What flooring to choose in 2020?

Fashion – it is so inconsistent… By releasing another new collection of a product, every self-respecting manufacturer is simply obliged to surprise a sophisticated consumer, while providing fresh material to popular magazines and online publications.

And if we are talking about clothes, jewelry and accessories, then always staying “in trend” is, of course, expensive, psychologically and physically difficult, but in principle it is possible. When we deal with interiors that are not created in a day, then, having finally finished building a house or renovating an apartment, it may turn out that the design it’s not fashionable anymore…

That is why leading interior designers advise their clients not to focus too much on cutting-edge trends, preferring proven solutions, following the chosen style and their own taste.

To create a living space “timeless”, which will be comfortable today and relevant, and after 5 years or more – this is perhaps the main task for professional designers.

However, this does not mean at all that they are not interested in fashionable novelties, modern materials, or popular trends. Quite the contrary. Progress does not stand still, development is an integral part of success. And, if you are currently in the process of renovation, you might also be interested in 2020 flooring trends.

The best types of flooring for 2020

Flooring of various types we find daily in dozens of variations. Nevertheless, very few people are well oriented in them – that they can recognize the material, its quality and features. We will arrange a short excursion into the categories of floor coverings and choose the most successful solutions – relevant and fashionable this season. Let’s take a closer look at the floor and discuss how to design it in 2020.

Wood flooring

No, not a laminate or linoleum with a “wood look” pattern, namely natural wood. Most often, this is an array or a more budgetary (but, nevertheless, quite expensive) parquet. A wealthy consumer is not afraid of not the easiest care. Simplicity, naturalness, environmental friendliness – these are the priorities, that’s exactly what is fashionable, stylish and beautiful today.

This category includes both parquet board and piece parquet. The coating is environmentally friendly, expensive and has a perfect appearance. Its minus is in the features of careful care and relative strength. Nevertheless, the wood on the floor was and remains the leader, which says a lot.

With regard to design, you can choose a pronounced texture (rustic), streaks or plain color. Everything here is in accordance with your preferences, and it is impossible to give any concrete advice.

As for the latest trends in 2020, a characteristic, somewhat elaborate texture is in fashion. The more roughness, unevenness, curvature both in color and in the arrangement of wood fibers, the better.

Ceramic tile

Tiles are most practical to use in bathrooms, on balconies, in the corridor. It is not as whimsical as the wood flooring, and will withstand both moisture and abrasion. With regard to design, manufacturers provide such a wide choice in 2020 that complaining is simply a sin. Here even the most demanding customer can find a suitable pattern. Opportunities are expanded to the extent that many already provide individual design services, and can either create a completely new tile according to your sketches, or paint in any of the thousands of colors already existing specifically for you.

The minus of the tile is that it is cold to the touch, so if possible before installation, it is worthwhile to think about floor heating or use rugs in places of frequent and prolonged contact with the feet.

According to the tile design, several main trends can be distinguished: imitations of various materials – wood, marble, stone, metal; imitations of leather materials, oriental patterns and patchwork.

You can learn more about these and other fashion trends from our article: Top tile trends for 2020.

Two in one

A combination of several flooring in one room looks very unusual. It can be two types of parquet laid out according to a certain rhythm. Also, it can be a combination of paint and wood, wood and tiles, or others.

If you decide on something like this, be sure to consult the foreman and the craftsmen who will be laying this floor – there is a problem of leveling, so they need to be warned in advance so that, if necessary, builders can prepare the correct basis for laying.

Natural stone

Natural stone is one of the most preferred floor coverings in 2020. The stone looks very picturesque, but it requires careful care and significant investment when buying. Also, do not forget that this floor will be quite cold, so do not forget about its heating.

Any patterns, ornaments can be cut out of stone, several variations can be combined with each other – and this makes it absolutely universal in terms of design and appearance.

Among other options, this season, designers prefer marble – a noble and refined type of stone with an excellent pattern. Laying marble on the floor can look almost groutless. If, on the contrary, you want to emphasize its diversity, marble sheets can be laid out intentionally in different directions. This creates an additional pattern on the floor and will attract well-deserved attention.

