Loft kitchen: The secrets of the loft style + ideas of inspiration and realization

Loft kitchen: The secrets of the loft style + ideas of inspiration and realization

In recent years, the avant-garde loft has gained immense popularity among megacities. The combination of space and functionality inherent in this style offers a comfortable city life. In this article, we will explain how to give the characteristics of a loft to an ordinary kitchen.

4 Style Features

To begin, consider the characteristics of the style:

  • A significant difference is a combination of ultramodern materials with restored floors, brick and rough plaster on the walls, pipes “in sight”. The fusion of the old and the new here resembles like nowhere else in harmony.
  • High ceilings that set the tone for space. Loft style renovations will fit perfectly, for example, into a town apartment, a pre-revolutionary building or a new building with individual layout and high ceilings.
  • The room is divided into zones and not into rooms: with the help of furniture, colors or lighting, the space is divided according to its function. The living room is usually a continuation of the kitchen and can vary slightly in color.
  • Non-standard decorative elements recalling the “factory” origin of the room will be very useful here.

Given the very unusual story of appearance, it is easy to distinguish the style of the loft from all its “competitors”. Just imagine the atmosphere of an abandoned factory with its bare walls, beams, support columns, unmasked pipes and wires, as well as its simple concrete floor. In this dark interior, only utilitarian objects of human life should appear: sofas, a table, a wardrobe and some surrealist paintings.

Color Solutions For The Kitchen In The Loft Style

Before choosing the kitchen, it is important to determine the range of shades to use. For the loft style, the achromatic range is most often chosen, interspersed with textures of rust, red bricks and wood.

White Loft Kitchen

Pure snow will give the interior of the kitchen a fresh and neat appearance. In this color, the facades of the helmet, countertops and dining room furniture can be fully or partially painted.

On the walls, there is often a masonry (or imitation) of silicate brick, sometimes covered with whitewash. The ceilings in the Loft are almost always white, making them visually higher. In small rooms, it is wise to apply this color on the floor.

Loft Style Kitchen Gray

Metal is the most natural environment for an industrial interior. All shades of gray, dark matte graphite mirror polished steel, will fit in the loft. Due to the neutrality of this color, it can be mixed in any proportion and applied to any surface.

Black Loft Kitchen

Black coal, which should be used sparingly in other interiors, is perceived organically and easily in a loft. It is ideal for large spaces and complete. Dark furniture, appliances, tinted windows perfectly complement this slightly brutal design of the kitchen.

Wood Loft Style Kitchen

The interior decoration of the loft is characterized by old solid wood furniture, the same ceiling beams and sometimes a plank floor. The unpainted fronts of the kitchen furniture, as well as other elements with a characteristic wood cut pattern, transform a cold industrial interior into a warm and comfortable place.

Brown Loft Style Kitchen

The buff-brown color of burnt clay is an essential attribute of brick walls. In the old buildings, where each rectangle was manually formed more than a hundred years ago, the masonry is deliberately cleared of plaster in order to see its original appearance in all its splendor.

Materials And Finishes For Loft Kitchen

In the twentieth century, however, as even now, production facilities were not particularly sophisticated. Walls erected in a hurry, economic soils, non-marking floors, some furniture – all this was not created for beauty or comfort, but for the sole purpose – to ensure working conditions. And although natural materials that were previously available are much more popular in our time, they can still be replaced by new construction products.


The loft classics are concrete floors, ubiquitous in the workshops, and neutral floors, varnished or painted enamel. But there are other variations.

Thus, the kitchen floor can be laid with tile or porcelain tile under a gray stone; lay linoleum; organize a loose floor. The laminate in the cooking zone is undesirable because it does not resist moisture and is deformed.

In small attic kitchens, it is best to lay the floor in a light-white, steel color, with a uniform shiny surface. Parquet flooring placed perpendicular to the window visually lengthens the room.

The walls

When talking about industrial design, the first ones to appear are completely bare brick walls (red, white, gray, black), stone or concrete. They do not have to be real – the imitation is fine. To do this, you can use textured ceramic tiles, decorative stone veneers, plastic panels or vinyl wallpapers.

An innovative idea for decorating a loft-style kitchen is slate painting. Subsequently, you get a black matte wall, similar to a blackboard. It is easy to draw with chalk, write notes, recipes, draw up a list of products and menus. Such a surface is very elegant. In addition, she is quickly cleaned of her creativity with a wet sponge and the office chalk does not leave scratches on the paint.


In the loft style kitchen, you can completely forget about the ceiling! Concrete floor slabs fit perfectly into the overall design. If the height of the room allows it, they can be complemented by wooden beams, a metal box, fire extinguishing hoses and ventilation.

In small kitchens, the ceiling is better to align, whiten or pull a white PVC film.


