Modern Dining Room: Peculiarities, Latest Trends, and Fresh Design Ideas with Aesthetical Photos

Now, almost every homeowner is looking for ways to improve their interior, giving special attention to each room in part. For one reason or another, everybody is talking about modern design. What does it actually mean? Is it a general concept people use for interiors that feel up to date, or are there particular features that stand behind the renowned term? 

Let’s throw light on the concept! The Modern design style evolved in the early twentieth century as a response to people’s needs for simplified, familiar, and decluttered interiors. Since then, Modern cannot help but be the favorite word for designers and homeowners. They do not necessarily refer to this style, yet everything they visualize through this idea almost entirely corresponds with the 20th-century movement. 

You have probably often encountered the concept of contemporary. The thing is that many use Modern and Contemporary interchangeably. Still, Modern has its roots in the last century and relies on well-defined features, while Contemporary does not have established peculiarities, revealing the ongoing version of any given style, which enhances with every new trend. All things considered, there still are a few things that both styles share, such as the love for minimalist approaches and balanced color palettes. 

What makes Modern stand out? Sleek layout, unobtrusive details, impartial color boards, smart use of space, and natural texture. Now, picture all this in a dining room since this is the space we talk about. Without exaggerating, we can firmly state that we spend a lot of time in the dining room, and we would surely want to be surrounded by pleasant shapes, colors, and feelings, which set the mood for the whole day. Modern is the best option if all you want is an up-to-date interior that relies on simplicity, shows good taste, and keeps pace with the requirements for a pleasant environment. Let’s dive deep into what a modern dining room supposes by analyzing its key features.

Key Principles and Features

A modern dining room supposes a decluttered space that puts emphasis on the functionality of furniture rather than its shape, considers neutral colors over bold shades, seeks inspiration in minimalism, detests overdone decor, and celebrates natural light, natural texture, and natural colors. Additionally, it appreciates sleek lines and sculptural forms and simply loves combining the practical with the beautiful. These are the main features you should consider for a fully modern dining room:

  • Horizontal and vertical lines. A modern dining room with clean lines radiates stability, visual symmetry, balance, and simplicity.
  • Minimal decor. A modern dining room puts functionality over appearance, avoiding the overload with accessories, prioritizing the free space, and putting the accent on the main furniture pieces – dining table and chairs;
  • Open-concept plan. A modern dining area can be safely integrated into another room, such as the living room or kitchen, and separated through a partition wall or a piece of furniture, such as the sofa or kitchen island;
  • Impartial color board. A modern dining room blooms in neutral colors, giving favor to pastels, whites, grays, beiges, and others alike; 
  • Natural light. A modern dining area is fully penetrated by natural light through large windows devoid of any treatment, such as curtains;
  • Natural texture. A modern dining room reveals untreated wood furniture, flooring, or decorative beams that connect you with nature;
  • Geometric shapes. A modern dining room is rich in sculpturally shaped furniture for visual interest;
  • Sparkling metals and reflective surfaces. A modern dining room is decorated with gold or silver and underlined with glass and steel.

Dining Table Trends

The dining table is one of the dining room’s main furniture pieces and deserves a special section that tackles the latest trends. Since it usually plays the role of the main highlight, you should ensure it keeps pace with what is voguish. We compiled a list of the current design ideas you cannot skip.

Green Light to Round Shapes

Modern dining rooms can feel overly formal, and a round-shaped table can lend comfort to the neutral color scheme and sharp edges. Not least, a round table is more of an elegant option, perfectly fits small rooms, and sets a more friendly environment. It saves space and instantly becomes the main accent even in an open-plan interior.

Organic Features

Embrace the love for natural texture with a wood dining table with untreated surfaces that reveal rich wood grains or intricately shaped tops with abstract cuts. It goes against the clean lines that define modern interiors, although it fully resonates with the natural side of the style.

Marble Opulence

Marble has always been a favorite in the dining room. Designers usually apply it to the tabletop, which is still a la mode. A more beautiful result can be achieved with a full marble table with imposing shapes. Sculptural tables are a real find for modern dining rooms, lending new value to the space.

Architectural Charm

More and more homeowners deviate from the idea of normal and direct their interest to what is known as unusual. Uniquely shaped tables are the new trend for modern dining spaces. Opting for sizeable and intricate shapes that follow the geometric pattern is a great way to update your interior and give new meaning to the functional area where you gather with your friends for dinner. 

Dining Chair Trends

After the dining table, chairs are next in line. You probably ask yourself what can make the chairs stand out as modern and fit interiors alike. We will tell you – the materials, colors, shapes, and the correlation with the overall design. These are the latest trends you should consider for fashionable dining chairs:

Combined Chairs

Decorate your dining space with varied chair designs. Say 4 chairs and 2 armchairs that complement each other or chairs paired with a built-in seat. The pairing can differ in terms of everything – material, color, and size. In this context, you don’t need additional decor when the contrast itself adds visual interest and provides seats for any liking.

