How to choose a comfortable reading chair: main features and useful tips to meet your expectations

A book lover needs a perfect chair to enjoy their book to the maximum and not worry about such inconveniences as an uncomfortable chair. It should be noted that it is not a usual chair but one that would provide you with a comfortable space for hours and not make you think for a second that you would like to switch your position. 

We encourage you to look for the best reading chair that would meet all your expectations. Therefore, we will provide you with practical tips on choosing a perfect reading chair, revealing to you the main features you have to consider and inspiring you through an array of photos.

Reading chair types

We would like to introduce to you the main types of reading chairs to help you get a general image of what a chair of this kind looks like. Furthermore, you will be able to decide from the start which one suits you best and refer to it further when we provide you with some useful tips.

Recliner reading chair

Nothing will compare during a reading with a chair that can lean back.  Furthermore, some of them come with various additional functions that allow you to put the chair in the position you want. Double delight: comfortable chair and convenient functions that you can use to adapt it to your standards of comfort.

There is more to come. Some of these chairs have a massage function. Therefore, you will be able to sit in a comfortable position and receive a massage during the process of reading. It should be noted that they would integrate perfectly in any contemporary style decor as they are considered to be some of the most luxurious ones.

Club reading chair

This type is one of the most common reading chairs, considered even a classic. You have probably guessed already that its name comes from its frequent use in reading clubs. Do you know what is so convenient about this chair? It is both comfortable and long-lasting. Who would not like it? 

Furthermore, they would integrate easily in any home decor due to various materials, such as leather or fabric, colors, and patterns. If you want to stay up-to-date, we suggest you opt for this chair as it combines comfort with an elegant design.

Round reading chair

Consider this type of chair if you are looking for a comfortable space that would fit a traditional style. Furthermore, it can integrate easily into your interior design due to the fact that there are various styles in this respect, starting with the classic and reaching the industrial one. 

Do you know what is so special about this chair? It may not have a back or arms, but this would not reduce its comfort. It is built in such a way that the simpler it looks, the more comfortable it is.

Kids room reading chair

This type refers to chairs that find themselves in the kid’s room and can be used by children and adults. There is no doubt that this chair is comfortable as it is designed for children. Furthermore, there are various possibilities in this respect, such as the popular beanbags because they are versatile and integrate into almost any room decor. Another variation is the egg-shaped chair, whose comfortable design will make you forget about any inconveniences during your reading.

Reading chair main features

We would like to reveal now to you what are the main features of a reading chair and provide you with practical tips on how to choose in every case in part. We will try to be as precise as possible and to advise you well in this regard.

Body type

That’s right! It refers to your body type because you will be the one to use this chair. This is the first step when you plan to purchase a reading chair. We suggest you try as many chairs as possible and pick the one that seems comfortable. It should be noted that this comfort should be long-lasting. Thus, think twice before making a decision. Furthermore, consider in this sense different variations from every type and build a general image of what direction you would like to take.

Chair back

We suggest you opt for a tall back as it will offer support for your back and neck. You are probably not noticing it but staying for a long time in the same position, especially in an uncomfortable chair, may negatively affect your health. Bear in mind this idea when looking for the perfect reading chair. 

Chair arms

Whether you like it or not, it would be better if you opted for a chair with arms. It would be both comfortable and good for your posture. There is more to come. It provides a space to rest your arms while reading or taking unusual positions if peculiar to you. There are different types of chair arms according to the particular type of chair. We are sure you will find the ones that fit you best. 

Seat type

There are usual and deep seat chairs. Of course, consider the ones that seem comfortable for you. It should be noted that deep seats will not work for you if you plan to have your feet on the floor. Therefore, either consider a usual seat or add a footrest to the deep-seated chair.

Ottoman footrest

This element is a built-in footrest. If you are a reader at the beginning of the road, this is probably not familiar to you. Whether you like it or not, an additional element to the reading chair for the feet is a compulsory item when we speak about long reading hours. 

It is not only about comfort as this footrest assures good blood circulation to your legs. Therefore, you win in two ways: you buy a chair that will be comfortable and good for your health.


One of the main features that have to be considered is the material. Among the most popular ones are timber and steel. Both are practical and long-lasting. It should be noted that chairs with steel frames prevail in durability. 

When it comes to fabric, you could consider leather. It would look luxurious and offer your room a new sparkle. Nevertheless, you should consider thick leather for a perfect result. If you opt for other fabrics, bear in mind that stains are to be visible on them. As a final point in this sense, we suggest you consider thick upholstery for your chair to assure its durability and comfort.

Reading chair style

Of course, you should put an emphasis, in this sense, on comfort. But it does not mean that other aspects are not important. It should be noted that your reading chair should go well with the room decor. The elements you should consider are place, size, color, style of the chair. 

There is nothing to worry about as there are various reading chair styles that could match any room decor. Don’t forget that your reading chair should play as a constituent part of the picture and not a separated unit. Take a look at the next photos that reflect the idea mentioned by us and get inspired.

General picture

The general picture of your reading chair will be completed by a pleasant view. Of course, comfort is to be considered first, but it should be complemented by a beautiful design that will make the reading process a double pleasure. Don’t forget that the chair should fit well the room decor and bring in the environment you are looking for. Take a look at the photos and get inspired.

Reading chair filler

If you opt for a reading chair with cushions, it means you have to decide upon the appropriate filler to assure your comfort. Regarding the usual reading chairs, we suggest you take a look at the next types of foams:

  • High-density foam. It is one of the most popular foams due to its low price and practicability. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it is less comfortable than other types that come with a higher price.
  • Polyurethane foam. A great thing about this type of foam is that it is cheap. When it comes to comfort, it does not prevail in this sense. The latter refers to its durability as well. 
  • Lux foam. This type of foam is the best option if you are looking for quality. It should be noted that it is a firm foam that tends to return to the initial shape after being compressed. 
  • Memory foam. Consider this type if you want to sit in a floppy chair. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it will not return to its original shape after being compressed. Furthermore, it is expensive and custom-built. Thus, you will not find reading chairs with memory foam in stores of this kind.

If you opt for a beanbag as a reading chair, it means that you have to refill it. It should be noted that you will often come across such concepts as “virgin” and “recycled” beads. We would like to make you familiar with these terms for your future purchase. Here is what you have to know:

  • Virgin beads. They have a round and smooth shape, which allows them to shift around each other when sitting on them. It should be noted that they are long-lasting, retaining the shape for a long time. 
  • Recycled beads. They result from a grounding process, which results in different-shaped particles. It should be noted that they are eco-friendly. Nevertheless, they are not as comfortable as the previous ones and do not prevail in durability. 

Either way, don’t forget that all these details are decided upon at the store. We tried to offer you a general picture of these aspects. Therefore, we suggest you require more information on each type in part at the store of the kind to make a balanced decision.


There is no doubt that a comfortable and stylish reading chair is expensive. If you would like to buy the perfect reading chair at an acceptable price, we have a solution and are ready to share it with you. Consider sales as some furniture stores are outlets and could offer you a discount. Of course, you will have to pay a little extra, but the result will speak for itself. 

We would like to draw your attention to the following photos that reflect our points as a finishing step. Enjoy them and get inspired for the perfect reading chair that matches your style and meets your expectations. 

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