In an industrial interior, textiles are virtually absent. In extreme cases, the windows are closed at night by white, brown or beige curtains. In addition, vertical blinds (they will increase the height of the kitchen), roller blinds or Roman curtains are rarely used.

Furniture And Appliances For The Kitchen In The Loft Style

Since free space plays the main role in the loft, the furniture should be as light as possible and almost invisible. It will not be difficult to organize things in large rooms and the choice of textures is wider, but when setting up a small kitchen, you will have to follow certain rules in order to enlarge it visually.

Kitchen Set

Industrial style kitchen sets are generally available in two types: straight and angular. If necessary, you can order an individual project taking into account the architectural characteristics of the room (niches, bay windows, cornices).

The facades can be made of raw wood, covered with a neutral color enamel or a metal rolling film. An interesting finish is the stone veneer – a 1mm thick rock section on a flexible base that looks like a real rock.

For a small kitchen, it is better to choose a light helmet, without handles or catchy fragments, at the height of the ceiling.

Dining Area

A simple and compact furniture suits the dining room of the loft style kitchen. For example, chairs in the form of wire crystals, thin metal A-shaped legs, a wooden table, metal or glass with parallelepiped support.

In a small room, they can be replaced by a narrow countertop and tall stools.

Storage Systems

Unlike most other styles, the spacious loft allows open shelves or hooks. It’s convenient in its own way, since you can immediately see where you are looking.

If the kitchen is small, it is best to hide the utensils and products behind the helmet doors. For storing a variety of small things, drawers, folding structures, corner shelves, swivel shelves, grilles and magnets are attractive. The technique may be left in view, but it is advisable to take it in style.


The highlight of the loft-style kitchen interior can be a red retro refrigerator with rounded corners. It will play the role of a brilliant accent, standing out against an achromatic background. And for a more casual design, a modern model with a steel surface is suitable.

Loft Kitchen Decoration And Accessories (Ideas in photos)

The loft style does not require special decorations, but to make the kitchen more comfortable, you can hang a wall clock and several paintings by contemporary artists (or painted with your own hands), make inscriptions on a slate surface, arrange small indoor plants, elegant dishes, as well as interesting boards for cutting products.

A free section of the wall is suitable for an unusual rack in the form of a curved pipe. Various vintage items can make a good addition – a round alarm clock, a kerosene lamp, etc.

A characteristic of industrial kitchens can be made of a large number of glass accessories in it – shelves, countertops, lampshades, vases can be made from it.

Various forged elements, copper utensils, wooden kitchen utensils fit perfectly inside. These elements do not have to be expensive, just decorate the kitchen in the loft style at the flea markets of the city.

Using unusual old objects, you can breathe new life into the room, create a unique atmosphere and showcase your own personality.

The key is not to use too much decor and leave enough space in the kitchen.

A Good Lighting In The Loft Style Kitchen

In the loft style, simple lighting is used, as in the early days of electricity. Suspensions in black cartridges and without shades (per group); black, red or steel metal chandeliers in the form of table lamps; diode spots on small supports; The projectors and lamps on the tripods are a wide enough choice to provide the necessary brightness in the kitchen in the dark.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Loft Style In The Kitchen

The loft-style kitchen is an ideal solution for people who follow the news, live in a dynamic and relaxed way. When creating such a style, it is necessary to reject all conventions and not be afraid to implement the most incredible and shocking ideas with non-trivial materials.

The Advantages Of Such Interior:

  • All communications presented in the kitchen (pipes, beams, masonry, etc.) can and must be left as they are, without wasting effort and money to disguise them;
  • By equipping such a room, you can not adhere to generally accepted rules and arrange all interior elements at your own discretion (for example, place a stove or sink in the center of the kitchen);
  • All interior items used may have the most unstoppable appearance: scratches, rust, crack and, at the same time, they will look great together, creating a unique style.

This Style Has Its Disadvantages:

  • The actual industrial building in which the loft is located can release harmful vapors and wastes, so that its ecological appeal is not always high;
  • A loft is usually a large room with large windows, difficult and expensive to heat in winter; 
  • Moreover, considerable costs for sound insulation will be necessary.

Useful Tips

  • Green. The contrast between the size of the plants and the fragility of flowers and domestic plants seems interesting. Build wooden shelves specially designed for plants, plants perfectly dilute the rigor of the Loft style.
  • Loft does not tolerate the “solitude”; try to design at least adjacent rooms of this style, for example if the living room is combined with the kitchen and better, the whole house. A valuable couple, Loft plays with his “brothers” – minimalism, high-tech, rigorous classics.
  • Size counts. If squaring your kitchen does not include two-digit numbers and you really want to join the fashionable style, you do not need to lose heart. For example, you can combine the kitchen with a balcony and thus better illuminate the room. But it is better to combine the small kitchen with the living room, you can only reinforce the illusion that it is not a typical apartment, but an old industrial building without partitions.
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