Carpet trends 2021: modern aesthetics and comfort in your home

Modern carpets have long ceased to play the role of a faceless background in the interior. Today, neither designers nor customers are interested in a product that simply looks beautiful or fulfills its function. A decor element should carry a certain message or tell a story.

In recent years, professional designers and manufacturers have invested heavily in innovative carpet industry projects to meet consumer preferences. First of all, this is a combination of high performance with functionality, safety, and unique, stylish design in various price categories. These are the parameters that determine the main trends for 2021, including:

1. Environmental friendliness

Environmental pollution problems are so closely related to each of us that living in an “eco” style is not just fashionable and prestigious. First of all, it is a conscious choice that allows you to find safe alternatives to interact with nature. Given this, manufacturers focus on environmentally friendly and recycled materials, giving preference to:

  • Recycled carpets. Various types of recycled materials are used in whole or in part in the manufacture of carpets;
  • Sisal products. This eco-friendly flooring features a rope-like structure that gives a unique homey feel to any space. Such carpets are highly durable and can easily withstand the load in places with high traffic. For added protection against stains, opt for a dirt or fire retardant option;
  • Jute rugs. Coverings, woven from the same plant fibers, are a stylish element of home decor. These heavy-duty rugs are quite durable in low traffic areas, but since jute is a good absorbent, avoid areas with high humidity and potential for contamination.

2. Maximalism

Self-expression is one of the main principles of living space design in 2021. When choosing a carpet, do not be afraid to show your personality and boldly break the rules.

Inappropriate color combinations and conflicting patterns define the modern idea of maximalism. For example, the combination of the bright color of the walls with a patterned carpet is not at all a wrong solution, but your preference and a manifestation of creative imagination. Still, don’t overuse experimentation – even the most eccentric manifestations should be performed with a sense of style and taste.

3. Vintage effect

Surprisingly, a stylish base carpet can look like it was deliberately deprived of its expressive color, pattern, dense pile, and even thoroughly rubbed. In this case, we are not talking about any vintage, but an entirely new floor covering. In such products, the aged effect is achieved by special dyeing, and the pile is removed industrially.

4. Cut and loop carpet

Cut-loop carpets are made by combining straight fibers with loop-like ones, achieving interesting geometric or abstract patterns. The combination of different types of buttonholes creates unique contrasting textures and patterns.

Since many modern design trends are heavily dependent on various textures, this carpet style will not lose its relevance in 2021.

5. Eco-chic

Comfort and wellness are top priorities for many homeowners, so plush items will be especially popular in 2021. The velvet pile or luxurious short loop of these rugs creates a feeling of softness, warmth, and comfort. Ideal for low-traffic areas such as a bedroom or home office, they bring a hotel-like luxury ambiance.

Perhaps, there will be no pronounced priority of one or another color scheme in carpets’ design. But still, designers advise to pay more attention to the following carpet color trends in 2021:

  • Bold vibrant colors. Many apartment and house owners prefer to include a carpet in their interior as an accent decor element, rather than a basic background for other decor items. Orange, purple, emerald, cornflower blue, bright blue colors on carpets will declare themselves quite loudly in the coming year.
  • From light gray to dark gray shades. These rugs look chic and trendy and set the tone for modern spaces, creating a neutral backdrop for almost any color. Whether it’s vibrant bold colors or black and white tones, they’ll all go well with your base gray carpet.
  • Blue with a shade of gray. This color is a cross between neutral and bright, which does not tie to a single design concept when choosing decor. It goes well with beige, blue, brick, gray, mustard, mocha color. The noble blue carpet will bring its color flavor to the interior without cluttering the space.
  • Ombre or multicolor. The ultra-fashionable ombre color is now popular not only in the beauty industry but also in interior design. The magic of color smoothly flowing from dark to light in a monotonous or multi-colored palette attracts the eye and bewitches! If you want to make a rug a bright detail of your living room – buy a model with an ombre effect. But keep in mind that it makes sense to use this trend only as an accent component of the interior, not a large-scale one. That is, a bright rainbow carpet from wall to wall, at least, will look ridiculous.

In 2021, you’ll see a mix of solid color palettes with expressive, vibrant patterns and eye-catching designs. While traditional carpets are not going anywhere, original fun products are becoming more popular, especially among the younger generation. So, what are contemporary designers offering in the coming year?