Exotic Rattan

Modern interiors like to seek inspiration on the other side of the window. Rattan is considered among the best choices for dining chairs since it has a roaring sense of naturalness and brings an irreplaceable exotic feel that seems familiar and welcoming. What’s more, this texture impressively pairs with any material, which makes it a go-to choice for any dining table.

Cottage Benches

You probably wonder what cottage benches have to do with a modern dining space. The answer is that modern designs want to bring more comfort to the sharp lines and impartial colors by means of integrating pieces from other styles. In this case, the farmhouse benches are a great opportunity to invite the familiar sense of coziness. By the way, dining benches are quite a thing now.

Sleek Silhouette

This trend is simpler than you think – search for unusual dining chairs that impress with their shape, be it the sharpness of lines or the softness of curves. Consider neutral or bold colors, any material for the frame, and any upholstery. The main requirement is to find chairs that look like no other in terms of their silhouette, which should radiate modernity through the sleekness of edges. 

Among the trending options are also interesting pendants, and flat fixtures hanging above the dining table hold a leading position. Designers also suggest mixing contrasting colors to add vibrance to the formal dining rooms, or even bolder – consider bright shades of color in combination with other features that define a modern design. 

Colors and Prints

To achieve a modern dining space, most professionals work with a monochromatic palette. You choose a color and go with all its variations. The unobtrusive and peaceful interior that defines the Modern uses neutral colors in the first place. Nonetheless, the latest trends show a switch to bolder shades with a balanced ratio. These are the colors you should consider:

  • White;
  • Gray;
  • Beige;
  • Greige;
  • Tan;
  • Earthy shades.

The current modern interiors also play with accents, such as dark blue, deep green, or dusty pink, and vibrant shades for smaller units meant to add a unique mark on the space. As for the prints, Modern is a relatively neutral style that does not allow many additional elements – the simplest geometric patterns would perfectly work.  


Modern is a fan of natural surfaces. A modern dining room would definitely use wood, stone, rattan, and even brick, which bring the feel of comfort and calmness. Still, designers started using glass, concrete, and steel in their projects, which perfectly fit the dining area. 

The space meant for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners uses neutral paint colors for walls, wood or stone for flooring, considers whitewashed ceilings and metallic accents. Glass surfaces are a must since they add a few inches to the space and preserve the sense of an airy room, which is rendered as successfully by acrylic pieces of furniture, particularly chairs. 

For textiles, designers usually use linen and wool, which encourage a love for nature, although modern dining rooms are mostly devoid of window treatment or area rugs. Still, you can consider various materials for the chair upholstery, and velvet is a favorite if you want to add a few statement units.


The main pieces of furniture in a dining room are the dining table, chairs, open shelving, and a closed storage system or a side table. The Modern approach supposes clean-line furniture with sharp edges devoid of ornaments. Modern likes geometric forms, and sculptural furniture is a great find for such spaces. Architectural tables with pillar legs and intricate chairs with comfy seats are a perfect combo for a modern interior. 

There is a growing popularity among curvaceous furniture, and while this feature belongs to the contemporary style, it can be safely integrated into current modern spaces, which is mostly applied to chairs besides sharp-angle tables. 

Metals are a go-to addition for furniture, underlining the shapes and individualizing the composition with such finishes as brass, gold, silver, and stainless steel among the best options. While the dining tables are mostly of wood or glass, the chairs can imply almost any material, following the pattern shapes, with the tulip form leading the list of favorites.


Modern lighting is about functionality, most of all. In the dining room, this is usually a statement pendant placed above the dining table. The fixtures peculiar to this style reveal a combination of geometric shapes, clear light, and versatile design that works perfectly for any liking. You will not go wrong if you consider such shapes as flawless cubes or circles with clear lines, although you can safely purchase more sophisticated pendants. 

Floor lamps are the true companions of those who want to add a pleasant environment for late dinners. LED strips that underline the ceiling borders are perfect for enriching the space with visual interest, while a combination of hanging pendants above the table makes this area the main highlight.


Modern style is not quite an amateur of accessories. Still, you can negotiate a few decor pieces with the design approach. The simpler you keep it, the more efficient it will look in a modern area. The easiest way is to consider wall art, be it a gallery or a single piece of art. If you have open shelving, you can decorate the space with metallic units. Don’t forget to reshape the dining table design with themed decor based on the season or overall color scheme. Still, don’t go too extra. A few candleholders, a glass vase with live plants, and again, metallic accents are enough. All things considered, designers suggest that the most efficient and authentic way to enliven the neutral space is by decorating it with a few splashes of vibrancy, such as bold-colored chairs, an accent wall, or a colorful picture. 

