Christmas Decor Trends 2023: Colors, Tree, Gifts, Lights

Christmas is closer than it seems. For those used to preparing for the year’s main holiday in advance, this is the time to consider how to decorate your home and what gifts to prepare. Designers also do not leave such questions unattended: 2023 Christmas decor trends are already predetermined. 

The absolute trendsetter for every Christmas is the Christmasworld exhibition, which took place in February in Frankfurt am Main. Even though people had not yet removed the New Year’s decor in many countries, the best designers worldwide already knew how houses would be decorated in 11 months. So it doesn’t make sense to wait – let’s start discovering Christmas trends for 2023 now.

Top 3 Christmas Trend Statements 2023

Remembering past years’ experiences and inspiring the celebration of the beautiful and original, the Christmasworld Trends 23+ focus on sustainable options, craftsmanship, and unexpected solutions. Nature is still the primary source of inspiration, while innovative alternatives full of color and shape gain more popularity. Discover the three primary themes for 2023.

Calming Nature: Careful & Pleasant

Nature-inspired minimalism dictates using sustainable materials and unsophisticated decor options that inspire calmness and simplicity. Choose seasonal ornaments of organic texture, from richly-grained finishes to the most graciously soft materials. Interestingly, rocks, minerals, and stones firmly enter the new Christmas decor trends.

Unknown Beauty: Strange & Gracious

Focus on surprising and unconventional decor solutions meant to impress and imprint the present in innovative decorations. 3D techniques are highly appreciated, while vivid colors and extravagant forms take center stage. Moreover, don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual shapes and dimensions that read original due to their unexpected features. In addition, think of metallic finishes and effervescent surfaces. 

Lasting Ideas: Passionate & Evocative

Consider distinctive geometric forms and intense colors if you want to make a catchy statement. Spheres for tree decor, marble or wood grain for surfaces, and glass ornaments, to start with. On top of that, monochromatic palettes and repetitive patterns hold the lead, while metallic accents add the right amount of individuality.

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Christmas decor color trends for 2023 emphasize the beauty of nature, introducing distinctive and deep shades simultaneously with surprisingly vivid tones. According to experts, these are the trendiest Christmas decor color options:

  • Timeless neutrals. White, sand, and dark stone shades;
  • Soft shades. Sky blue, lemon yellow, gray, and silver;
  • Natural colors. Lichen green, lake blue, stone gray;
  • Warm tones. Moss green, woody pink, subtle rose;
  • Extravagant hues. Peach, azure blue, magenta, and classic red;
  • Intense colors. Dark gray, cool blue, orange-red, warm purple, and ochre;
  • Metallic accents. Bronze, gold, silver, and iron.

As for the main symbol of Christmas, 2023 presupposes absolute democracy. So, fans of minimalism can safely not decorate their Christmas tree at all – but only on one condition – that it is natural. Amateurs of everything natural can firmly consider nature-inspired decorations, from dried fruits to cones and leaves, including DIY Christmas tree ornaments.  At the same time, those who want to feel the Christmas magic literally flowing in the air can opt for bold combinations of colors and lights for a fairytale atmosphere. One of the following inspirational themes may spark your interest.

Crispy Mountain Air 

Get inspired by the snowy mountains and bring this feeling to your home by opting for neutral colors, such as soothing blue, silver, and a touch of snow. 

Fairytale Environment

Create a fairytale of your own through bold colors, vivid shapes, and virtual-reality effects that bring magic closer. 

Downtown Flair

Let yourself be inspired by city architecture and play with different geometrical forms, emphasized by fine lines of gold and silver. 

Winter Sunset 

Find inspiration in the beautiful coastal landscape bathed in the last rays of light before the sunset. Thus, consider soothing blue, dark green, and golden to bring nature into your home. 

Virtual Reality

Bold colors and exaggerated elements will make your Christmas tree look like it is from another reality. 

Natural Finesse 

Seek inspiration from mother nature itself and opt for natural products, such as dried fruits, interestingly shaped cones, coziness-inducing leaves, figurines crafted from wood, and natural shades.

