a tremendously large chandelier above the lounge area, yet keep the design simple – a metallic finish alone would do. Table lamps are known to increase comfort within a space, and this is when you can use natural materials for breathing fresh air into the style, such as rattan – it cannot help but look organic besides the raw wood surfaces. 


Modern Farmhouse still holds dear accessories regardless of how hard the contemporary tries to keep them at bay. Although Farmhouse is not allowed to show off its wide range of decor possibilities, it still can go with a balanced combination of decorations that remind us of the old-time comfort, and vintage elements are the winning ones. 

A gathering of old books in a rattan braided basket, a few portraits in brass frames on the wall, a collection of pottery items on the side table, large pots with live plants, and of course, mantel decor, since the fireplace, if there is one, is the main focus that preserves the authentic Farmhouse source of warmth untouched.

Modern Farmhouse Living room: Top Design Ideas

Now, when you have the full picture and know what goes and what not with Modern Farmhouse, we would like to explore some particular design ideas that integrate this style into the living room and play with particular combinations of the mentioned elements and trends. 

One-Color Based Scheme

It is enough to choose a neutral palette, such as a white-based one, to achieve a Modern Farmhouse living room while preserving the wood surfaces, integrating modern furniture, and complementing the layout with minimalism for a relaxation space that feels like out of a magazine yet brings comfort as much as a country house does, although in a unique way. 

You can witness the open-floor plan in this design project since most houses on the farm ground used to have an open-concept floor as well – a large room where all family members gathered in the evening to relax and have dinner.

The Beauty of Shiplap Walls

Shiplap is among the first elements that define an interior designed in the Farmhouse style. In some cases, it is enough to opt for shiplap only and go on with a few additional wood surfaces within a contemporary interior, and your living room will acquire the subtle sense of comfort that designers intensely strive for and cannot reach with particular colors and materials only. 

Accent Barn Doors

The Farmhouse barn doors have an exclusive and appealing sense of style. Primarily as space-saving doors between rooms and as successful dividers between functional areas in open-plan living rooms, barn doors are a great design trick. Whether completing a Farmhouse look or acting on their own in a modern interior, barn doors are a great addition for a Modern Farmhouse living room, where you can opt for a traditional wood door alike or adapt it to current trends by decorating it with a new splash of paint or additional geometric patterns. 

Modern Farmhouse and Industrial

Farmhouse can be successfully combined with other trendy styles in the living room by reshaping its value. One of the voguish design directions whose path slightly interacts with Farmhouse is Industrial. By smartly using metals and glass to complement the existing wood elements and soft textiles peculiar to Farmhouse, you can achieve a personalized living room that shows respect for comfort and cutting-edge at the same time.  

Modern Farmhouse Bathed in Texture

The combination of various texture sources in a space is one of the main pillars that support the complexity of a Farmhouse interior. Even Modern Farmhouse cannot give up on the comfort that the rich-grained wood surfaces, raw stone elements, and varied textile pieces bring to the way one perceives an environment. 

Considering that Modern Farmhouse collaborates with neutrals, do not hesitate to dilute the color board with as much texture as you find appropriate. It is particularly easy to apply by opting for layers of fabrics in warm color variations on the sofa and accent chairs.

Modern Farmhouse with a Boho Twist

With the rise of Farmhouse, Boho showed similar popularity among designers, and those saw it appropriate to mix the two styles. The result is incredibly fascinating since Bohemian interiors suppose unique layers of color variations, patterns, and textures, which are to be found at Farmhouse as well. Furthermore, Boho will compensate for the lack of texture that Modern Farmhouse goes with, unlike Traditional Farmhouse. The most important fact is that Boho relies on originality and likes to play with warm shades, which perfectly fits Modern Farmhouse and supposes an authentic result. 

Make the Most of Wood Texture

Regardless of how you integrate wood into the living room, it should be part of it either way. A great option is to use wood surfaces in their full natural beauty to contrast a neutral and well-organized interior. From reclaimed wood beams above the fireplace to the trim or untreated wood for particular pieces of furniture, such as a coffee table or an accent chair. It is not always necessary to preserve the whole range of aspects peculiar to a style in order to make it part of the interior. Sometimes, a few standout elements are enough to set the right environment as it is with reclaimed wood in a Modern Farmhouse living room. 

When Modern Meets Traditional

If you want the Contemporary to be really felt, you should consider cutting-edge furniture alongside the Farmhouse layout. One of the most efficient approaches is to consider furniture inspired by the Scandinavian style. Not to our surprise, Scandi is also about comfort, although a differently perceived one. Still, the two design directions go perfectly with each other when combined for a Modern Farmhouse style. 

Natural Light and Scale

To make a Farmhouse living room feel modern, it is enough to work with big-scale furniture and let natural light fully penetrate the space. It would throw new light on the Traditional Farmhouse and make it sparkle in a contemporary way. By preserving its main features that stand behind the predictable comfort, such as rich textured surfaces and textile layers, you simultaneously adapt them to what is considered to be up-to-date with oversize furniture and perfect light conditions.


How Do You Distinguish Between Traditional and Modern Farmhouse?

Traditional Farmhouse is the original appearance of a farmhouse interior with rich Rustic details – as much wood as possible, barn doors, wide wood planks on the floor, reclaimed wood furniture in addition to layers of fabrics, rich textured textiles, and a wide range of decor pieces everywhere for an emphasized sense of coziness. Modern Farmhouse simply supposes a contemporary approach, with a neutral color scheme, a minimalist layout, decluttered surfaces, and unobtrusive references to Rustic for a calm and welcoming space. 

Is There any Difference between Modern Farmhouse and Country Styles?

There are indeed many things that keep these styles close to each other, such as reclaimed wood surfaces, pottery decoration, braided baskets, and metallic finishes. Still, a Modern Farmhouse interior supposes a lighter and more neutral color palette, while Country works with slightly more intense pastel shades for a closer look into a countryside house. 

What Does a Modern Farmhouse Living Room Feel like?

Clean-lined, decluttered, and calm on one side and cozy, appealing, and inviting on the other side, all due to the balance between contemporary approaches and appreciation for tradition. Still, you can make the living room radiate feelings closer to one style or another by slightly disturbing the balance, such as adding more reclaimed wood surfaces to celebrate the beauty of farm houses or reducing the number of furniture and decorations for a sleek look that slightly yet firmly reminds us of the countryside charm.

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