Shabby chic curtains: romance and elegance

Aristocracy and bohemianism, grace and sophistication, lightness and coquetry – all this is merged into a single whole called shabby chic. This interior style is deliciously sweet, like strawberries in cream or pink jam. And the palette of this style is also dominated by creamy white and pink tones. Shabby chic is very decorative. Furniture, accessories, room decoration, and, of course, curtains – everything must be exquisite!

The effect of artificial aging and shabbiness is given to all elements of decoration. For furniture, decorative and interior items, expensive and high-quality materials are selected. A room in the style of shabby chic gives the impression of bohemian luxury with a touch of the past.

The main task of window drapery is to emphasize the presentability and aristocracy of the interior. The richness of fabrics, the sophistication of accessories, the volume and abundance of cascading folds are welcome.

To decorate window openings, one of the following types of curtains is chosen:

  • strict classic;
  • luxurious austrian;
  • exquisite french;
  • elegant Italian.

Textile features

Natural fabrics

Choose from expensive natural materials such as cold satin, flowing silk, clear linen. Synthetics and simplicity are not welcome. Pay attention to the selection of quality material. Respectability, calculated need for details and accents are considered characteristic features of the interior. Haste in a chic room with an interior of a past era is simply inappropriate.

Suitable color palette

The appearance of the curtains is formed by a combination of pastel colors for the base and brighter colors for accents. For the canvas, the most delicate tones are suitable, which do not indicate color, but as if hinting at it. For example, light beige may be champagne or milky; green – pearl, light mint; pink – sakura or ash pink; peach – cream. White is not used in its pure form, it is better to choose a creamy or ivory tone. Recognizable colors of the style are mint, light lilac and pink on a neutral background. These colors are accents. A complementary gamut of the second plan is formed by muted shades of royal blue, saturated lavender, milk and coffee. For cornices, forged items in green bronze or antique gold are suitable. The main patterns on the curtains are roses and angels.

The versatility of the pattern

A distinctive feature of the English shabby chic is the layering of materials, the use of front and background details. Therefore, the combination of voluminous draped curtains, with transparent curtains of different lengths or embroidered curtains with a complex lambrequin will be very useful.

Complexity of forms

The style allows you to combine the textiles of the most intricate cut with a straight sheer. You can not be afraid to experiment and fantasize.

The role of accessories

The style can be emphasized precisely thanks to small details. Do not forget that chic should have a slightly worn look. Details should show former luxury. Pick up pearls for textile decoration, use forged holders instead of grabs. To give romance and femininity to decorate curtains, you can use silk or satin ribbons, bows, ruffles.

Shabby Chic in the interior of the rooms

Curtains for the shabby chic bedroom

The refined style room can be designed for a sophisticated young lady. Expensive multi-tiered textile in white colors with roses and a soft strip will decorate the windows. It is definitely worth complimenting the fabric harmony with a bedspread in tone, napkins on the bedside tables and decorative pillows with lace. The tablecloth, like the curtains, can be beautifully draped. Textiles can also combine ornate braids or printed patterns.

Curtains for the dining room and kitchen in shabby chic style

Drapes from faded cotton or linen to the windowsill in combination with cafe curtains are perfect for an old dining room. Fabrics should shine with cleanliness, keep their shape and match the basic characteristics of style. At the same time, furniture and cutlery must necessarily have a touch of time.

Curtains for the shabby chic living room

This room uses Austrian or French curtains with a lambrequin. Classic drapes of a muted shade in an ensemble with a light curtain will look good. The shades taken as the basis for window decor are sure to be repeated in the design of covers for pillows or upholstered furniture.

The wealth of shabby chic curtains highlights one of the main features of the style – beauty. Leave dilapidation and scuff for furniture and utensils. Curtains should be elegant and solemn.

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