How to choose a corner sofa for small spaces: an ultimate guide with practical tips and original ideas

How to choose a corner sofa for small spaces: an ultimate guide with practical tips and original ideas

Corner sofas are a perfect possibility of filling a room with functionality and style, adding comfort and a new sparkle to your interior design. Particularly suitable are they for small rooms, saving space and completing the decor. What can be more perfect than enjoying a movie or reading a book on a comfy sofa like that after a working day? Probably the fact itself that the sofa matches both your expectations and the size of your room. When such a piece of furniture fits perfectly in its place, you enjoy it better.

Therefore, this article will touch upon the essentials to consider when choosing a corner sofa for a small room. We will reveal to you the secrets of a perfect result, accompanied by useful tips to get you started and ideas for inspiration to keep it stylish as well. 

3 starting points to consider

Before purchasing the sofa, take your time and analyze the existing conditions and consider the result you want to achieve. In this sense, pay attention to the following aspects and come up with a fixed plan of action:

  • The actual size of the room. There is not a standard size for small corner sofas. You have to take in advance the necessary measurements and make sure that your purchase will fit the available space;
  • The placement of the sofa. Decide upon the place you want to put your sofa on. It should be noted that it does not imply necessarily a corner, since the center of the room can also be an option according to the latest tendencies in interior design;
  • The purpose of the sofa. Of course, its main purpose is to serve as a comfortable piece of furniture. Nevertheless, you can enjoy it from various perspectives, be it when watching the TV, reading books, gathering with your family, or even working if you do this activity remotely. Each aspect supposes a particular level of comfort and a specific look to match the intended purpose.

Corner sofas for small rooms: step by step

The process of choosing the perfect sofa for a small space requires your attention at different levels. We would like to tackle the main peculiarities to consider regarding the room and the sofa itself that will help you make the appropriate decisions and enjoy the result.

Room peculiarities 

Before choosing a particular sofa, you should start with the room. Its main peculiarities will point out the features you have to consider for the sofa. To better understand the process, we would like to draw your attention to a list of aspects you should pay attention to for the perfect integration of the sofa in your room.

  • If you consider a corner sofa for a separate room that limits your options because of its small size, go without a second thought for a sofa by the wall, particularly the one that will not make any obstacles at the entrance;
  • Considering that this place is part of the kitchen or dining room, you are more limited in space, but you win when it comes to opportunities. First of all, you can go for a sofa right in the center, separating, thus, the two spaces. Furthermore, it saves you space and adds functionality to the room. Nevertheless, you can put your sofa in the available corner and open up the place;
  • A corner sofa is a perfect option for a room with beautiful views in the window, providing you with the best seat and adding to the aesthetics of the room;
  • Come up with a simple plan on the floor, separating the room into exact sections and considering the perfect integration of a sofa, be it in a corner or not. It will prevent any space issues later when you put the sofa in place.

Corner sofa peculiarities

Besides its perfect fit in a small space, such features as material and design cannot be avoided when choosing an appropriate corner sofa. Let’s go through the essentials in this sense and ensure its perfect integration.

  • Decide in advance upon the upholstery, whether leather or fabric, depending on your standard of comfort and room style. A small and cozy environment requires comfy fabric surfaces, while an elegant decor, although within a small room, will go with leather;
  • Take a look at the style of your sofa and choose between a casual back or a pillow back, which mostly depends on the level of comfort;
  • It is noteworthy that the main peculiarity of a comfortable sofa relies on the cushion interiors, which leaves you to choose between feather, foam, or fiber; 
  • Last but not least, consider the way you should take care of your sofa, depending on every peculiarity in part. Whether you like it or not, a small space limits you in the number of furniture pieces. Therefore, your corner sofa will be used at the maximum level. Taking appropriate care of it will keep a fresh environment.

Inspirational ideas on corner-sofa integration

Now that we have covered the main aspects of choosing a corner sofa for a small space, it is time to speak about the perfect integration of this piece of furniture into the room. It should be noted that this is the last step to consider and a slight mistake can lead you to a result far from the one you have pictured when choosing the sofa. We would like to draw your attention to some practical ideas to have the entire picture from the start.

Functionality in the first place

A small room requires smart use of the space. Besides their stylish effect, corner sofas are welcome within a small room due to their functionality. Furthermore, you can add even more functionality by picking particular styles designed for families, even for small spaces. At the same time, you can go with small sofas that fit particular lifestyles so that the small size will not limit you in your daily activities. 

Luxurious chaise or elegant corner-group? 

Choosing between those two depends completely on the purpose of your sofa and the available space. If you want to bring in the luxurious effect and add comfort, consider a chaise sofa. On the other hand, an L-shaped corner group will suit you best if you want to set a contemporary look and fit a minimalist style. Such a sofa will complete the design at the necessary level without requiring other decor ideas to complement the picture.

Bring in a new sparkle

Considering that you are limited in space, you cannot opt for particular decorative elements to brighten your place. This is where the corner sofa takes the scene and solves two problems at once: a comfy place to enjoy and a perfect unit to enliven the space. Corner sofas are a combination of comfort and style that offer your room a contemporary look due to their futuristic shape. If you still feel that something is missing, consider beautiful cushions to enrich the decor.

As you have probably noticed, the corner sofa is a perfect option for small spaces since it adds comfort and style to the most unreachable spaces. Besides its functionality, the wide variety of styles you can opt for meet any expectations and suit every purpose. Appropriate measurements, style, and comfort preferences are everything you have to consider in advance. The rest will be played by the corner sofa itself, which will add a comfy feeling and enrich the decor within a room of any size.

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