Self-leveling floors

This coating method is not yet very common. Its charm is in great aesthetic possibilities. Self-leveling floors can be ideally plain, transparent, can imitate painting on the floor of any accuracy and create visual illusions. In a word, they give an unlimited flight of fantasy – something that previously could only be done on the walls, is now practically and functionally possible on the floor.

Another plus in the absence of joints – as you already understood from the name, the floor is “poured” onto the base and evenly distributed along it from edge to edge. Since this method of finishing the floor is only beginning to win the hearts of designers, almost all variations of self-leveling floors are fashionable in 2020 – both plain and with different patterns and effects of “transparency”.

Concrete floor

Minimalism penetrates all spheres of our life. Design of clothes, Internet sites, interiors – everywhere we can notice the trend for maximum simplicity, conciseness, “understandability”.

A minimal amount of decoration – this is how fashion trends can be characterized. Naturally, this is only at first glance, because the creation of a harmonious space in the style of loft, industrial, etc. requires a lot of work.

Concrete coating for home or office – this, of course, is not the dusty screed that can be found in old garages. Bulk polymer blends are not at all so frighteningly cold, much more durable and, of course, very effective.

The room where the installation of a similar floor is planned, by itself, is simply obliged to have a solid area, and it is better to entrust its home decoration to an experienced master, so as not to get an ridiculous result.

At the peak of popularity, gray shades, however, concrete floors can be very different.

This type of flooring is quite a bold decision. Imitation or natural concrete on the floor is a risky choice for many. But he is not destined to go unnoticed.

Take a look at successful examples of using such a coating – you may also be among those who like it.

Cork floor

Understanding the consumer’s desire to purchase and use more environmentally friendly safe materials, experts predict the popularity of cork in 2020. Yes, your floor and a bottle of your favorite wine may have something in common.

From the cork, an excellent heat and sound insulating substrate for other finishing flooring is obtained.

However, the tiled or roll cork floor itself is a durable, fireproof, stain resistant fashion option. Although the coating is quite recognizable, the shades can be varied, so there is always the opportunity to choose the perfect combination.

What type of flooring to choose for different rooms in 2020

  • Hallway. The floor in the hallway often encounters mechanical stresses, so it is better to pay attention to durable materials. For example, a laminate is perfect for a hallway. You can also use linoleum at the expense of low cost.
  • Bathroom. The bathroom is also better finished with ceramic tiles.
  • Living room. For the living room, it is worth buying a laminate or parquet due to the noble appearance and good compatibility with any interior.
  • Kitchen. For the kitchen, tiles or laminate are most often used. You can also finish the kitchen with linoleum. You can combine different flooring, zoning the room.
  • Children’s room. For children’s rooms, cork flooring should be used, which is one of the warmest. Also, the cork cover material will delight in sound insulation.

Flooring 2020: Colors and shades

What colors of the wooden floor will be the most popular:

  • Eclipse or blackout. The effect of dark charcoal, which works best on hardwood and looks more like a shadow or blackout, without glossy reflection. Such a velvety matte darkness;
  • Dark brown – rich brown marble, slightly modifying depending on the number and location of white veins. The color works great on parquet floors, especially hardwood floors such as walnuts. In general, the nut color in the correct color family of brown always succeeds, it seems to be timeless, while it is appropriate in most styles and goes well with other surfaces;
  • Stone Gray – which was first demonstrated in 2007. It continues to be a trend, and not only in floor coverings, but also in other consumer goods. Serves as a neutral and stylish background for beige, bleached pink and others. It becomes more and more refined as it develops. The popular gray will be cast with silver, patina, it will be blown by noble antiquity, while the texture that is even and smooth is important;
  • French limestone is the most gorgeous hardwood color. Not quite scratched, not quite clean, not quite carved. This color creates its warmth through plain white with yellow and pink. It is just warm, like a stone that you will see in an old castle in France;
  • White sea salt. Slightly transparent, not flat and matte. Akin to fog with shades of color from reflections of the surf and sand of Bermuda.
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