  • Geometric patterns. One of the hottest trends in the carpet industry. Moroccan ornaments reminiscent of arabesque tiles, patterns that create the effect of optical illusions, all kinds of creative geometric patterns, and, of course, the herringbone pattern – all these motifs will be incredibly relevant in 2021.
  • Floral prints. Will never go out of style. They can occupy different positions in the trend lists, but they will always remain classics of interior design. Among the most popular trends:
    • Bold floral designs with a new neutral interpretation;
    • Brightly colored rugs with floral designs;
    • Gray (or gray-beige) carpet with an intricate floral pattern;
    • Carpet tile patterns. A trend that is especially relevant for office spaces flooring but will also often appear in home interiors.

Different types of low and high pile rugs offer a variety of textures, the most popular of which are:

  • Ribbed. A trend that is more popular in offices than in home interiors.
  • Plush. Soft, warm, and so cozy plush carpets will be mostly in demand in modern homes located in cold climates. Until designers develop a worthy replacement for plush luxury, this trend is unlikely to go out of style.
  • Textured patterns are an unwavering trend in the carpet industry. Traditional stripes, fashionable chevron and checkerboard textures, various arbitrary abstract lines – all these are motives of modern and stylish design.

A small decorative rug is an excellent choice for home decor. This is an easy way to decorate your living room, bedroom, or nursery. Modern products have a non-slip base and are made of high quality hypoallergenic and safe materials. As for design and trends, the following options promise to be the most demanded:

  • Handmade rug. Creative, artistic, and unique handicrafts will be a real luxury for fans of everything individual and exclusive. Obviously, these rugs are not cheap, and not everyone can afford them. Therefore, most likely, manufacturers will work to reproduce such things to attract the attention of the general public in a more affordable price range;
  • The rug as an art object. Along with the carpets’ geometric pattern, the carpets themselves can also have an original abstract shape, repeating the outlines of various geometric shapes.
  • Carpet tile rug. The trend of using carpet tiles to create your own mini rugs will only grow. From carpet tiles, you can assemble a product of a non-standard size that fits perfectly into your space while saving your budget at times.
  • Waterproof rugs. They are actively used in both office and residential premises. They perfectly absorb moisture, collect dirt, are durable, do not deform and age. Modern manufacturers offer both standard and non-standard sizes and make individual products specifically for your premises and according to your specified parameters.

The days of ugly, shabby staircases with featureless carpeting are long gone. While many owners prefer unpaved staircases, bright, stylish rugs will once again be in the spotlight. Key trends in 2021 will be:

  • Carpets with black and white lattice patterns;
  • Sets of rugs for each step with a non-slip surface;
  • Multicolored striped walkways on white staircases;
  • High-quality neutral carpets with expressive decor;
  • Monochromatic paths in original bright colors as an accent detail of the interior.

Carpets that cover almost the entire floor area are becoming more and more popular. Not surprisingly, they not only create a sense of warmth and comfort in the room, but also provide safety for the whole family, especially for young children and the elderly. This coating prevents slipping, reduces the risk of falling, retains heat.

If you follow the trends closely, the most interesting of them are:

  • Many shades on a neutral background. Moreover, none of them is dominant. The palette can be either plain or with occasional blotches of colored spots.
  • Chevron. This is a trendy carpet design with a striking effect. If you want to experiment with mixing prints, you can combine the chevron with any pattern (floral, tropical, striped).
  • “Footprints” on the carpet. With the advent of fashion for bamboo silk, modern manufacturers produce carpets with the most delicate pile, the creases of which form traces. In the interior, such a product looks very stylish and non-trivial.

Designers will always come up with new ideas able to make our life more comfortable and practical! If you don’t want to buy a bulky one-piece carpet, take a closer look at modular carpet tiles, from which you can assemble a unique small rug or a large wall-to-wall covering. And when a part of the carpet wears out or gets dirty, it is enough to replace the damaged area without buying a new product.

Consider the most noteworthy carpet tile trends in 2021:

  • Imitation of parquet;
  • The combination of black and white tiles with a solid color;
  • Velvety textures;
  • Earthy tones;
  • Floral and geometric patterns;
  • Tri-color design.

Carpets are a very popular topic today among the most famous designers. Many luxurious products are produced every year that can create a special atmosphere in the house, introduce unique notes of style and beauty, and make the space inspiring. It remains only to choose the format that will harmoniously complement your particular interior.

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