Maximum Creativity 

Don’t hesitate to fill the air with feelings close to your heart that remind you of your childhood, of your home if you are far away right now, or of your family traditions. Here, you are free to choose colors and shapes since originality is the key.

For more inspiration, check out our comprehensive guide on the Christmas Tree Decor Trends.

Making decor and Christmas tree decorations with your own hands can captivate the whole family. This year, designers urge you to try the following:

  • Making garlands of nuts and dried fruits – anything will do, except perhaps macadamia.
  • Assembling and decorating wooden houses – if you have never tried something like this, it’s time to start.
  • Creation of textile toys in fashionable ways – this time, winding, tying, braiding, and weaving are held in high esteem.
  • Making paper flowers – we advise you to pay maximum attention to poinsettia; the result is simply fantastic.
  • Garlands of coffee filters are relevant for advocates of conscious consumption.
  • Weaving Christmas wreaths – designers suggest strict geometric shapes and a minimum of decor.

As you know, the best gift is made with your hands. However, the stores will surely propose something your friends and relatives have long dreamed of. So, the most popular gifts for Christmas are promised to be:

  • Handmade Christmas decorations. It can be Christmas balls, garlands, or candles made by you – created with love and great taste.
  • Gingerbread and biscuits. Christmas baked goods remain a symbol of hospitality and the most cordial friendship. And who would refuse a fragrant and incredibly tasty gingerbread, which is so reminiscent of childhood!
  • An original and useful gadget. You probably know what your relative, friend, or loved one dreams of – a portable charger, a smartwatch, a robot vacuum, or a device for entertaining a pet.
  • Board games. It is a beautiful idea that allows you to gather the whole family or a warm group of friends once again.
  • Blankets and warm slippers. Such gifts never go out of fashion, remaining a symbol of a cozy Christmas and best wishes.
  • Gift cards. Whether it is meant for a purchase or service in a brick-and-mortar facility or an e-gift card, it is a perfect way to surprise your dear ones with what they really like.
  • Grooming kit for him. A perfect gift for your husband, dad, brother, grandfather, boyfriend, or friend.
  • Self-care set for her. A practical and pleasant gift for your mother, grandmother, sister, girlfriend, or friend, particularly if you know what products they like.

Winter holidays don’t feel the same without lights. Moreover, they are an irreplaceable part of the Christmas decor trends. Follow the latest tendencies:

  • lighting with white garlands around the perimeter of the house;
  • the classic “ice fire” nets that adorn both the front of the house and the backyard;
  • solar-powered garden lights of an unusual shape;
  • LED projectors with a falling snow effect;
  • shimmering meteor shower garlands on trees and rooftops.

2023 Christmas Decor Inspiration

Christmas-Scented Tableware

Consider Christmas-themed tableware if you want to bring more Christmas magic to your dining table. You can opt for the minimalist style, reflected through neutral colors and a few details, or for the maximalist style, by choosing bold colors and a variety of decorative elements. 

Christmas Candles 

Put candles all over your place and enjoy the comfort at this period of time. You can opt for neutral-looking candles or Christmas-themed ones. In both cases, you can consider a specific scent to feel the magic in the air. 

Christmas Bedding

If you want to feel the Christmas atmosphere even when you sleep, consider festive bedding with seasonally accessorized blankets and cushions. 

Christmas Wreath 

Buy original Christmas wreaths or, even better, do them with your own hands. Use them to decorate the front door, an open shelf, a blank wall, the mantel, and any space you find suitable.

The 2023 Christmas decoration trends are cozy and free, not recognizing borders and stereotypes. You can try everything from classic luxury to bohemian identity, from hefty decorating costs to completely free home life hacks, such as a Christmas tree painted on wallpaper with glowing paints and a couple of decorative (or natural) logs on the floor. It is known that festive sensations are created not only and not so much by buying luxurious gifts and expensive decor. The most sincere and warm memories are sometimes associated with cutting snowflakes from kitchen napkins and decorating a Christmas tree with the whole family.

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