Modern Dining Room: Top Design Ideas

Decluttered, Simple, Comfortable

Make the concept of simplicity define the space you take your meal in. Clean-line furniture, impartial color board, and no accessories. Let an airy effect reign over the space. With such a minimalist approach, the dining room will feel like a fresh breath of air. Still, don’t hesitate to choose ergonomic seats for the best experience. Compensate for the lack of decor with comfort.

Imposing Natural Grains

The Modern style is imposingly inspired by natural surfaces, such as wood, stone, rattan, sisal, and even live indoor plants. Stone would possibly seem harsh, while the others are undeniable materials for the dining space. They work specifically for chairs, dining tables, side tables, and lighting fixtures, while the natural greeneries add a vibrant feel of vivacity that stays within limits.

Petite Dining Room

If it is a dining space for one person only or a couple that doesn’t host large groups of friends, there is no need to consider a large dining table unless this is what you want. Leaving the space free and opting for a small round table has quite an effect. The interior can be improved more easily by leaving the space unloaded than overwhelming it. If we speak about small rooms, such as in apartments, you can safely consider dining tables with corner or side seats. 

Dining with a View

What a beautiful coincidence that Modern works with natural concepts and the current trends also consider bringing as much nature to interiors as possible. With a full-length or large window that opens a fascinating landscape, you can fill the dining area with natural light and let the behind-the-window forest, garden, or urban picture become the main focus. 

Elegant Energy

Modern can feel overly streamlined, and if you want a softer environment, consider slightly elegant details with feminine energy, such as curved shapes, sumptuous chandeliers, a few chic color variations, gold accents, reflective surfaces, and transparent furniture, such as acrylic chairs.

Switch to Black

Black is also a neutral, and it works for modern interiors with a twist, such as a full black makeover or black accents. There is a specific sense of luxury about this color. Still, it better fits spaces with enough daylight since black can quite overload the interior, although the formality it offers is irreplaceable without any doubt. 

Sculptural Shapes

Modern gives the green light to geometric forms and appreciates their smart integration into interiors. This is why sculptural furniture is your go-to option. The intricately shaped dining table and chairs, particularly with untreated surfaces, gather a few peculiarities that belong to the style – clean lines, natural textures, simple design, and a bit of individualization through original visual details. 

Wall Art

The Modern style is low on accessories, although it allows for a few decor pieces, such as a wall gallery. Whether following the same color scheme or integrating a pop of new shade, you can reshape your space as many times as you want by simply changing the wall decor. This is exactly when the style defined by clear features offers you the possibility to personalize the dining room.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern is not far from Modern, following the same approach with clean lines and functional use over shape, yet it reveals a unique plot twist. Although keeping decor to a minimum, Mid-Century Modern still exposes more dynamic pieces, underlining a generally more familiar and traditional appearance. This style penetrates the surface mostly through furniture, and applying this technique to the dining table and chairs results in a tasteful layout.

Modern with Scandi Charm

To be honest, Modern has Scandinavian roots. This shows why the two styles can be combined in the same space since they follow the same rules and reveal no visible border. Directing the Modern style towards the play of functionality with art, you can achieve a voguish dining area with a minimalist face, natural texture, sculpturally shaped furniture, and state-of-the-art decor.

Statement Chairs

Pick a pop-up color for the chairs, such as green, blue, pink, orange, yellow, or turquoise, and redefine the familiar Modern style. Since it goes with minimalist techniques and neutral colors, a few vibrant splashes feel like the best accents to add character to the space. A bit beyond the limit, yet with an authentic effect.

One Color, One Love

A single color can bring more originality to a space than an amalgam of shades. A truly modern dining room is a monochromatic space that follows one color code and makes everything revolve around it. In this case, you should go with a neutral color and spread various shades throughout the space. 

Can I Use Wallpaper to Decorate a Modern Dining Room?

Although neutral paint colors are the best friends of walls in modern interiors, you can safely go with wallpaper as well if you fancy a bit of texture, which works better for larger spaces that can host additional sources of texture besides the usual wood tables and chairs. As for the wallpaper design, avoid eye-catching patterns and preserve neutrality.

How Do I Separate the Dining Area from the Rest of the Space in a Modern Open-Floor Interior?

There are plenty of ways you can make it work in your favor and benefit the modern style. Try a natural area rug, change the color scheme, place a sofa between the functional areas, consider the kitchen island between those spaces, opt for different lighting options, or go with two different approaches to decor. 

Can I Reshape a Traditional Dining Room into a Modern One?

It can result in something called Transitional, which is a design style that shows the transition from Traditional to Modern, featuring peculiarities of both styles. You will probably not achieve a fully Modern interior without a whole makeover, yet you can definitely modernize the Traditional dining room. Add bold shapes, declutter the space, repaint the walls in a neutral color, avoid window treatment, and remove any remains of overdone decor. Still, you can make a difference with one step only. Decorate the traditional table with modern chairs, which implies a sleek shape and either neutral or bold colors, and your breakfast or late dinner will be filled with modernity at once.

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